17 Beautiful Photos That Show Rain on the Wedding Day

Bride and groom stand together under umbrella

Photo by Laurken Kendall

When rain fills your wedding forecast, it’s easy to get nervous about those big-day variables. Will your hair frizz? Will your dress get ruined? And, perhaps most concerning, how will your rainy-day wedding photos turn out?

Seasoned wedding photographer Mikkel Woodruff says you should put those worries to bed. “Chances are it’s not going to rain the entire day, and even if it rains when you’re supposed to take photos, those always turn out cute, too,” she says. “It would be a shame to let the weather control your wedding, and worrying about it will show on your face. Just have a positive attitude and roll with the punches!”

Meet the Expert

  • Mikkel Woodruff is a luxury and destination wedding photographer based on the East Coast. She's worked with many couples, photographing everything from engagements and proposals to elopements.

If unfortunate weather does stress you out, there are a few ways to mitigate any anxiety. Here, Woodruff shares how to ensure a rainy forecast won't put a damper on your day:

  • Communicate with your photographer early and often about rainy-day concerns. “It’s the photographer's job to look up alternative photo places,” explains Woodruff. Whether it’s a photogenic mural under a bridge or a park with optimal coverage, photographers have an array of rainy-day options in their back pocket.
  • Ask for help. “If you were going to walk somewhere, book a car if the forecast calls for rain,” advises Woodruff. “Maybe have someone like a bridesmaid come with you for photos to be a second set of hands. They also could be soothing and put you at ease.”
  • Remember, darker days actually lead to some of the best wedding images. While the forecast may look grim, that doesn’t mean your photos will. “The sky may be pretty and almost periwinkle in color,” notes Woodruff. “It’s better than full sun, and you definitely won’t sweat. Plus, you can’t have a rainbow without the rain!”

So whether your forecast calls for drizzles or not, here are 17 rainy-day wedding photos to prove your pictures will turn out dazzling—even in a downpour.

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Stroll Through Empty Streets

Bride and groom strolling along an empty seat

Photo by A Perfect Match Photography

If you’re hoping to take photos on a busy street or walkway, wedding-day rain might be your best friend. Nothing clears crowds like a drizzle or downpour, which means you’ll have those charming streets entirely to yourself.

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Steal a Sweet Kiss

Two brides kissing underneath an umbrella

Photo by Anne Spires Photography; Planning & Design by Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

One of the most intimate rainy-day wedding poses is the shared umbrella. This pose looks straight out of old Hollywood, with romantic charm that’s even better in black and white. 

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Portraits With a Prop

Four groomsmen holding umbrellas

Photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

When groomsmen, bridesmaids, or guests have the same props, symmetrical photo opportunities abound. Photographers can get creative with poses and perspectives that play up cohesive props like umbrellas.

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Chase the Rainbow

Bridal party wearing neutral gowns with rainbow in background


A rainy wedding day could lead to a rainbow photo session; that’s why wedding drizzles are actually a good thing. These are the stunning shots that deserve some space on your walls!

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Play With Pops of Color

Bride and groom kissing under a colorful umbrella

Photo by Laurken Kendall

Bring a burst of color to your rainy wedding photoshoot with a vibrant prop that stands out among the scenery. This could be a colorful umbrella or some fun rain boots; just work with your photographer ahead of time to weave those touches into photo time. 

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Walk Hand in Hand

Two grooms walking with umbrellas


Sure, the first look is one of the most exciting parts of any wedding day, but an outdoor first look with a side of downpour is entirely next level. Rain brings a dose of drama to these highly anticipated moments, making them even more memorable and magical—almost like a scene from a fairy tale.

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Embrace Darker Skies

Bride and groom smiling under transparent umbrella

Photo by Natasha Herbert Photography

Rainy wedding days bring darker skies and deeper greenery—and that’s the perfect combination for a wedding gown that glows. Couples and their outfits will naturally stand out from those rainy, dark, and moody backdrops. This means your beloved wedding gown will get all the photo attention it deserves.

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Explore the Grounds

Bride and groom kissing on a rainy day

Photo by Kristen Gardner Photography

Sunny weddings can lead to extra bright, and even washed-out images, but on a rainy wedding day, you’ll have colors galore. Greens are just a bit greener and bouquets are a tad richer when darker skies provide the photo backdrop, so don't be afraid to get out and explore.

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A Dramatic Processional

Walking Down the Aisle in the rain


As rain hits paths and walkways, it brings reflectiveness that makes photos even more dreamy and dazzling. These dramatic images are sweet, timeless, and impossible on a bright, sunny wedding day.

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Intimate I Dos

Wedding ceremony in the rain with umbrellas

Photo by 2 Brides Photography

If rain jeopardizes your outdoor vows, don’t stress. Just hand out umbrellas to attendees (and even your officiant!) so you can keep the ceremony outside, rain or shine.

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A Memorable Recessional

Rainy wedding ceremony with umbrellas


Among a sea of umbrellas, you and your partner will truly shine as you make your way back down the aisle after saying your vows.

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Get Carried Away

Groom carrying bride in the rain

Photo by 2 Brides Photography

Embrace the rainy forecast and have fun with your photos even in a downpour. Dance in the rain, catch a piggy-back ride, or get carried away—literally! Letting loose leads to the best, most natural photos.

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Make a Grand Exit

Rainy day wedding exit with bride, groom, and wedding party

Photo by James & Schulze

Don't let rain and freezing temperatures stop you from making the most of your big day. Use the gloomy forecast to your advantage by planning an epic ceremony exit—white umbrellas in hand.

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Brave a Summer Rain Storm

Bridesmaids and bridesman staying dry with umbrella

Photo by Towards the Moon

Functional and cute, a spare umbrella can come in clutch when you need it the most. For this rustic-chic barn wedding, a white umbrella was used by bridesmen and 'maids as they were escorted to the venue during a spontaneous summer rain storm.

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Make Your Wedding Party Photos Count

Wedding party photos on front porch in the rain

Photo by Kate Headley

To escape the rain, these ladies gathered on the front porch for a quick wedding party portrait with the bride. While the skies may have been gray, their laughter and smiles captured the happiness of the day.

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Get Your Bridesmaids in on the Action

Bride and bridesmaids in jewel-toned dresses walking in the rain

Photo by Wild Heart Visuals

Rain or shine, the show must go on! While the bride stunned in white, her bridesmaids looked radiant in a parade of jewel-toned gowns. A bit of cloud cover ended up working in their favor by creating moody imagery.

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Seek Out Authenticity

Grooms walking dog down road in rain with white parasols

Photo by Golden Hour Studios

Magical moments like this can't be staged. There's nothing like a scenic, albeit rainy stroll to really set the tone for your wedding photos. With their matching white parasols, these grooms seemingly transport us back in time. 

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