Meet Partier: The Design Service Behind the Trendiest Bridal Merch

Custom wedding gear you’ll actually want to wear again.

Custom wedding sweatshirt


Whether you’re wearing a classic ballgown or opting for a minimal slip dress, there’s no question that what you wear down the aisle is the most memorable part of your wedding wardrobe. But for the most part, it’s a one-and-done outfit, so although you and your guests will have the photos and memories to make the moment last, you’ll have to look elsewhere for sartorial mementos that you can continue to wear. That’s where Partier (pronounced like Cartier) comes in. From your bachelorette to the big day, the new service is here to transform everything you know about wedding merch.

Launched this summer by BFFs-turned-cofounders Danielle Tullo La Testa and Alyssa Fiorentino, Partier is a design and branding company that helps customers create trendy, custom merch that suits their individual style. But unlike the traditional matching bachelorette shirts or bridesmaid gear you’ve seen all over Pinterest, Tullo La Testa and Fiorentino are on a mission to create merch that you and your bridal party will actually want to wear.

The idea for Partier came about while the duo was planning Tullo La Testa’s bachelorette weekend. Among their friend group, Tullo La Testa is known for throwing over-the-top bashes (her past get-togethers have included bath bomb vending machines and heart-shaped rosé pizzas), so the Seventeen Magazine Deputy Editor had a high bar to reach when it came to her bridal party merch. When she couldn’t find anything quite right, she tapped Fiorentino, a Director of Brand Strategy at House Beautiful, to help her come up with an elevated design.

“None of my ideas were sticking, so I immediately texted Alyssa, who is a creative genius,” Tullo La Testa shares. “She always understands the assignment.

Partier co-founders


They settled on the perfect slogan (Same Nick Forever Social Club, a clever pun on a popular bachelorette phrase), but struggled to nail down a solid vendor that could bring their bridal party sweatshirts to life. “Realizing our dream concept wasn’t only one click away, we decided to take matters into our own hands,” Fiorentino explains. “Danielle and I have been working side-by-side since our intern days in media, so we put our minds together and figured out how to do it ourselves. It was a lot of extra work, but it was completely worth it.”

Once they debuted Tullo La Testa’s custom Same Nick Forever sweatshirt on Instagram, inquiries began pouring into their DMs and thus, Partier was born. “Before the bachelorette we had joked about launching our business, but when people started asking where they could get the sweatshirt for themselves or a friend, it got real,” Tullo La Testa recalls. “It all happened really organically, and it still feels that way.”

On the Partier website, customers can shop ready-to-wear offerings, customize concert-style wedding long sleeves, or work with the brand to create an entirely new design of their own, incorporating their personal style and their wedding's aesthetic.

Woman wearing custom wedding shirt


On the surface, Partier appears to solve a simple problem—customizable merch that actually looks cool is pretty hard to come by. But as the idea evolved, the founders sought to address more than what meets the eye.

For starters, by creating thoughtfully-designed wedding memorabilia, the duo is working to ensure that it stays in their customers’ outfit rotation and out of landfills. According to Fiorentino, they’re hoping that their cute custom creates can “mitigate some of the negative effects of fast fashion.” Because no matter how much fun a wedding is (or how much you like the couple), most merch doesn’t make sense outside of the context of that particular day.

“You probably won’t reach for the T-shirt that says Bride Squad or Bridesmaid once the wedding is over,” she continues. “Where does it go then? Probably to the back of the closet until you don’t feel guilty about tossing it later on. We want to avoid that by creating bespoke items you’ll never want to part with.”

Custom wedding shirt


They want their designs to have the staying power of a well-loved concert tee or a sweatshirt from your alma mater. “When you buy Partier merch, you’re investing in your memories,” Fiorentino explains, “because our items are designed with more of a classic look and feel that can be worn whenever and wherever you want, even after the party’s over.”

On the topic of parties being over, Partier’s ethos places a more positive spin on the send-off into marriage. When asked which bridal trends they’re excited to see go, the two agreed that they’re tired of wedding merch that idealizes the finale to single life. “While we were on the hunt for my bachelorette party merch, I kept finding so many items that were all about ‘the last fling,’” Tullo La Testa recalls. “I didn’t like this because I felt the opposite. It wasn’t the end of my life as a single woman, but the beginning of an exciting partnership, and that’s what I wanted to celebrate with my best friends.”

Couple wearing matching custom sweatshirts


Celebratory logos and designs are meant to shine a light on the new stage of life that’s about to begin, not serve as a requiem for a formerly fun life. “We’re definitely trying to encourage brides to move away from the ‘last hoorah’ idea by creating a custom logo that celebrates them and their future, rather than the past or what they’re leaving behind,” says Fiorentino.

The OG crewnecks from Tullo La Testa’s summer nuptials ushered in two happily-ever-afters: She married her now-husband and launched a burgeoning business with her best friend. The next phase of Partier is branching out to other life milestones beyond weddings, but it’s still anchored by Tullo La Testa and Fiorentino’s super solid friendship. “Even as business partners, we’re such a natural fit,” Tullo La Testa tells Brides. “She’s the puns, I’m the party, and that’s what makes us Partier.”

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