Here Are All the Details On Pamela Love's Engagement Ring Collection

Cool brides and grooms, take note.

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Pamela Love

After years of creating one-off custom wedding pieces for clients, Pamela Love finally released her highly-anticipated ceremonial collection in May 2021. The Brooklyn-based designer has been making sustainable jewelry since 2008—back before “sustainability” became a much-needed priority for the industry as a whole. Her jewelry has helped pioneer eco-friendly practices, thoughtful design, and craftsmanship. And of course, with awards from the CFDA, her line is a favorite among the fashion set and customers with an eye for singular design.

“Love to me is the weaving together of souls, weathering the good and bad together, changing in beautiful and harmonious ways until eventually those souls almost seem to blend together," says the designer on her inspiration. "That idea of lives weaving together and creating an imperfect beauty" is central to the collection and mirrored in elements of woven gold and layering pieces throughout. Love "felt it was time to create this collection, to celebrate commitment, ceremony, and love of all kinds." Of course, her new collection thoroughly delivers this promise.

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Pamela Love

Fans of her fine jewelry will find the consideration and attention to detail they've come to expect from Pamela Love. Her signature touches appear throughout the collection in rare gold constructions inspired by ancient jewelry. What’s more, the entire group is made from recycled gold and ethically-mined diamonds, ideal for the socially conscious brides looking for a striking ring with unique design elements.

We sat down with the designer to discuss her first official foray into wedding jewelry, the collection inspiration, her creative process, and, of course, ring shopping advice. Read on to see more from Pamela Love’s ceremonial collection. 

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Pamela Love

On the New Launch

“I have always made custom engagement rings and found the process to be very special and rewarding—now seemed like the right time to expand that practice into a full leg of my business,” says Love. "People are waking up, investing more in things that have significance and will last through generations, rather than in trends or throw away items. It felt like a really good time to start this journey.”

On Process

The design process for this collection started when the world was in a very different place. “I actually created all of these designs when the word Corona was reserved for beer and no one could have imagined what was in store,” says Love. “But the actual process of creating the rings was affected as we were definitely slowed down,” she adds. That pace allowed her “to spend as much time and intention on each ring as possible," making it a "very personal and tangible experience."

On Design

What makes this collection uniquely Pamela Love? “The imperfect, handmade aesthetic of my work really shines in a beautiful way in this collection.”

On Sustainable Practices 

Sustainability has always been central to the brand. According to Love, she was especially “excited to work with recycled 18k gold as well as fair-mined 18k gold.”

On Advice for Ring Shopping

Love asserts that trusting yourself is the best way to pick out an engagement ring. “Go with your gut,” she says, and you won’t be disappointed.

The ceremonial collection is now available to shop on the Pamela Love website.

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