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We're sharing real stories from couples at every stage of the wedding planning process, including inspiring love stories, unique proposals, and realtime planning advice.

Woman holding a diamond engagement ring
A South Carolina Police Officer Recovered an Engagement Ring That Was Dropped in a Sewage Drain
Antique diamond engagement ring
A Scuba Diver Found an Engagement Ring in a Sydney River 18 Months After It Was Lost
Adele performing on stage
Adele Signed a Bride’s Wedding Dress During Her Las Vegas Residency Show
Man pushing button inside elevator
A Bride and Groom Got Trapped in an Elevator and Missed Their Entire After-Party
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Spent Their First Married Valentine's Day Getting Tattoos
Two hands interconnected with diamond engagement ring on display
One Husband Proposed to His Wife Again After Losing His Memory in a Motorcycle Accident
Diamond ring in a box
One Man Dropped an Engagement Ring Off a 130-Foot Bridge While Bungee Jumping
Wedding dress
This Rue de Seine Lace Wedding Dress Turned Two Strangers Into Friends
Wedding album
Employees at a New York Airport Are Trying to Find the Owners of a Wedding Photo Album Found in the Terminal
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt Reveals He Crashed a Wedding While Filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
Wedding ring
One Man Searched 20 Tons of Trash to Find His Wife's Lost Wedding Ring
Medieval gold ring
One Man Found a Rare Medieval Wedding Ring Worth $47,000
Engagement ring in box
A Florida Man Jumps Into the Ocean After Dropping the Ring During His Proposal
Diamond ring
One Man Returned a $40K Engagement Ring After Finding It on a Florida Beach
dog in bowtie on wedding dress
A Couple Included All 8 of Their Dogs in Their Wedding Party
Wedding dress on a hanger
This Family Has Passed Down the Same Wedding Dress for 72 Years
bride and groom holding hands
35 Wedding Tips from Real Brides That'll Help You Plan a Memorable Celebration
Kristine, Victoria Garrick, Joci Scott, and Bri Obaseki in wedding gowns
Real Brides on Embracing the Skin You're in for Your Wedding Day
collage of old photographs of bride, sapphire earrings, and diamond ring
My Mother Passed Away Before I Got Married—This Is How I Honored Her
Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee
Love Looks Like This: Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee's Secret Marriage
Austin and Marideth Telenko
See TikTok's Favorite Dance Couple's Choreographed Wedding Entrance
Here's What 5 Brides Wore When They Said "Yes"
Aisha Johnson Love Looks Like This
Love Looks Like This: We Had a Destination Wedding During a Pandemic
passport and travel photos
My Husband and I Went on a Year-Long Honeymoon Around the World
guest perspective
Guest Perspective: Jenna's Friends and Castmates Share Their Wedding Must-Haves, Favorite Moments, and More
Jenna Ushkowitz wedding
Our 5 Favorite Details from Jenna Ushkowitz and David Stanley's Big Day
8 Real Brides Share Why They Kept Their Wedding a Complete Secret
change of plans
Change of Plans: Thanks to COVID-19, I’m Now a Marriage Enthusiast
hannah hart
Change of Plans: Hannah Hart Reveals Why She's "Willing to Wait for as Long as It Takes" to Have Her Dream Wedding
change of plans
Change of Plans: This Is the Second Time I’m Calling Off My Wedding
woman holding mug
What a Brides Editor Learned During Wedding Planning Therapy
change of plans
Change of Plans: How Eloping Has Completely Changed My Feelings About Postponing My Wedding
change of plans
Change of Plans: In Our Culture, It's Bad Luck to Move a Wedding
positano proposal
"I Planned My Dream Wedding in Italy...Then, Coronavirus Happened"
change of plans
Change of Plans: How Discovering the Magic of Micro-Weddings Made Me Feel Hopeful Again
change of plans
Change of Plans: A Third Wedding Date and a Plus One
change of plans
Change of Plans: How Postponing Our Wedding Made Me Feel More Loved Than Ever
change of plans
Change of Plans: Our Impromptu Wedding Has Become a Memory of a Lifetime
change of plans
Change of Plans: Eloping on the Remote Island of Tahiti Honored Both My Ancestors and Our Future
Change of Plans: Eloping Was the Best Wedding Decision We Never Thought We'd Make
change of plans
Change of Plans: I Married My Best Friend in What Became Our "Plan D" Wedding
change of plans
Change of Plans: I Hate Having a Fiancé—I'm Ready for the Next Chapter of Our Relationship
Change of Plans: Coronavirus Has Taught Me That I Don't (and Never Did) Have Control Over My Wedding Plans
Change of Plans: An Online Tarot Card Reading Helped Me Reimagine My Wedding Plans
change of plans
Change of Plans: Reimagining Our Pandemic Wedding Taught Me What Mattered Most
change of plans
Change of Plans: Our Motto Has Always Been "Expect the Unexpected"
change of plans
Change of Plans: COVID-19 Made Us Realize That Our Wedding Was Never About the Big Celebration
change of plans lauren levy
Change of Plans: Coronavirus Forced Us to Fast-Forward Through Our First Year of Marriage
change of plans
Change of Plans: COVID-19 Gave Me the Rom-Com Ending I Always Wanted
change of plans
Change of Plans: We've Waited 20 Years to Get Married—What's One More?
change of plans
Change of Plans: Forget Our Dream Wedding—We Bought a Home Instead
change of plans
Change of Plans: These Momentous Life Events May Never Happen for Us
My Venue Shut Down Two Weeks Before My Destination Wedding
change of plans
Change of Plans: How 120 Envelopes, 90 Days, and Countless Tears Helped Me Come to Terms With the Indecision Surrounding My Wedding
change of plans
Change of Plans: The Pandemic Might Cancel My Wedding, This Is How I'm Taking Control