The Secret Is Out! 'Queer Eye' Star Jonathan Van Ness Is Married

Van Ness just revealed on Instagram who their mystery husband is!

Johnathan Van Ness Married

Johnathan Van Ness/Instagram

Jonathan Van Ness is married! The Queer Eye star revealed that they secretly got married this year with an Instagram post on Dec. 31.

“Thank you universe for allowing me to be here & thanks to everyone who has supported me,” they started out the caption. “2020 was a year unlike any other.” 

And ain’t that the truth? But obviously, 2020 wasn’t all bad—they went on to recap all the good things that happened for him this year—like some secret nuptials.

“I got married to my best friend & have a loving partner to continue building my life with,” they wrote. While Van Ness didn’t share their partner’s name or Instagram handle (sadly, no Insta stalking their new hubby), they did share an adorable photo holding hands with their partner on what appears to be the wedding day. Van Ness and their mystery man are both wearing ivory suit jackets.

Van Ness’s fellow members of the Fab Five shared their excitement over the marriage—and that the secret was finally out—in the comment section.

“Here’s hoping next year is so much better, and that we can finally celebrate your marriage,” said co-star Tan France. Culture expert Karamo Brown echoed that sentiment. 

“Yay! We can finally celebrate it publicly!!” he wrote. “So happy for you!!!!!! One of the most beautiful couples in the world.”  

“That was a hard secret to keep!!” Interior design extraordinaire Bobby Berk added. The show’s foodie, wine connoisseur, and master chef Antoni Porowski jokingly commented, “wait you got a dog?!?!?!"

The hair and grooming expert continued to reminiscence about the things they gained in 2020: new friends, new experiences—like tumbling with Simone Biles for an Uber Eats commercial—a fur baby, an Emmy nomination, and of course the endless amounts of Zoom calls.

After fans everywhere wondered who the star's mystery man he wed was, Van Ness quickly followed up with another post with 10 photos of their favorite couple moment along with a synopsis of their love story. It's revealed London-born Mark Peacock is the lucky groom. “We went on a date in London, which turned into more dates whilst I was on comedy tour,” Van Ness wrote, adding, “something about Mark felt different and I’m quite sure he felt the same.”

Peacock shared a post New Year’s Day, noting “2020 brought on more changes than I’ve ever been a part of before," then continued “I left London and moved across the Atlantic, got dressed up for numerous seriously hilarious zoom quizzes, re-discovered a love for gardening, learn to drive on the left, got married to my soulmate and one true love @jvn and adopted a little Jack Russell called Pablo and entered a family with 4 amazing cats."

Well, here’s to hoping Van Ness' 2021 with a new hubby is just as good to them—just minus the shutdown, of course. And here’s to hoping that the Fab Five is back in action soon, honey!

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