21 Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for the Modern, Romantic Bride



When it comes to your wedding day, it’s easy to overthink things. Sure, it’s one of the biggest days of your life (gulp), but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it easy on at least some of the details. When you already have enough to stress over, taking the less-is-more approach to your wedding-day hairstyle is the way to go. Enter: the ponytail.

Just hear us out. Ponytails get a bad rap for being basic, and while they may be our go-to on lazy days and trips to the gym, that doesn’t mean we can’t elevate the style. Trust us; it just requires a little strategy. And besides, when every detail of your day is planned to the tee, a laid-back pony is the perfect way to strike a balance. Think of it this way: You won’t have to wake up extra early in order to make it to the altar on time. (You’ll thank us when you don’t have to pack the concealer on those dark circles.) It’s time our beloved ponytail gets the credit it deserves. If you’re thinking the sporty style isn’t wedding-day appropriate, think again, because we have the photos to prove it.

Ahead, find 21 ponytail updos for weddings that are pretty enough for your big day and beyond.

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The Fabulous Fishtail Hybrid

The Fabulous Fishtail Hybrid

Monika Ottehenning

A plush fishtail braid stops midway before loosening into a carefree pony. We love how this style accentuates the stunning back of the dress, creating a cohesive completed look. This pair is a match made in heaven.

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An Ultra-Feminine Finish



All you need is a feminine ribbon to take this simple style up a notch. Make it even more eye-catching by choosing satin in a statement shade.

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Let the Bangs Out

Laid-back ponytail

Leo Patrone 

This bride's uncomplicated ponytail is the epitome of California cool-girl chic. Her abundant loose waves were swept into a low ponytail with voluminous bangs left free to frame her beautiful face for the laid-back nuptials.

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Toss the Tie

Hair wrapped ponytail

Sara Lobla 

Don't want a hair tie to distract from your style? After securing your pony, pull a piece of hair from the bottom and wrap it around the tie. Then, fasten the strand with a pin beneath the elastic. So simple!

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The Voluminous Pony

Voluminous ponytail

Greg Finck; Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco

The juxtaposition between the volume in this ponytail and the shiny, slicked-back front is as playful as it is unexpected. Better yet? This style is pretty reception-proof. It will stay put as you dance the night away.

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Tied-Back Loose Locks

Loose ponytail

Jamie English 

As opposed to a slicked-back style, opt for loose, romantic strands. This style has everything you could want: the structure of a traditional pony with the added allure of volume and wispiness.

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Go Shortie

Short Pony


Who said you need long lengths for a bridal ponytail? A cropped cut doesn't mean you can't have a special, stunning style for your walk down the aisle. A minimalist ponytail held with an invisible elastic is fabulously fresh and modern. Not to mention oh-so chic.

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The Metallic Pick-Me-Up



Sometimes all it takes is a sparkly accessory to perfect a pony. A metallic wrap around the base of your ponytail is our favorite wedding-day hack for the modern bride.

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A Bit of Boho

Ponytail with braid

Julia Elizabeth Photography 

Nothing says boho quite like an eclectic braid detail. A French braid adds an unexpected bohemian touch to this dance-floor ready ponytail. The voluminous waves are the perfect finishing touch to the 'do.

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Bump It Up

Voluminous ponytail

Almond Leaf Studios 

Bump up a simple ponytail by teasing strands at the crown of your head for some extra volume. This look makes for some stunning profile shots.

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The Polished Pony

Polished Pony


Don’t overload your guests with the visuals. Let your gown (and your pretty face) take center stage with this sleek side-part ponytail. We especially love how this look pairs with the structural yet minimal dress.

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Add Some Subtle Sparkle

Add some sparkle to bridal ponytail

Luke Walker of Clark+Walker Studio 

Give an unfussy side pony a dose of glam with a subtly sparkly hairpiece. The off-center placement of this beautiful pin not only emphasizes the asymmetric updo but makes for some stunning bridal portraits as well.

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A Floral-Wrapped Ponytail

Floral-wrapped ponytail

Kate Headley 

How sweet is this style? This Detroit bride gathered a low ponytail of loose waves at the nape of her neck and decorated the locks with foraged flowers from the morning of her wedding.

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The Preppy Pony

Voluminous ponytail

Jana Williams 

Never underestimate the power of a clean, high ponytail. We can’t think of a better way to show off the details on the back of your beautiful gown. The volume and texture of this particular style give the sleek 'do a slightly undone and sexy edge.

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Tousled Tresses

Toussled ponytail

Danielle Rose Cook 

This tousled, braided ponytail by Lindsey Pengelly is a bohemian bride's dream, thanks to tons of volume and ultra-romantic plaits. This storybook wedding hair is straight out of an enchanted forest.

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Tantalizing Texture


Erich McVey

Texturize your low, natural ponytail with your favorite, foolproof texturizing spray for a bohemian-goddess finish.

Don't be afraid to play with different textures and finishes on your ponytail. The same style in a matte or super-glossy finish can completely change the look of the 'do.

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The Retro-Chic Ponytail

Retro Ponytail

 LL Style Photo

This voluminous high ponytail gives off delightfully retro vibes. We love how this particular look was paired with a short wedding dress to polish off the vintage elegance.

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Get Low

Bridal portrait

Robin Harper 

This bride's ultra-low pony hits right at the nape of the neck creating an alluring juxtaposition between the sleek crown and teased out strands. This style adds just enough of a disheveled charm to freshen up the otherwise soft and romantic dress.

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The Ethereally Embellished Pony

ethereal braid

Instagram / @weddinghaircompany 

Dot your pony with baby's breath or a similarly romantic bloom for an ethereal effect that will look effortlessly gorgeous. Hello, fairy-tale bride!

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The Triple Ponytail

The Triple Ponytail

Nicole Berrett Photography

Three is totally better than one. That's exactly why we adore Beauty & the Blush's triple-knotted take on the romantic wrapped pony. This style is a showstopper for sure.

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The Low and Loose

Low, loose ponytail

Laura Catherine Photography

The way this bride's loose ponytail is tied into itself is utterly angelic. The pairing of the feminine style with the softness of this dreamy dress is nothing short of heavenly.

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