The 5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers of 2023

Discover which blooms are trending—and how to use them on your big day.

Pink peonies in a bridal bouquet with small white accent flowers and greenery.


Your wedding flowers are one of the key elements of décor for both your ceremony and your reception. Fresh blooms add pops of color and texture to a space and complete the overall aesthetic of your venue's design while infusing personality along the way—plus the flower bouquet will, of course, impact the bridal look.

But the beauty of wedding flowers is that there are many types, sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. An abundance of choices can be helpful, but it can also be overwhelming. So, where should you start? We asked expert floral designers for their insight on the most popular wedding flowers of 2023 and how to incorporate them into your celebration.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

When it comes time to select your wedding flowers, consulting an expert is a helpful place to start. “Trust your florist to suggest florals within your color scheme,” says Amanda Theodoropoulos, co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers. Your florist will also have the knowledge of what’s available seasonally and the specific needs of each type of flower, especially if it needs a water source while on display or not.

Meet the Expert

  • Amanda Theodoropoulos is the co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, a mother-daughter flower design company based in New Jersey.
  • Erice McNeff is the owner of Everbloom Floral Design, a floral design company based in Southern California.

“I’d say perfect wedding flowers are ones that fit your overall aesthetic and look the best,” says Erice McNeff, owner of Everbloom Floral Design. The last thing you want is to have flowers that are wilted and don’t look nice while on display. “Most of us always recommend prioritizing a general look and feel over specific flowers because that’s how you can best ensure the quality of your blooms. Using flowers in their peak season is always the smartest move to make sure they look their best and your florist will be able to help curate that while also ensuring it all looks cohesive to the rest of your wedding décor,” she says.

Overall, finding the perfect fit for wedding flowers comes down to determining what you would like on display. If there are flowers that are meaningful to you and your partner, work with your florist to find ways to incorporate them. Of course, choosing flowers in season will help to keep costs lower, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating blooms in large and small ways to make a stunning display.

Popular Wedding Flowers of 2023

Ahead, read about the most popular wedding flowers that couples are choosing for 2023.


Roses are the ultimate classic flower, no matter the occasion. They exude romance and come in a wide range of colors, so there's really something for every wedding style. “Roses are one of the few flowers you can always get your hands on,” says McNeff. “Most of them are hearty and do well in a variety of climates.”

Theodoropoulos says roses are great for all sizes of arrangements, from bouquets to large-scale installations. “They’re relatively lower on the cost scale and especially when bought in bulk,” she adds.

Choose from classic roses in colors such as red, white, and pink. Garden roses are also a beautiful option, whether you’re hoping for a single-flower bouquet or arrangement of roses or to incorporate just a few. “Garden roses are the more premium kind of rose. They’re soft, romantic, and have a lot of movement to their stems which makes them one of my favorite kinds of flowers to design with,” adds McNeff.


Peonies are certainly the most popular springtime wedding flower. These large blooms are incredibly unique, with distinctly textured petals. They can be found in multiple varieties and colors, each with a different petal structure. “Peonies are great for larger scaled places or statement pieces like an all-peony bouquet,” says Theodoropoulos. “They are large enough that you don't need quite so many stems to fill in a space."

McNeff adds that peonies are such a show-stopping bloom that even using a single stem in a bud vase makes a statement.  


Lilies are a timeless, graceful bloom with stunning large petals. They can be found in a wide range of colors including white, orange, red, yellow, pink, and purple. They bloom in summer, so utilizing them for an outdoor summer wedding to add a touch of romance is the perfect fit.

Because they are a larger flower, lilies can certainly stand on their own as a single-stem bouquet or in a small posy of one stem paired with greenery or baby’s breath. They can also be incorporated into larger, varied bouquets with plenty of other blooms.


Hydrangeas are incredibly popular due to their bold-meets-delicate aesthetic. The clusters are made up of small petals but still make a big impact. Plus, you can find them in a variety of colors including white, pink, blue, and purple. “In my style of floristry, I like to use hydrangeas in large installations, like a ceremony arch,” says McNeff.

Hydrangeas can also be used in stunning single-flower centerpieces, or one or two stems can be incorporated into a bold bouquet. Because they're so large, you certainly don't need as many stems to make an impact!


With their bright, happy yellow hue and floppy petals, it’s no wonder why sunflowers are a popular wedding flower choice. Sunflowers add a bold pop of color and texture to any setting. They can be incorporated into a centerpiece, paired with other smaller flowers, or you can display single stems on their own.

Sunflowers are also edible, so they make a lovely choice for topping a cake or utilizing pressed, dried petals for finishing the exterior of a cake. And while yellow sunflowers are the most popular, there are also other varieties of this bloom that can add touches of orange and red to an arrangement. Sunflowers are most accessible while in season, and they’re a stunning choice for summer to early fall weddings.  

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