All-White Tulip Bouquet with Thistle and Baby's Breath

Spring is here, which means tulips are quickly coming in to season. With these pretty, layered flowers at their best from mid-March through May, they're an obvious pick for your bridal bouquet this spring. And though you may know them best as the pastel varieties blooming in your garden or available at your local grocery store, there are hundreds of unique varieties of tulips. From standard tulips like the Big Smile and Menton varieties, which can be found in shades of white through deep reds and purples, to exciting Parrot Tulips, which are known for the ruffled tips of their petals, you can find them in just about any color and style that best suits your wedding style. Some other varieties we love? Double Bloom Tulips look remarkably like a peony while Fringed Tulips can add serious texture to your mixed arrangement. And the Angelique variety features double, soft-pink petals and drape gracefully out of a bouquet. Plus, there are the variegated varieties of each, with bi-color petals that look fresh in any bundle of blooms. Classic brides will love all-white bouquets with peonies, clematis, and tulips, while a more bohemian bride will lean towards an arrangement with these seasonal blossoms in shades of purple and red, paired with other flowers. Are you ready to add a serious dose of spring to your big day? Then click through to see 32 bouquets with tulips we love! Photo: An all-white bouquet comprised of tulips, thistle, and baby's breath, created by Henrietta Flower.