25 Wedding Cakes for the Outdoorsy Couple

Mountains, wildflowers, and more!

fall mountain wedding cake

Photo by Foxtails Photography; Cake by Lady in the Wild West

We love a wedding cake covered in elegant buttercream details or bursting with romantic blooms. But what if that aesthetic doesn’t exactly fit your style? If you’re a couple who loves to spend your time outdoors, you may be planning a more rustic or outdoor-inspired party. If you’re obsessed with hiking, backpacking, or camping, a mountain-inspired wedding may be in the books. Avid skiers or snowboarders? Perhaps your soirée will celebrate the wonders of winter.

With a common love for the outdoors, your wedding cake certainly needs to match. And luckily, there are plenty of designs outside of the typical all-white wedding cake to fit the bill. From handpainted mountainscapes and meadows to cakes decked out in greenery, wildflowers, and pinecones, rest assured, there’s a confection to suit the wishes of you and your adventure-loving

Below, find 25 of our favorite outdoor wedding cake ideas to get the adventure started.  

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Wow With Winter White

winter ski cake

Photo by Victoria Selman; Cake by Sweet T's Bakeshop

If you're a couple who can't wait to hit the slopes every season, embrace it! Celebrate your love for powdery snow with a stunning tiered cake finished with white buttercream mountains and trees. We love the addition of winter greenery to complete the look!

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Keep It Simple

Naked cake with thistle

Photo by Anni Graham Photography

An outdoor-inspired cake doesn't have to go overboard. Embrace a simple design with a two-tiered semi-naked cake decorated with pine boughs and a thistle on top for a subtle statement.

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Feature Mountains and the Moon

mountain wedding cake

Photo by The Adams Co.; Cake by Arctic Moon Bakery

Is there anything more romantic than mountains lit up by the moonlight? This cake captures that landscape perfectly with silver-painted hills and a beautiful glowing moon for an outdoor-inspired wedding.

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Don't Ditch Chocolate

chocolate mountain wedding cake

Courtesy of Lady in the Wild West

Incorporating chocolate is a great way to achieve an outdoor vibe, and this three-tiered confection marries multiple hues so well. With a chocolate tier on top and a pale pink tier on the bottom, it creates the perfect color palette to highlight the incredible handpainted middle-tier featuring the Grand Tetons.

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Recreate a Backdrop

tan and blue mountain cake

Photo by Foxtails Photography; Cake by Lady in the Wild West

Planning to tie the knot at your favorite outdoor spot? Bring a photo of the location to your baker and ask them to create a replica on your cake. This mountain-inspired stunner incorporated the ideal hues to celebrate a beautiful fall mountain scene.

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Go for Wildflowers

wildflower wedding cake

Photo by Rachel Havel; Cake by Baby Cakes

For some couples, a hike through the hills searching for wildflowers is the highlight of the season. Bring that beauty to your wedding with a multi-tiered cake featuring pressed, edible flowers for a pop of color.

For a cohesive design, use the same flowers as those in your bridal bouquet and your ceremony and reception décor.

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Choose Natural Birch

birch tree cake


Birch trees are one of the most stunning and romantic trees. Capture the natural beauty of these trees by featuring the same exterior pattern on your cake. We love the way this single-tiered cake is small, yet makes a gorgeous statement displayed on a tree trunk.

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Go for Greenery and Dainty Blooms

cake with greenery and daisies


Love holding hands and running through meadows? Or, perhaps you're obsessed with picking wildflowers on the side of the road? Celebrate with dainty blooms to add a hint of romance to an adventure-inspired soirée.

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Focus on Foraged Fruit

cake with blackberries


Being an outdoorsy couple doesn't just mean intense hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. It may also mean that you love to spend time outdoors foraging, whether for wild mushrooms or beautiful fruits. Celebrate your love for that activity by featuring a textured cake covered in fresh, wild blackberries.

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Party With Pinecones

pine cone cake


Traipsing through pine-covered woods may be at the top of your activity list every weekend. Highlight pinecones by featuring a birch-inspired cake with a few pine cones and branches to finish off the natural look.

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Channel a Desert Vibe

succulent wedding cake


Can't get enough of exploring the desert? From hiking red rocks and discovering new plants and cacti, the desert is an outdoor lover's paradise. Feature the coral and sage green hues of the desert with a beautifully handpainted sweet.

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Incorporate Simple Details

winter mountain cake


This look is the perfect solution for the outdoorsy couple who wants to celebrate their love for the mountains while keeping things subtle. Ask your baker to add a few simple fondant details highlighting mountains to make an otherwise all-white cake pop.

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Go for Gold Mountains

gold mountain cake

Photo by Katie Baechler Photogaphy

There's something so romantic about gold detailing, and this design takes it even further by featuring mountains and pine trees. We love that this three-tiered cake was presented on a tree slab and surrounded with pine boughs for a natural look.

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Embrace a Springtime Setting

green meadow mountain cake

Courtesy of Lady in the Wild West

There's certainly a romanticism to embracing the outdoors, and famed painter Monet knew that. This design captures Monet's approach to painting landscapes while highlighting a mountain meadow in the most beautiful way.

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Highlight Fresh Fruit

cake with greenery and figs

Photo by J Harper Photography

This three-tiered confection beautifully matches its outdoor setting. And while it's perfect for an outdoorsy couple, it can serve as inspiration for any wedding. Featuring fresh figs, greenery, and a stunning sky blue hue, it's as charming as can be.

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Opt for Organic

wedding cake with greenery

Photo by Jackie Fox Photography

If you're a big fan of the outdoors, chances are you love sprawling greenery. This three-tiered cake decked out in plenty of ferns and other textured greenery creates the perfect balance between wildly organic and romantic.

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Paint a Purple Mountainscape

purple mountain cake

Courtesy of Lady in the Wild West

Palette knife artistry is one of the best ways to achieve a mountain look on a cake, and this confection showcases the technique beautifully. Painted with tinted buttercream featuring multiple purple hues, this incredible mountainscape is finished with edible gold luster dust.

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Showcase Snowy Mountains

winter mountain cake

Photo by Victoria Carlson Photography; Cake by Crumb Cakery

Snowy mountains truly give off such a cozy vibe, and this cake captures that perfectly. Opt for a single-tiered cake that showcases the incredible texture and moody hues of snow-capped hills as a lovely addition to your outdoor celebration.

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Celebrate the Sea

Cake with shells

Photo by Rivkah Photography; Cake by Coastal Cake

Exploring rugged coastlines may be more up your alley than mountain trails. This stunning sweet features an abstract water feature, with beautiful turquoise hues and gold detailing. The natural shells on top finish it off to create a rustic-meets-sophisticated design.

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Flaunt Plenty of Ferns

cake with ferns

Photo by Tuan B & Co.; Cake by Cornwell Bakery

Want to keep it completely simple, while still embracing a love for the great outdoors? Opt for a simple white wedding cake and include real fern leaves on top for a beautiful pop of green.

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Showcase Where Mountains Meet the Sky

mountain and sky painted cake

Photo by Macy Spencer Photography; Cake by Sweets by Sam

When the moon is low, just above mountain peaks, it can create the most beautiful landscape. Celebrate nature with a bold-hued cake featuring plenty of textured details and a hint of natural foliage as the perfect complement.

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Feature the Forest

cake with mountains and pine branches

Courtesy of Midnight Sun Cakery

Mountains? Check. Trees? Check. Natural wood and pine boughs? Check check! This two-tiered stunner has it all, featuring all of the elements of the forest that make outdoorsy couples fall in love with it.

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Look to Layers

mountain cake with gold

Courtesy of Bakey Bakes

Treat the outdoors like an art piece as you find inspiration for your wedding cake. This two-tiered cake features plenty of textured layers with a beautiful mountain scene. The addition of gold fleck detailing and a few boughs of greenery take it to the next level.

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Embrace a Cozy Vibe

winter sweater cake

Photo by Hudson Nichols Photography; Cake by Nutmeg Cake Design

Love throwing on a comfy sweater and going for a walk? It may be you and your partner's favorite outdoor activity! Celebrate all the cozy vibes of loving the outdoors with a show-stopping cake. The textured detailing on this cake to mimic a classic winter sweater is nothing short of incredible.

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Create a Mountain Display

mountain cake with trees

Photo by Grace Gatto Photography; Cake by The Cake Maker

This cake was perfectly displayed in front of a rustic wooden backdrop to make it pop. With bright, bold white, handpainted gray mountains, and green trees, it showcases an outdoor paradise. The little handmade rocks make it that much more realistic.

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