Lush Pink Garden Rose & Peony Bouquet

Chaffin Cade Photography
Roses get a reputation for being cheesy, over-used, and too traditional when it comes to your wedding flowers. But that's not always the case! There are plenty of ways to include roses in your wedding bouquet that will feel fresh, modern, and entirely of-the-moment. As it turns out, a bouquet can feature roses without the majority of your guests even noticing. From garden roses and delicate spray varieties to the classic, standard rose and perennial climbing varieties, there's plenty more than what meets the eye when it comes to this flower family. The secret to toting a chic rose arrangement down the aisle? Use whichever variety of rose you like best sparingly and as an accent within a mixed bouquet. While there's no one perfect flower for a specific type of wedding, there are types of roses that lend themselves best to certain aesthetics. Whether you're a classic bride that has been lusting after a bouquet of fluffy peonies or a boho girl looking for a fun alternative to the formal bloom, you'll love a layered garden rose. From David Austin to Juliet verities, these lush flowers with tons of internal petals will add lots of beauty to your bouquet. Hosting a more whimsical bash? Delicate clusters of spray roses feel light and fun, but also add balance to a more unique bouquet. And if you're planning a rustic or relaxed wedding day, opt for wild climbing roses in a hand-gathered arrangement. Of course, if you love the standard rose, you can still incorporate it in a way that doesn't remind you of a Valentine's Day bouquet by layering the tightly layered blooms in with other, less-structured flowers. To prove that there are still tons of exciting ways to include roses in your bridal bouquet, we found 17 of our favorite mixed arrangements. Click through to see our favorite bouquets featuring roses. At left: A hot pink and peach peony and garden rose bouquet with greenery and berries, created by Seed Floral.