Anna Sheffield

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield
Engagement rings are no longer limited to diamonds. Gemstones have steadily been gaining popularity among brides-to-be — not only for their vibrant colors and unique flair but for their affordability too. Even celebrities have jumped on the gemstone bandwagon with the like of the Kate Middleton sporting a sapphire and Halle Berry rocking an emerald — which happens to be one of our favorite looks of late. An emerald's deep green hue makes it an instant eye-catcher. Plus, if you're into gold, they really pop in a yellow or rose setting — even more than a diamond does! And, just like diamonds, you can get emeralds set in a variety of shapes and styles. Vintage brides will be all over the Edwardian and Art Deco-inspired options set in yellow gold, while modern brides will enjoy platinum-set diamond halos surrounding these vibrant gems. And if you don't want to go for a full-on emerald center stone, there's nothing stopping you from adding a smaller emerald to your band for a touch of color. If you're going to go for an emerald though, be warned: Not every jeweler will create an emerald engagement ring because they're softer than most stones, making them more fragile to cut. Instead you can always go for an equally green tsavorite or tourmaline to get your color fix! Set on getting an emerald engagement ring? Click through to see all of our favorite green bridal baubles! "Emerald Elongated Rosette" emerald ring, $3,750, Anna Sheffield