Lush Bouquet of White Roses & Sweet Peas

No matter what time of year you're tying the knot, carrying a beautiful bundle of flowers down the aisle is a must. Even if they're not technically in season at the time of your wedding, you can (and should!) have a bouquet of your favorite blooms on your wedding day. And if you want those pretty flowers to reflect your wedding season, then you're in luck because some of the most breathtaking color combinations are perfect for a winter wedding. When thinking of seasonal arrangements, start with the colors that feel most reminiscent of the time of year. For the colder months, we love deep burgundy, crisp emerald green, snowy white, and icy blue. Select a bouquet that features a combination of these colors for winter-inspired look that won't read like holiday décor. Another great way to "winterize" your bouquet is by selecting in-season additions, like evergreen sprigs, berries, or acorns. When deftly incorporated, these little touches help amp up the seasonal feel without transforming your style into winter wonderland. We found beautiful bouquets for every type of winter bride from a lush bouquet of bold red peonies for the glamorous, ballroom affair to smaller posies featuring wintry greens, perfect for an understated and rustic celebration. Ready to get inspired for your own winter wedding bouquet? Click through the slideshow to see 18 picture-perfect options. At left: A lush winter bouquet comprised of white roses, clematis, sweet peas, lilacs, tweedia, and greenery, created by Beargrass Gardens Floral and Events.