Wedding Ceremony Petal Toss

Walking down the aisle as a beaming, just-married couple is a standout photo op in and of itself. Add a ceremonial toss (with confetti, rice, lavender, or, as seen here, fresh flower petals) and you've really got yourself a framer. For this couple, married on the Ford Plantation in Savannah, Georgia, last spring, Calder Clark of Calder Clark Designs put a twist on the old-school petal toss. "Once I decided to use pews for the outdoor ceremony, I knew we wouldn't have hang points for any kind of cone," says Clark. "Cue the scalloped-wood trays of bags filled with garden rose petals and sweet-scented lemon-verbena leaves. We worked with Elizabeth Porcher Jones for the gorgeous hand-stamped calligraphy." Browse more flower decorations.