Here's Why Pantone's Color(s) of the Year Will Be a Huge Hit with 2021 Weddings

Plus, a look back at the Patone colors of the past.

yellow wedding details

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Like most people, we are so ready for 2021. This past year has been nothing short of, well, crazy so we’re excited to leave it all behind. We are counting down the days until we ring in the new year.

And that includes the highly anticipated annual Pantone color of the year. And the brand has just announced the color of 2021. Except it's not one color but two! After the year we’ve had, it’s like they knew we needed more than one. So without further ado that colors are...drum roll, please…."Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating yellow.”

 Courtesy of Pantone/Vogue

According to Pantone, the colors were selected to represent "fortitude" and some much-needed positivity. The "Ultimate Grey" represents a "stable foundation," while the "Illuminating yellow" is like our light at the end of the tunnel or sunshine on a cloudy day. Together the two colors show the world's resiliency as we head into 2021.

And the colors have already been seen everywhere on the 2021 runways—from Prada and Gucci to Balmain and Givenchy. Which of course means that the colors will be huge in 2021 weddings. Cue two different colored bridesmaid dresses that still effortlessly complement each other—and we are so here for it. (And it’s already been proven that these colors are quite flattering!)

In honor of the newest colors to the family, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane. We’ve gathered up every color of the year for the last two decades. So if you’re trying to pick your wedding colors, read on to be majorly and colorfully inspired.

2020: Classic Blue

classic blue
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy 

Chosen for its peaceful tranquility and resilient nature, Pantone was right on par with this color. While 2020 seems like a very chaotic year, it was the first time in a long time that the world took a pause. A moment for everyone to breathe, to connect with family (even if it was virtual), and remember the important things in life. Going into 2021, we’ve used this color to rise from the ashes and build a “stable foundation,” as Pantone suggested.

2019: Living Coral

Living Coral
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This warm and vibrant, tropical color was every preppy groom’s dream come true. According to Pantone, the color was picked to bring “comfort and buoyancy.”

2018: Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This futuristic color was chosen to inspire other-worldly artistic expression. Pantone even said this shade was inspired by music icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix. A galactic color for a daring bride.

2017: Greenery

Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

A refreshing, dewy color that offered restoration and calm to brides—and probably inspired them to make green choices while planning.

2016: Rose quartz and serenity

rose quartz and serenity
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

For the first time ever, Pantone chose two colors to blend for a dreamy soft hue reminiscent of a sunset.

2015: Marsala

Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This warm, deep red was chosen to enrich and satisfy hungry eyes, while also bringing a more natural, earthy tone, and was the color of practically every bridal party in 2015.

2014: Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

The gentle pinkish-purple brought warmth and glow, coloring the complexion of everyone around it—creating many a blushing bride this year.

2013: Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

Chosen to provide harmony, according to Pantone. The precious gemstone was the perfect finishing accessory for daring brides.

2012: Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This spicy and invigorating color was meant to breathe energy into the year, according to Pantone. Fashion designers embraced the color, which was also seen on every makeup counter. The sultry color added an eye-catching element when used on the lips or nails.

2011: Honeysuckle

Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This muted pink color provided excitement and purpose and made for a very popular bridal party color.

2010: Turquoise

Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

Another tropical color was chosen to provide an escape—calming for brides in the thick of planning.

2009: Mimosa

Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

The brunch-inspired hue was one of the hottest wedding colors of 2009. And with it came bottomless bridal party color combos.

2008: Blue Iris

Blue Iris
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

According to Pantone, this blue-ish purple had a calming effect with a twinge of excitement—which is the perfect color for every bride-to-be. Violets as wedding flowers, anyone?

2007: Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This fiery deep red was picked to represent expression and surely spiced up every wedding that year.

2006: Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar
 Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This oceanic color seems simple, but we can’t stop thinking about champagne toasts when we see it.

2005: Blue Turquoise

Blue Turquoise
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This exotic color made its way to the spotlight in 2005, allowing every beachy bride to have her perfect tropical wedding.

2004: Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

Just like the flower, this color is a warm, glowy orange that probably starred in every Spring and Summer wedding this year.

2003: Aqua Sky

Aqua Sky
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

This color just screams the early 2000s and would have made for a very vibrant bridal party color.

2002: True Red

True Red
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

A classic color that would have looked great incorporated into any wedding—whether that was with roses or a bold bride’s lip color.

2001: Fuchsia Rose

Fucshia Rose
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

The year every bride won the argument to have a pink hue in their wedding colors.

2000: Cerulean

Cerulean Pantone
Courtesy of Pantone/Apartment Therapy

In the first-ever Color of the Year, Pantone brought in the new century with this light sky-like blue, which was also appropriately referred to as “The color of the millennium”

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