Pinterest Predicts These Wedding Trends Will Take Off in 2022

From pearlcore to celestial celebrations.

Pinterest Wedding Trend Predictions 2022 / Instagram

Pinterest has spoken, and now we’ve got all the insight into the trends that will take over the wedding industry in 2022. The social platform released their annual Pinterest Predicts trend report this week, and they’re forecasting everything from pearlcore to dopamine dressing and out-of-this-world wedding themes.

After a year and a half of postponing and rescheduling weddings, subdued parties are officially a thing of the past. Get ready for maximalist themes, enchanting aesthetics, vibrant colors, and honeymoon nightlife in 2022. Read on for all of the trends you’ll be seeing at every wedding next year.

Celestial Celebrations

We’re blasting off the year with a significant uptick in celestial-themed parties, which involves moon party decorations (+140%) and star-themed parties (+140%) for receptions. And the cosmic play doesn’t stop there—lunar wedding dresses (+180%) are also set to be a big (bang) hit next year.


The world is your oyster, and so is your wedding. Pearl embellishments will continue to grow in popularity in 2022, with pearl gowns (+3x), wedding decorations (+185%+), and simple pearl rings (+2x) making splashes in the bridal arena. We’re already starting to see celebrities jump on board with this trend—just look at Ariana Grande’s stunning pearl and diamond engagement ring.

The Return of Cake

Calling all brides and grooms with a sweet tooth. Forget cupcakes and donut walls; we’re going back to the classics with grandiose, over-the-top cakes. Gravity-defying (+70%), bubble (+55%), and 3D cakes (+60%) are all going to be huge in 2022, according to Pinterest. To get ahead of the trend, take a look at Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s highly detailed and multi-tiered wedding cake from their July nuptials. 

Dopamine Dressing

Expect to apply this term (of course, made famous by TikTok) to impact every aspect of your life next year, including your trip down the aisle. Pinterest is predicting gradient dresses (+95%), Fuschia dresses and outfits (+4x), and electric blue outfits (+140%) to take the fashion world by storm. Channel these trends as inspiration for your wedding gown, guest attire, bridesmaids' dresses, or groomsmen suits.

All Checkered Everything

We’ve already seen the rise of checkered patterns in 2021, and now it’s officially infiltrating the wedding realm. Pinterest predicts an increase in checkered suit men (+95%) and checkered nails (+165%) next year. (Nude-and-white checkered bridal nails, anyone?) Plus, you can expect to see a major increase in checkered tile floors (+5x), meaning chic, ‘60s-esque black-and-white checkerboard dance floors are making a comeback.

Night Travel

Hey, night owls and honeymooners, this one is for you. Here’s your sign to enjoy the nightlife scene during your romantic excursion. Expect to see an increase in nighttime escapades with Bioluminescence aesthetic (+95%), road trip aesthetic (+2x), and sea night beach (+150%) all predicted to be big next year. Plus, if you’re looking to escape with minimal effort or additional costs, try booking an all-inclusive resort—according to Pinterest, all-inclusive wedding packages (+80%) are also expected to gain traction.

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