24 Creative Posy Bouquet Ideas You're Sure to Love

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Carrie Patterson; Floral Design by Lily and Co.

Your wedding bouquet is the ultimate bridal accessory—but you don’t have to rely on it to make a statement. In fact, your primary goal should be selecting a design that enhances your overall look. Sometimes, the best way to do that is by scaling things down. Enter: the posy bouquet.

What Is a Posy Bouquet?

A posy bouquet is a small, round arrangement of flowers usually held in one hand. These petite bouquets are a common option for bridesmaids.

“Flowers have the unique ability to transform how you look and, more importantly, how you feel,” says renowned floral designer Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht. “Stylistically, a posy bouquet is a great idea if you are looking for florals that don't distract. Think of a posy like an accessory; similar to a fabulous bag, a great pair of earrings or an expensive pair of shoes, a posy bouquet ties the look together without pulling focus from its carrier.”

Meet the Expert

Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht is an expert florist, and the owner and creative director of Wild Bloom by Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht. He can currently be seen as the resident judge on the Netflix series, “The Big Flower Fight.”

On average, you can expect to pay between $55 and $75 for a posy bouquet. “Whether the vibe is bohemian or black tie, a posy bouquet can accommodate any style of wedding,” shares Griffith-VanderYacht. “A posy is versatile enough that they can be incorporated into lots of events, big and small!”

Read on for 24 inspiring posy bouquet designs you just can’t miss!

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Use Astilbe

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Tim Willoughby; Floral Design by Poppies and Posies

Fluffy and naturally eye-catching, astilbe is definitely a flower to consider when it comes to the adage, less is more. Keep things fresh by selecting a handful of stems with or without leaves for a fresh take on an age-old bouquet size and shape. 

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Tie It With a Ribbon

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Davy Whitener; Floral Design by Buffy Hargett Flowers 

Give the illusion of a larger bouquet while still keeping the design within a true posy shape by adding long ribbons to each bouquet for your bridesmaids. The small profile of the posy will be accentuated nicely by silk or satin ribbon, coordinated with the color of the flowers, of course, for an elegant draping effect.

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Embrace Eucalyptus

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by O’Malley Photographers; Floral Design by Wild Bloom by Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht 

Long-loved for its sage green hue, eucalyptus is a perfect candidate for a posy. We love this tone for a romantic, sweet affair; varying lengths of the fresh greenery will last long past the celebration as a dried, fragrant reminder of the wedding day!

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Anthurium Is Always a Favorite

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Logan Cole Weddings; Floral Design by Honey and Poppies 

For a statement-making posy, consider one of our favorites when it comes to larger than life flowers: anthurium. This heart-shaped beauty is undoubtedly an excellent option for a tropical soiree, and keeping it simple by opting for a small bouquet with minimal additional flowers will make a big impact, despite its size.

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Mix Greenery

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Laurken Kendall; Floral Design by Maye Cordova Events 

When it comes to bouquets, creating a design using various types of greenery creates texture and dimension, even for a petite bouquet! Consider a posy comprised of mostly greenery—think ferns, eucalyptus, or evergreen—for a unique arrangement.

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You Can't Go Wrong With Roses

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Merari Photography; Floral Design by Ocean Flowers 

“If you are feeling less adventurous, just remember you can never go wrong with a fist full of roses,” encourages Griffith-VanderYacht. Whether white, pink, or any color in between, embrace the classic beauty for a sophisticated petite bouquet.

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Play With Vibrant Colors

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Sidney Bensimon; Floral Design by Designs by Ahn 

Bright and full of life, a vibrant bouquet can take things to the next level. This bouquet of striking orange celosia at this colorful wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns has us ready for a fall wedding.

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Use Orchids

orchid posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Within This Day; Floral Design by Metaflora 

Modern and inventive, orchids always have a way of adding a layer of intrigue without actually having to do that much. Whether you opt for traditional white orchids or something more out of the box, like purple, use just a few stems to keep it small.

Mix it up! Select different flowers for each of your bridesmaids' bouquets for a distinctive look for the wedding party. 

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Select All-White

white posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Ryan Ray; Floral Design by Bloom and Plume 

Go all out with an all-white bouquet. From tulips to hydrangea, embrace a monochromatic design that’s sure to bring your bridal look together seamlessly.

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Choose a Single Stem

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Sidney Bensimon; Floral Design by Designs by Ahn 

Posies aren't regulated to just short, stocky bouquets with tight clusterings of flowers. Take the road less traveled when it comes to design and opt for a single stem bouquet for a breathtaking design on the smaller size. 

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Consider Lily of the Valley

posy wedding bouqet

Photo by Joel Serrato; Floral Design by Moon Canyon Design 

Petite and positively divine, a posy of lily of the valley, might be the perfect design for those VIPS, like the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. The ultimate wedding flower for the classic wedding, we love how simple, yet impactful a dainty flower-like lily of the valley effuses wedding day charm.

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Try Ferns

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Julia Wade; Floral Design by Green Bee Floral Designs

An unexpected addition to a design is always something we can support when it comes to wedding flowers! Adding in stems of bird nest ferns or plumosa will create a chic design we can help but love, like this bridal posy by Green Bee Floral Designs at this garden wedding in North Carolina

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A Taste of the Tropics

tropical posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Floral Design by Of The Flowers 

We’re totally inspired by this tropical petite posy! For a refreshing take on bridesmaids bouquets, embrace bright and happy colors for an arrangement of tropical flowers and varying palm leaves for a beachside wedding.

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Choose Crimson

crimson posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography; Floral Design by Lambert Floral Studio 

Warm and embracing, a full crimson bouquet is a perfect option for a fall soiree. You can opt for a more wild and organic style while still keeping things on the smaller side by combining delicate blooms like cosmos and dahlias for an autumnal design.

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Opt for a Mono-Floral Design

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Catherine Mead; Floral Design by Flora by Nora 

We love the fresh-from-the-field look that a mono-floral bouquet can sometimes exude. Like a gathering of wildflowers, keep things simple and sweet by sticking to one simple flower with stems of different lengths; the resulting design will be a beautiful expression of the environment around you for a rand or mountain wedding.

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Use Anemones

anemone posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Trent Bailey; Floral Design by Sag Harbor Florist 

We love anemones for any bridal bouquet style. For a posy, select just a handful of anemones for a bouquet all their own, or combine with dusty miller, astilbe, or eucalyptus for a soft, enticing design.

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Stick to Tradition

lily of the valley posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Donna Newman Photography; Floral Design by Van Wyck and Van Wyck 

Planning a traditional fete? Keep it classic with a posy of the more timeless variety: lily of the valley, myrtle, or even peonies.

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Feature Fall Tones

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Clayton Austin; Floral Design by Grey Lady Revelry Co 

A fall-inspired color palette, full of burgundy, deep purple, and blush, translates well no matter the wedding style, from romantic to modern. Consider these tones for a posy for a subtle nod to your wedding colors for the bridal bouquet or bridesmaid bouquets. 

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Pick Blush Pink

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Ryan Ray; Floral Design by Blossoms Events 

“Taking the time to find the right style and color story is an important step in crafting a memorable day,” says Griffith-VanderYacht. Incorporate blush throughout your wedding design and the color will undoubtedly cast a sweet, romantic glow throughout the day.

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Let Greenery Shine

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Jenn Ocken Photography; Floral Design by Billy Heroman’s 

While typical posies are focused more on blooms than greenery, consider incorporating a sprig or two for a change of pace. From olive branches to Italian Ruscus, there are enough varieties of greenery available to find the perfect fit for your design.

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Something Unconventional

orchid posy wedding bouquet

Floral Design by Wild Bloom by Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht 

An entire bouquet made of orchids? Sign us up! A unique and fresh take on a classic, traditional color palette, opt for a small but full posy of crisp white Phalaenopsis for an out of the box posy.

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Mimic the Bridal Bouquet

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Tews Visual; Floral Design by Keep Floral  

Sometimes two (or 10) is better than one! Create smaller versions of your bridal bouquet for your bridesmaids using the exact same flower recipe for a cohesive look.

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Go Rustic

posy wedding bouquet

Photo by Caroline Yoon; Floral Design by Rion Designs 

For a natural bouquet design, perfect for a rustic style celebration, try wildflowers—or at least blooms that give off that vibe. Keep it classic by opting for whites and greens only for the design for a fresh take on a petite bouquet.

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Keep It Simple

ranunculus posy wedding bouquet

Photo by O’Malley Photographers; Floral Design by Valley and Co. 

Go minimal with five to six stems of a single type of flower, like ranunculus, when it comes to a modern wedding style. From flower girl to mother of the bride, a full-faced bloom like this will still wow even in smaller numbers!

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