Braided Headband

Kristin Ess on Instagram
If there's one thing short, long, curly and straight hair all have in common, it's that they all look crazy-good with a braid. Braids experienced a resurgence the last couple of years—and with tons of new ways to rethink the classic plait, they are officially here to stay! "Braids are the first thing I think of when a bride wants a hairstyle that's special, whimsical and fun," says hairstylist Larry Sims. "Plus, you have the major bonus of taking your hair down after the reception and having these gorgeous waves throughout your hair for any post-wedding festivities or the flight on your way to the honeymoon the next day. Braids are unique, but totally timeless too. You won't look back at your wedding day photos in 20 years and regret having a braid in your hair, no matter what style you choose." Whether you're looking for a classic three-strand style, a French or a fishtail, we rounded up our favorite bridal braids that are guaranteed to look perfect on your big day. For a modern take, we suggest loosening it up a bit: Stretch out ringlets into a soft wave, pancake your braids for added texture and embrace a few flyaways. Take this dreamy style to the left, for example, which is bound to make your wedding hashtag go viral. "This is a happy compromise of having your hair down, but two loose side braids keep most of your hair out of your face," says Sims. "Second-day hair helps sustain the longevity of your braids, but if time isn't on your side, a texture spray will do the trick." Top it off with a sparkly hair accessory to add to its ethereal effect.