15 Pink and White Nail Ideas for the Elegant Bride

A classic wedding day color combo everyone will love.

bride with her hand on top of the groom's hand

Photo by Rafal Ostrowski

Most brides know that getting ready for their wedding involves deciding on hair and makeup ideas, but the bridal beauty preparation doesn't stop there. As you go about coordinating your wedding day look, you can't forget about your nails as they'll be front and center once it's time to say "I do." That's why, having your nails done is a small but significant detail that can complete your overall vibe and add a personal touch to your day-of vision.

As it pertains to specific colors, pink and white nails are a common choice for brides, since this combo has the ability to complement a white wedding dress beautifully. The pink adds a feminine touch and a kiss of color to your fingertips, while the white ties your nails into the rest of your overall ensemble. The result? A gorgeous, wedding-worthy manicure.

According to celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec, “Aprés’s 'Fairy Wings' is the perfect buildable pink," and a classic choice for brides to select for the big day. She also recommends "Pinky" from Lights Lacquer "because it has a hint of peachy undertones—perfect for that jelly look to serve as a base," and "I’ll Be Seeing You" from Lights Lacquer, which is a "translucent pink that has hints of gold shimmer."

Ahead, discover 15 pink and white nail ideas, from real brides, to help you decide on a style to sport once it's time to exchange vows.

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Diamond Design

bride holding a martini glass

Photo by Patty Gonzales of PS Photography + Films

Pink and white is a versatile color combination and goes well with just about every bridal style. For the glamorous bride, consider adding a few diamond accents to your nails for a sparkling finishing touch.

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Ombre Sparkles

pink and white nails

Photo by Lauren Baker Photography

This bride's pink and white nails are an updated take on the traditional French manicure. The ombré effect gives your mani a beautiful, natural gradient look, while the sparkles in the middle add a little something special to this simple style.

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Perfectly Paired

brides holding hands

Photo by John & Joseph

We love how these two brides coordinated their wedding nails to complement one another. One bride went with classic white, while the other opted for a soft gradient pink and white combo to accentuate her almond-shaped nails.

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Soft Pink

bride showing her hands

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography

If neutral nails are more your style, we love the idea of a soft pink, almost white, hue. As seen on this bride, the light color really pops against her intricate henna artwork.

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Seriously Studded

bride standing with her hand on her hip

Photo by Danila and Lana’s NYC Wedding Photography

This bride couldn't decide between pink or white, so she went with both! A diagonal line separates the two colors, and each side is adorned with a single silver or gold stud for an added twinkle.

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Classic French

bride holding a bouquet of white garden roses

Photo by Dos Más En La Mesa

For the traditional bride, a French manicure is a classic go-to wedding nail look. Designed to enhance the nail's natural colors, it features a pale pink base with white tips for a polished look.

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A Pop of Pearl

bride holding her wedding day bouquet

Photo by Emily Gude Photo

If the classic French manicure is too basic for your liking, switch things up by adding a few small pearl embellishments to your nail bed. It gives your nails a bridal feel and takes this timeless style into a new modern era.

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Sweet Swirls

bride holding her wedding day perfume in her hands

Photo by Deborah Ann Photography

This abstract and groovy take on the traditional all-white bridal manicure is playful without being too distracting. The neutral pink base allows the white swirls to pop against the bride's short nails.

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Sparkling Accent Nail

Indian bride in pink and red

Photo by Flora & Fauna

When a neutral ombré isn't enough, add a glimmering accent nail to give your hands a hint of sparkle and shine. This eye-catching accent is exactly what this bride needed to tie her nails into the rest of her bridal look.

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Glitzy French Mani

close up of bride's hand on her hip

Photo by Larisa Shorina

If you always gravitate to a French mani, you might want to consider amping it up on your wedding day. In this specific variation, tiny gemstones separate the white tip from the pink base to make an eye-catching statement.

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Dainty Florals

groom holding his bride's hand showing the ring

Photo by Liron Erel & Co

Floral accents are always a hit for spring weddings, especially when they look as dainty and elegant as this. A pink nude shade serves as the base for this bride's simple, white and yellow flower nail art.

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Pale Pink and Bright White

close up of bride's hands, one hand holding her wrist

Photo by Shannon Skloss

As already mentioned, the classic combination of pink and white makes for the most feminine yet romantic wedding day nails. Add in a square nail shape, and you'll have the perfect canvas to make this color combo stand out in the best way.

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Plant-Inspired Perfection

bride's hand over the groom's hand

Photo by Rafal Ostrowski

Let nature be your inspiration ahead of your bridal nail appointment. This bride took a cue from the natural beauty of plants, adorning her middle fingers with white leaves atop a pink nude base to match the floral lace design of her wedding dress.

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Barely-There French Manicure

bride looking down with her hands on her chest and shoulder

Photo by Shauntelle Sposto of Sposto Photography

Brides with shorter nails can rock a French mani, too. The secret is to make the white tip really thin, like this bride here, in order to avoid having your nails looking short and stubby.

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Nail Decals

bride with floral nails

Photo by Jose Villa

Have a little fun and consider wearing dainty nail decals, similar to this bride who sported a French mani with floral and butterfly designs. The non-traditional details will draw everyone's eyes up to your hands, placing the attention on your stunning engagement ring and wedding band.

  • What is the difference between French tip and pink and white?

    There are so many ways to paint your nails using the colors pink and white, and French tips are just one of them. A French manicure is a particular nail style consisting of white tips on a pink base. Additionally, another common pink and white style is ombré, where the colors blend seamlessly into one another.

  • How long should pink and white nails last?

    It depends on how your nails are painted. Dip powder and acrylic nails last the longest, while regular polish may start to chip after just a few days.

  • What is the most attractive nail color?

    The most attractive nail color is the one you feel confident in! Pink and white is a soft and romantic combination, which is what makes it perfect for a wedding.

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