What Type of Wedding Shoes Should Brides Wear If They're Getting Married During the Rainy Season?

Tips on how to keep your feet comfortable and dry on your wedding day.

bride wearing lifting up the skirt of her ball gown to expose her shoes

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According to several cultural beliefs, rain on your wedding day is meant to bring good luck; and for those getting married during a rainy season, your chances of experiencing a downpour of luck are exponentially higher. A period of increased rainfall (otherwise known as rainy season) varies from place to place, but one common rule that always remains constant, no matter the location, is that having a rain contingency plan is important for every type of wedding. As it relates to bridal fashion, paying close attention to your preferred style of footwear. and having a plan for the shoes you want to wear, is essential if potentially getting married in the rain.

To help you navigate finding the perfect accessory for imperfect weather, we spoke with Charlotte Mills, founder and creative director of shoe brand Charlotte Mills, to help determine what type of bridal shoes are best suited to rainy weather. Here's everything you need to know about looking great and staying dry during a potential wedding day rainstorm.

The Best Style of Shoes to Wear on a Rainy Wedding Day

When it comes to wearing shoes in the rain, especially bridal shoes for your wedding, it's important to pay close attention to the material and overall style of the piece. "I would recommend a closed-toe style to protect your toes from the rain, and also look for shoes made from leather instead of satin, as leather is more durable and can just be wiped clean," Mills tells Brides.

It's also important to be mindful of any safety hazards that may occur due to the rain and your shoes. After all, you want to wear something that will help you walk, not slide, down the aisle. Mills notes, "I would also consider a chunkier or block heel over a stiletto, and a platform at the front of the shoe to give you a sturdier balance when surfaces become slippery."

Rainy Season Bridal Shoe Tips

Let's say you've decided on a shoe, but you're still worried about its ability to withstand the potential chance of rain on your wedding day. According to Mills, purchasing a backup option is a great way to ensure your feet will stay comfortable and dry all day long (especially if your first shoe choice has the potential to get ruined). "It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan when downpours are expected on your big day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a second pair of ceremony shoes or an unstylish option of wellington boots," she adds.

Though you likely won't be walking down the aisle in the actual rain, once you've said "I do" and are required to walk to a different location, a new shoe–like sneakers or boots—might be beneficial to change into. "Our Karolina sneaker has fast become a modern way to add a unique touch to a wedding outfit when a bride is planning to get married during the rainy season—because with leather material and rubber soles, they’re not only practical for hitting the dance floor but for dashing across puddles," says Mills. 

Also, as previously mentioned, buying a shoe made of leather is a great and durable footwear choice. "Leather can be cleaned using a soft white damp cloth and left to dry naturally," shares Mills. "After the shoes have dried thoroughly, always store [them] in their shoe box, in a dry room away from direct sunlight, where they can rest until your next special occasion." Meaning, you won't have to worry about destroying your leather shoes if you happen to get them wet, and can wear them long after the big day.

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