Framed Ombre Seating Chart Display

Natalie Shelton of N. Barrett Photography
You've spent hours planning the perfect seating chart — keeping that relative away from your family and saving a seat as far away from the bridal party as possible for your groom's old college buddy. And while your work will certainly pay off in the way of great dinner conversations and happy guests, there's no reason why you can't display your effort in a beautiful way. Enter: your seating chart or escort card display. It's one of the first things your guests will see when they move from cocktail hour to the reception, so why not make a statement? Use this as an opportunity to give your loved ones a sneak peek at your big day style. Whether you're decorating a seating chart or looking for a way to arrange individual escort cards, we found 22 beautiful and functional ideas to infuse style into this aspect of your celebration. Like the idea of one large seating chart? Deck it out with lush florals, have a calligrapher scrawl each guest's name onto a mirror, or guide your loved ones to their table with color-coordinated string. Prefer individual cards? Repurpose antique furniture, like a gorgeous dresser, to display cards on, or let them dangle from a decorative tree. No matter what kind of celebration you're hosting, there's a perfect way to display this all-too important aspect of the reception. Click through to see 22 ideas we love in the full slideshow! A framed ombré seating chart is decked out with fresh blooms from florist Bows + Arrows for an elegant yet garden-inspired look.