Enjoy These 16 Rainy Day Date Ideas

date ideas for a rainy day
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A rainy day may be inconvenient, but if you have a date night planned, it doesn’t have to be disappointing. Romance shouldn’t hinge on the weather happening outdoors and your date doesn’t need to be cooped up at home, either. Scrap the picnic and come up with an equally wonderful plan B.

We have some ideas that may help. You can just splash around in some puddles doing your best Gene Kelly impression or you can check out our rainy day date ideas below.

Here are our picks for the best rainy day date ideas.

Date Ideas for a Rainy Day
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Make It a Craft Night

craft night

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Pull out the glue and cardboard paper for some messy quality time. You don’t need to leave the house to make this date happen, though we do recommend protecting your floor and furniture from whatever creative explosion occurs as you work. Make your craft an impromptu gift for the ultimate "aww" factor. If crafts aren't your thing, turn your date into a chance to tackle a home improvement project you've been looking forward to.

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Drink Coffee at a Café


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Channel your inner Parisian by simply grabbing coffee at the café. There is something intimate about conversation surrounded by pastry and soundtracked by the rain.

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Go to an Arcade

indoor arcade

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Yes, arcades still exist, and no, they aren’t just for children. Try to beat your high score in Frogger or get out your frustrations via the original Street Fighter. Better yet, find a multiplayer game so you and your date don’t have to be on opposite sides.

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Binge a New Show

tv in living room

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Before Netflix and chill, there was binge culture—and for your next rainy day date, it is time to yet again indulge. Have you seen the new Dogs series or the latest from the Great British Baking Show? Or maybe you’d like to spend your time with something cerebral, like a true-crime series. Find a selection will be fun for both of you.

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Go to a Bar with Games

bar games

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Going to a bar does not have to be limited to singles looking for a good time. Find a place with darts or pool tables or shuffleboard, and have yourselves a game night. Many bars even carry board games; if the box requires three or more people, you can even make a double date out of it.

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Check Out a Local Concert

people at concert

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Be spontaneous and find a local concert to check out. There will likely be many free or very cheap ticket options available. The music may be bad, but the memories will be delightful.

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Draw a Bubble Bath and Queue Up Netflix

bubble bath

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If the rain has ruined your plans to go out, then do a 180 and spend the night in with Netflix and a bath. Bath bombs and other products can make the experience extra special, and the right movie can set the mood for romance.

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Cook a Complex Meal

couple cooking

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Who doesn’t value teamwork? If you're not willing to brave the rain for dinner reservations, make that nice meal together at home. You will have nearly instant gratification for your hard work, and who better to share your success with than your partner?

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Go Bowling

bowling balls

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Going on a bowling date has many advantages: There aren’t that many rules, you can snuggle up between throws for your desired level of PDA, and it is one of few Olympic sports where you can drink as you play. Also, it happens completely indoors, making this game dry… from the rain at least.

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See a Movie in the Theater

couple at movie theater

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Venturing to the movie theater is always a great date idea. It is a great shield from inclement weather and can be accompanied by window shopping at the mall or dinner at the nearest deli. Grab your biggest raincoat and stuff your pockets with snacks before you go.

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Go to a Museum

art museum

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If you are looking for a bit of culture to brighten your gloomy day, visit a museum. It could be fun to see a new exhibit that you haven’t yet explored or to spend more time with your favorite veteran pieces. Now is the time for thoughtful conversations about art or at least for a reproduction of the best scene of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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Tour a Distillery or Brewery

two men at a brewery


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Big-city dwellers may be surprised to find that many distilleries are hidden in plain view. Breweries are usually easier to spot, and they will invite folks to enjoy a pint in their facility. Even better: You can usually join a tour to get a proverbial peek behind the curtain to see how the goods are made. Don’t drink? See if there are any chocolate shops nearby.

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Go for a Couples Massage

spa day

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You may get your hair wet sprinting to the entrance, but a spa day is truly one of the best things to distract yourself from the rain. And when spent together, say, doing couples massages, the day turns from wasted to cherished.

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Learn How to Dance

dance floor with disco ball and glitter

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To alleviate your boredom inside, YouTube is the answer. You and your partner can look up a how-to dance video and then clear the furniture to make room for your dance floor. By the end of the night, you could be salsa/ballroom/flamenco experts.

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Take a Drive

people driving in car during rain

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If it’s just a light drizzle, a scenic drive may actually highlight some of your city’s hidden beauty. With the absence of both pedestrians and cars, nature can seem more prominent, and you may notice more about your neighborhood than ever before. You may also learn more about your partner through a relaxing conversation on the road.

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Play a Board or Card Game

couple playing backgammon

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Time to dust off that 20-year-old edition of Life or Monopoly and get your competitive juices flowing. Lost all the pieces? Break out a deck of cards and play the greatest hits: blackjack, Go Fish and Old Maid. This could be a great time to learn a new game too, like chess or backgammon.

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