Pink Rose Boutonniere with Dusty Miller

The groom's boutonniere: It's an essential wedding detail, but one most brides will admit they don't give too much thought to. Sure, it's easy enough to select one bloom from your bouquet and have your florist create something to pin to your guy's lapel, but as much as you love that bright pink peony bouquet, we have a feeling he'd prefer a bit more masculine on his suit jacket. Any bloom will work in your groom's boutonniere, but selecting something seasonally inspired and more understated will likely win him over. So if you're tying the knot this spring, think beyond the classic rose boutonniere and consider in-season flower varieties or colors indicative of the warm weather. Some of our favorite ideas include fragrant lilac, colorful thistle, ranunculus, and berries, or year-round picks in springy shades like pale purple and blue, sunny yellow, and airy pink. Don't worry if you think your groom won't approve of the feminine hues — when paired with classic greenery he'll hardly notice the colorful bloom! Like your own bouquet, the options are endless when it comes to which flowers you can select for your groom's boutonniere, but we found 20 options we think you'll both agree on this wedding season. From simple herb bundles to more colorful, vibrant selections that you can coordinate with your wedding style, these boutonnieres are worth giving some serious consideration. Ready to start planning your guy's floral accessories? Then click through to see our favorite boutonnieres for spring wedding. At left: A classic blush rose boutonniere with dusty miller and succulents created by Cottage Flowers Floral Design.