Fishtail Ponytail Braid

BraidsbyJordan on Instagram
An easy way to update a pony is to add some texture-boosting twists. "Create a center part and take a small section of hair on one side, divide it in half and twist the pieces together away from the face," says MacKenzie. "After a few inches, spray the twist with hairspray and pull at the edges to pancake and make it fuller. Continue the twist to the end and clamp it off while you create an identical twist on the other side. Secure them together in the back with a clear elastic. Do it all over again by taking another section on each side of the hair, twisting and securing it in the back with another elastic underneath the previous twist. Continue until you have all the hair into a pony. It's great because it has the look of a braid, but it's still secure even as you loosen it up."