These Quarantine Marriage Proposals Prove That Love Always Wins

COVID-19 can't take proposals away from us.

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When the quarantine is all said and done, plenty of couples will walk out of isolation with rings on their fingers. COVID-19 might have spoiled several proposal plans but one thing is for sure: The pandemic hasn't stopped anyone from popping the question.

In fact, quarantine has only caused men and women to get even creative with their proposals—stepping up the expectations for engagements everywhere. When a trip to Paris was canceled due to Coronavirus, one man found a unique way to bring the City of Love to his now-fiancée in Virginia. Another man enlisted the help of his two young sons for a tear-jerking heartfelt marriage proposal.

Throughout the unnerving status of today's world, love has still found a way to prevail and these quarantine proposal stories prove it. Besides, you might just get inspired to pop the question during this pandemic, too!

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A Parisian Proposal...In Virginia

When Coronavirus spoiled Luke McClong's proposal plans, he did the next best thing—bring Paris to Virginia. After drawing the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on a brick wall, he escorted girlfriend Erika Diffendall to his homemade City of Love and popped the question. "I said yes to the love of my life in 'Paris,' wrote Diffendall on Twitter. The adorable proposal story even caught the attention of actor John Krasinski, who featured the moment on his new YouTube series.

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The Backyard Bachelor

For former TV Bachelor Ben Higgins, quarantine seemed to be the perfect opportunity to propose to girlfriend Jessica Clarke. The couple didn't have to break isolation rules for their picture-perfect engagement either. Higgins got down on one knee in Clarke's parents' backyard—where they've been quarantining together. "I now officially have the most beautiful, kind-hearted, supportive, well-intentioned person to spend life with! Let’s celebrate...but for now let’s stay home and isolate," he shared on Instagram.

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A Surprise Via Zoom

While quarantining together in Delaware, PJ Bruno still found a way to propose to girlfriend Jaz Zepatos in front of friends and family. Without Zepatos knowing, Bruno invited friends and family to join a Zoom call to witness the engagement. "In the midst of global chaos, PJ managed to find a way to gather our closest friends and family to create one of the most magical moments of my life," wrote Zepatos on Instagram following the proposal. "Thank you to everyone who took part in our special day from the safety of your homes. We love you so much. When this is all over we’re going to hug and cheers and laugh together."

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Engaged and Quarantined

Although James Dillon didn't propose to Kelly Whalen in Las Vegas like he originally planned, his back-up plan turned out to be just as special. The night before the couple was supposed to fly out, Whalen walked up the steps to find Dillon on one knee. "It wasn’t an elaborate Vegas proposal, it wasn’t glamorous, but it was OURS, and in this crazy insane time, it was ONE thing that actually made sense, and good lord, if I have to be quarantined with anyone it’s this guy," she shared on Instagram.

Following the proposal, Dillon and Whalen called upon Fabian Photo and Films for an epic (and socially distant) engagement shoot.

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Picture-Perfect Polaroids

Polaroids were all Mikal McClendon needed to propose to Matt Oswalt. He printed photos from their relationship and wrote "Our love is a journey and I'm thankful for all of it because it's led us here. Let's never give up on us," on each picture. He then placed the polaroids in the shape of a heart surrounded by votive candles and rose petals. "Even in these uncertain times, there’s one thing I’m 100% sure about and that’s my love for this man," he wrote.

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A Literal Corona Proposal

Emily Pye of Savannah, Georgia caught engaged with a bottle of Corona in her hand—a light-hearted spin on the craziness of today's world. "Hey guys please excuse me while I interrupt your corona updates with SOME PRETTY FREAKING EXCITING NEWS," she eagerly wrote on Instagram.

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Pups and Sweatpants

In quarantine, the days are spent in sweatpants and makeup-free. And that's exactly how Bill Allen and Kristen Ley were when they got engaged! "The best news of my life," she wrote. "Bill & I are engaged, in sweatpants, no makeup and dirty hair. It was perfect." Allen spread rose petals throughout the couple's living room and even enlisted the help of their two dogs to pop the question.

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Busted by Beach Patrol

Francesca Harris and Maximiliano Adame wanted to enjoy a relaxing day at Venice Beach, completely forgetting about the state's order to close beaches. Adame had planned to propose on the date but before he could pop the question, the couple was approached by beach patrol. As Harris grabbed their beach towels, Adame immediately got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She wrote on Instagram, "I love this very honest and completely unplanned engagement pic, simply full of our love."

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A Family Affair

Jo Solis recruited the help of his two young sons, Dominic and Evan, to propose to girlfriend Vanessa Palomo at home. The sons each wrote Palomo letters asking her to marry their father. When she was done reading the handwritten notes, Solis dropped to one knee and presented her a ring. We love when a proposal turns into a family affair!

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The Best Birthday Present

Brandon Chambers went all out for his girlfriend Lauren Elyce Price's birthday present-turned-surprise-proposal. He transformed their home into a romantic restaurant and even hired someone to serenade the couple as they dined. Eventually, he got down on one knee with a ring! Price shared the moment on Instagram writing, "I cry every single time I watch this video. Our friends & family couldn't be there to witness the engagement and I am SO happy Brandon documented every single detail. A memory we'll have archived forever."

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A Street to Themselves

On a normal day, a proposal in the middle of a street in Fort Worth, Texas probably isn't possible. But in the quarantine-era, it is easy to get a street to yourself and Angel Garza took the opportunity to propose to girlfriend Alyssa that way. The gesture seemed to be a surprise and Garza even recruited wedding photographer Mr. and Mrs. Archer to capture the moment—from a safe distance, of course!

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A Masked Marriage Proposal

A New Jersey police officer hadn't seen his girlfriend Beth Salamon in a month, but that didn't stop him from proposing the second they were reunited! He surprised Salamon with breakfast in bed while wearing a mask that read "WYMM," as in, "Will you marry me?" She responded by writing "Yes" on a face mask of her own! "It’s been very lonely to be apart. It took us so long to find each other, we don’t want to waste a moment," Salamon told Good News Movement after the engagement. "I was over the moon just to see him again. When he proposed, it was the most meaningful moment of my life, especially after worrying about his safety daily. This virus has made love more important than ever. Human connection is everything."

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