Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding, According to 40+ Wedding Pros

Our experts had A LOT to say.


When Alyssa Papa and her fiancé Matt Loughlin had to postpone their October 2020 nuptials, they were told they’d have to wait until October 2021 to secure a Friday or Saturday date. “At that point, we’d already been engaged for over a year-and-a-half and didn’t want to wait another year. So we booked our wedding for a Thursday in April 2021, and since making the announcement we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from our families and friends,” shares Papa. 

These days, it’s all about availability and that often means a weekday wedding. Yet after speaking with over 50 industry experts, including wedding planners, caterers, photographers, and DJs, we discovered an enviable list of perks when it comes to throwing a wedding during the week.

Check out their tips and you’ll no doubt agree—Thursday just may be the new Saturday when it comes to getting married! 

There's an "It Factor" to Them

“I am a true believer in traditions, but not convention. There is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about getting married on a Thursday.”—Bronson Van Wyck, owner of Van Wyck and Van Wyck, New York City and Charleston, South Carolina

“Weekday weddings were once considered very chic—in fact, if you look back at most European royal weddings, they were all celebrated mid-week.”—Tara Fay, Owner of Tara Fay Events, Dublin, Ireland

You Can Choose a Date With Special Meaning

“One couple at our hotel married on a Thursday to ensure they could celebrate at their venue of choice and stay within their budget. We landed on a date that happened to be the bride’s grandparent’s anniversary. Sadly, the bride’s grandmother passed away a year earlier, but we ended up honoring her grandparent’s anniversary with a grandfather/granddaughter dance. It was incredibly special.”—Alicia Wimmer, director of catering and event services, InterContinental Hotel, Washington, D.C.

“We recently had a couple rebook their wedding at our hotel after their destination wedding was canceled. They recalled that the bride’s parents were married at the former hotel located on the grounds of our property. The wedding will take place on a Wednesday, 35 years after her parents said 'I do.' The significance of that date will never be forgotten.”—Virginia Klautau, director of catering and special events, The Miami Beach EDITION

“My favorite weekday wedding took place on a Tuesday—the couple wanted their first date anniversary as their wedding date. They were able to secure all their preferred vendors and venue because there was essentially no competition. To make it memorable, the DJ played iLoveMakonnen’s song 'Tuesday' a few times during the reception and the guests went wild each time!”—Roxanne Bellamy, owner, Roxanne Bellamy Events, Washington, D.C. and Miami

Planning May Be Less Stressful

“Perhaps one of the nicest things about getting married during the week is that it takes a lot of pressure off the couple—everyone expects a formal affair on a Saturday night, but on a Thursday, not so much. I got married at City Hall in New York City on a Monday. I wore a cashmere sweater and black pants and did my own hair and makeup. It was completely relaxed and everything was perfect.”—Alison Raffaele Tatem, professional makeup artist, Glen Rock, New Jersey

“You know how it takes you a few days to really get into the zone when you go on vacation? Same thing for destination weddings, which often start the second you arrive on a Saturday. People are late, people are tired. With a weekday wedding, guests tend to show up a few days early and are rested and in amazing spirits by the time the wedding rolls around.”—Mick Batyske, DJ, Brooklyn, New York 

It Allows for More Time With Loved Ones

“When couples marry on a Saturday, the majority of guests depart on Sunday, leaving the couple without much time to focus on their loved ones. Getting married on a Thursday means you have the entire weekend ahead of you to enjoy activities and quality time with your family and friends.”—Michelle Cousins, owner, Michelle Leo Events, Salt Lake City, Utah

“A Thursday wedding means an extended celebration. You can host a brunch on Friday morning and a rehearsal dinner on Wednesday evening, then you can spend the weekend relaxing together and re-experiencing the day.”—Mindy Weiss, owner of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, Beverly Hills, California

“Thursday weddings are great because they provide the full weekend after the wedding to celebrate, decompress, and catch up with guests who've traveled to the affair, those who you may not get to see very often.”—Elaine Tabor, director of marketing and client relations, Southwind Hills, Goldsby, Oklahoma

“So often, people gather for a Saturday wedding, then rush home the next day without getting a chance to really celebrate with the couple or enjoy the venue. With a Thursday wedding, most guests are able to turn the celebration into a genuine vacation and spend some quality time with the newlyweds.”—Jennifer Levering, director of events, Sunset Key Cottages, Key West, Florida 

“We once had a couple marry in Santa Barbara on a Thursday so they could have a follow-up casual weekend with their guests. They spent the next two days having a beach BBQ, sailing, and wine tasting. In the end, they simply wanted to relax and celebrate.”—Beth Helmstetter, creative director, Beth Helmstetter Events, Los Angeles

“My favorite weekday celebration was a Thursday wedding that played into the weekend, where the couple joined their guests in various activities. We had wine tasting, a mini-concert, and activities solely dedicated to the kids. In doing so, it made the wedding feel more like an experience. Had we done a traditional Saturday wedding, none of this would have been possible for the couple and guests.”—Andrew Roby, event planner, Andrew Roby Events, Washington, D.C. 

“Last year, we played a Thursday wedding in California for a super fun couple. They had planned their wedding day as the front end of a weeklong vacation with their core group of friends and family. The ceremony and reception simply kicked things off, then they—along with some of their guests—continued west to Hawaii for the next week. You’ve never seen a more jovial wedding party in your life. We even played luau music for their grand exit in anticipation of their next stop!”—Woody Miraglia, DJ, BIG FUN Disc Jockeys, San Francisco, California

Potential for Upgrades, Add-Ons, and Savings


“On average, my costs are 30 percent lower for a weekday wedding. Plus, weekday wedding couples can book a la carte, without having to deal with pricier weekend wedding packages. —Chaz Cruz, owner, Chaz Cruz Photographers, Brooklyn, New York

Food & Beverage

“While food typically costs the same on a Tuesday or a Saturday, many caterers will offer competitive pricing on other parts of their invoice, such as equipment and delivery. I’ll typically throw in a complimentary late-night snack or an upgrade in hors d'oeuvres.”—Rachel Razowsky, senior sales consultant, Blue Plate, Chicago

“Additional perks or inclusions such as a signature drink, appetizer, or champagne toast are often a part of a weekday wedding package.”—Christopher Preston, director of catering and events, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

“Taking days that are not in high demand, but definitely contribute to a venue’s bottom line, opens up the possibilities of additional perks, including room upgrades, bar packages upgrades, discounts on food and beverage minimums, enhanced menu selections at no additional cost, earlier set-up times, and more access to locations within the venue. The list is endless.”—Greg Wirth, director of catering and conference services, Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Venue Fees

“For weekday weddings, the couple can work with their venue to have free access to other non-booked rooms within the space. For example, utilizing an empty room that can be designated a kid’s room if you have children at the reception.”—Lily V, designer, Lily V Events, Paoli, Pennsylvania

“I’m more likely to offer lower event minimums and package upgrades on a weekday wedding, than a weekend when I need to maximize the revenue for our venues.”—James Filtz, director of meetings and special events, The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans

“Venues will discount their rates and are more likely to offer flexible or even complimentary setup and teardown times, which can be huge as additional days for tent set-up, for example, can be expensive. Delivery fees from rental companies are also less on weekdays.”—Bryan Keck, owner, Alison Bryan Destinations, Santa Barbara, California

Flights & Accommodations

“Air travel, hotel rates, Uber charges, venue fee, car rentals, church fees—everything costs less during the week. The additional savings could pay for a couple’s honeymoon!”—Randy Araiza, catering sales manager, Parker Palm Springs, Palm Springs, California

“On average, a couple can save up to 25 percent between their venue and associated vendors by having a mid-week wedding. —David Bowd, co-founder and CEO, Salt Hotels, Asbury Park New Jersey and Provincetown, Massachusetts

“We hosted a wedding for a couple whose guests were mostly from out of town. Their Thursday night wedding was almost 35 percent less than what it would have cost them on a Saturday. With their savings, the couple was able to pay for their family’s flights and accommodations!”—Jeff Crabiel, general manager, The Westin Nashville

“Although our food and beverage prices don’t change midweek, the site fee and lodging rates could be 10 to 15 percent less. Vendors are also inclined to offer midweek discounts, so brides and planners are likely to save another 10 percent.”—Jennifer Levering, director of events, Sunset Key Cottages, Key West, Florida 

“At our hotel, couples can expect generously discounted food, beverage, and hotel room rates during the weekdays, often up to 25 percent. These savings allow for more flexibility within a couple's budget so they can put money towards other things to create their dream wedding.”—Randy Fox, sales and catering director, Tower23 Hotel, San Diego

While some vendors and venues may offer special services and packages on weekdays, this does not mean it's always "cheaper" to marry on a weekday.

Access to Preferred Venues and Vendors

“At this point, if you're looking to get married in 2021, chances are you have to get married on a weekday as venues and vendors all have slim availability. Although it might not seem ideal at first, I would rather see couples shoot for a weekday then not get their preferred photographer, floral designer, venue, and so on.”—Alison Laesser-Keck, owner, Alison Bryan Destinations, Santa Barbara, California

“One of the advantages of getting married during the week is the ability for couples to have their rehearsal dinner and their actual wedding ceremony and reception at hard-to-book venues and at a lower cost. It’s also helpful for securing hotel room blocks at a discount rate for all of your guests.” —Troy Williams, owner, Simply Troy, Los Angeles

“For one Thursday wedding, we held the ceremony at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and then bussed all 500 guests down Fifth Avenue to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since the museum closes early on Thursdays, we were able to use the Great Hall for cocktails, which would not be not possible on Friday or Saturday.”—Leslie Price, owner, In Any Event, New York City

“Most importantly, the vendors you work with are likely to have their best team members available and not be as spread out as they would be on a Saturday.”—Ethan Mantle, chef and owner, Componere Fine Catering, Emeryville, California

“Your chances of getting better customer service and an overall better experience increases when you get married during the week. Office personnel will be more attentive and able to accommodate special requests as they won’t be juggling multiple weddings.”—Bill Shehu, general manager, E&K Car Service, Hawthorne, New Jersey

“Vendors are usually more willing to negotiate pricing on a midweek date they never thought they would fill. They will have budgeted for X number of weekend weddings per year, so they’re always delighted to talk about filling midweek dates.”—Tara Fay, owner, Tara Fay Events, Dublin, Ireland

Shorter Hours, Calmer Crowd

“Your guests may be more conservative with their party mindset and alcohol consumption if they know they have to work the next day. However, this could also be a benefit depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. We find our weekday weddings end up feeling more like a lovely dinner party than a wild blowout.”— Tabitha Mason, co-owner, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms, Dexter, Michigan

“I think midweek weddings are lovely—the destination as a whole is quieter and everything feels more serene than usual.”—Jennifer Levering, director of events, Sunset Key Cottages, Key West, Florida 

“We just had a Monday—yes Monday! —reception and EVERY single guest invited attended. We began the ceremony earlier, at 4 p.m., allowing guests to arrive before rush hour and ending by 9:30 p.m. so they weren’t out too late.”—Alicia Mae, founder and planner, ILE Events, Summit, New Jersey

Opportunity for a More Intimate Setting

“I’ve been blown away by the creativity of our clients who’ve had to adapt their wedding plans due to [current events]. One couple got married at a private residence where their 25 guests sat at a long table for a multi-course al fresco dinner overlooking a lake. A tent with lounge furniture was set up for post-dinner drinks under an abundance of twinkling lights. I know it wasn’t the large weekend wedding they originally envisioned, but it was perfect all the same.”—Heather Anne Leavitt, owner, Sweet Heather Anne, Ann Arbor Michigan

“I had a couple who hosted a Wednesday evening ceremony and reception for 50 guests. Since they knew many guests would be working the next day, and some the day of the wedding, they took that opportunity to modify the traditional wedding format. Guests enjoyed signature cocktails prior to being invited to sit for the ceremony. Following the ceremony, guests transitioned to the dining space to be seated at one of two grand kings’ tables. There, everyone enjoyed a family-style meal, wine service, and of course—the wedding cake. A short dance set followed dinner and guests departed around 10:00 p.m. It was the perfect setup for a weekday wedding—non-extravagant, intimate, and lovely.”—Christopher Preston, director of catering and events, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

“So often, couples are bound by family and friends with their loving ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. But these good intentions can be disruptive when so many different expectations are placed on the couple. Weekday weddings allow for a more intimate setting—fewer people in attendance means more attention to one another and to family and friends. Couples are no longer lost in the upswell of large groups and satisfying every whim.”—Greg Wirth, director of catering and conference services, Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arizona

“During the week, hotels are not as crowded so the wedding group feels as if it’s their own private space. Couples who get married on Thursdays at our hotel often host a ‘Recovery’ brunch on Friday and lounge by the pool afterward with Bloody Marys in hands!”—Randy Araiza, catering sales manager, Parker Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California

“One of my favorite weekday weddings happened on a Monday and involved a couple who were celebrating a second marriage. The hotel had low occupancy compared to weekend averages and almost all of the guests arrived from out of town—they were essentially the only ones in the hotel and enjoyed an exclusive evening.”—Jeremiah Khan, assistant director of catering, LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE

A Shot at Better Photos

“I've always loved photographing weddings on weekdays for two main reasons—the flexibility of the locale and a whole lot fewer people interfering with my photos! Most cities have several iconic locations making them popular backgrounds for couples, but they can be crowded on the weekends. On a weekday, couples almost always get these locations to themselves making it easier for them to relax in photos away from all of the eye gazers!”—Chaz Cruz, owner, Chaz Cruz Photographers, Brooklyn, New York

“Because the property is less crowded during the week, couples can utilize and access more areas of the hotel for photographs.”— Katie Cortopassi, L’Auberge de Sedona

"During the week, you won’t have to worry about crowds as much. I often go off-road and shoot epic images of Sedona sunsets—on weekends, you may have two or three couples at one spot, yet during the week my clients can enjoy the sunsets by themselves in peace, having the entire area for photos.”—Traci Edwards, owner, Adventure & Vow, Sedona, Arizona

“Many photographers will be willing to negotiate reduced pricing—from 15-20%—for mid-week weddings, which could allow a couple to get a photographer who was previously out of their price range.”—Amy Bunton, co-owner, Amy and Stuart Photography, Studio City, California

More Transportation Options & Fewer Travel Headaches

“There are a few advantages to getting married during the week when it comes to transportation, including car availability. Luxury cars such as white limousines are a scarce commodity on weekends, especially during the wedding season, so your chances of securing the vehicle of your choice during the week is much greater. At the same time, you’ll get better pricing, sometimes up to 30% off a weekend rate. Just be sure to plan around the weekday rush hour to avoid delays due to high traffic.”—Bill Shehu, general manager of E&K Car Service, Hawthorne, New Jersey

“A weekday wedding helps assuage older guests who may be wary of traveling, as car traffic will generally be less and planes more likely to be empty during the week.”—Bryan Keck, owner, Alison Bryan Destinations, Santa Barbara, California

Flexibility for Guests Who Work on Weekends—And a Chance to Play Hooky!

“One of my favorite weekday weddings took place on a Tuesday, with a Monday night rehearsal dinner. Both the bride and groom are in the dancing community and the majority of their friends are professional dancers who usually make their living doing dance conventions and gigs on the weekends. These guests were beyond grateful to be able to celebrate their friends without missing out on potential jobs.” —Troy Williams, owner, Simply Troy, Los Angeles

“I personally got married on a Thursday! Many of my friends are musicians who work on the weekend and I wanted them all at my wedding.”—Luke Landolfi, band manager, Face 2 Face Band, Rutherford, New Jersey

“A weekday wedding can be a welcome yet unexpected moment of fun to break up your guests’ work week. Imagine an amazing wedding brunch on a Wednesday where guests get to celebrate and play hooky at the same time.”—Beth Helmstetter, creative director, Beth Helmstetter Events, Los Angeles

“A weekday celebration means your guests will probably have to take off from work to attend your wedding so everyone may not be able to attend. But on the bright side, if you want to turn the volume down on the guest list, a weekday wedding is a great strategy.”—Lily V, designer, Lily V Events, Paoli, Pennsylvania

“While the advantages of a weekday wedding are great for the couple, it may be challenging for guests to take off of work or stay up late on a weeknight. But truthfully, I’ve seen many people relish the idea of playing hooky on a Wednesday in the spring or summer.”—Rachel Razowsky, senior sales consultant, Blue Plate, Chicago

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