Planning Your Own Wedding? This Online Service Will Make You Feel Like a Pro

Wedding DIYers, take note.

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Let's get one universal truth out of the way: wedding planning is inevitably stressful. Whether you've engaged the services of a professional or you're creating the ceremony of your dreams on your own, finding the right attire, venue, florist, and wrangling your friends and family is a lot to take on. Plus, you just can't let everyday responsibilities, making time for your relationship, and living your life fall by the wayside—it's enough to make any couple want to give up and take the world's longest nap.

If you're one of the many people who's decided to take on this monumental task on you're own (it's worth it, we promise), don't worry; help is on the way. Enter Power Couple, a brand new wedding planning subscription that is the first-ever service specifically designed to help non-professionals navigate the sometimes overwhelming bridal industry. Read on for an exclusive look.

Founded by Jacquelyn Aleece, a “go-to girl” in the wedding industry, the Wedding Plan & Company has expanded its services to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to seek out expert advice. The team enlists the help of on-call seasoned wedding professionals who provide consultations and services on your schedule. What makes this offering unique is that it's specifically tailored to couples who want to plan their own nuptials but require just a bit of guidance along the way.

“To date, the only way to have a wedding planner was to invest in a traditional wedding planner or to hire a month-of planner. But what about all of those couples in between?" says Aleece.

Assisting couples to know "when to plan, where to plan and how to plan your wedding like a pro" is the mission of this new service. And we all know a little help can go a long way in avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls that many amateur planners encounter before their big day. They also still offer full-service planning through their "Classic Couple" option.

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"Power Couple" services cost $179 per month, but the good news the subscription will auto-cancel on your wedding month, avoiding pesky overages for services you no longer need. With offerings like 24/7 support (great for those planning emergencies) and perks from vendors across the country, this could be a game-changing resource if you fit the bill.

If you're a wedding DIYer with a vision, take note. You might not need all the hand-holding a wedding planner usually provides, but a few consultations and resources could be the secret to pulling off the wedding of your dreams.

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