Who Is Oscar Isaac's Wife? 11 Facts About Elvira Lind

She's an Oscar-nominated filmmaker.

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Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind first met and started dating in 2012, got married in 2017, and have since become one of Hollywood's biggest power couples. While many may know Issac from his numerous leading roles, Lind is also becoming a well-known figure thanks to the films she has successfully directed.

Isaac and Lind keep their relationship fairly private, but there's plenty of information out there about Lind's fascinating career. She's active on social media, with an enviably cool Instagram account, and she's pursuing multiple business opportunities—all while playing the role of mom. Lind's impressive talent has earned her accolades and recognition from Hollywood, and it's likely not going to stop anytime soon. So ahead, here's everything we know about Elvira Lind, Oscar Isaac's wife.

She Grew Up in Copenhagen

Currently, Lind lives in New York but grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to her website bio, she went to film school in Cape Town in 2006, where she majored in documentary film.

In an interview with Free The Work, Lind said that she could only afford one year of film school, and credits her education to the place where she "met some amazing people and learned about so many different ways of storytelling."

She's a Talented Filmmaker

Lind is known for her documentary filmmaking work and has directed films like Hot Docs (2014), Songs for Alexis (2014), and Bobbi Jene (2017). Most recently, she has started to explore narrative pieces with her short film The Letter Room (2020) and confirmed that she'd like to direct more narrative films in the future.

"I've always loved writing stories. In docs, you're very reliant on the truth and the facts of the world that you're documenting and what characters want to do," she said in an interview with Gold Derby.

She Met Isaac at a Party

In a December 2013 interview with NPR, Isaac revealed a few details about the night he met Lind at a 2012 party. He shared that his attempt at method acting—while preparing for his role in Inside Llewyn Davis—brought him to meet his wife.

"I went to a party, and I was forced to be at this party, and I went dressed as Llewyn," he told NPR. "It was a month before shooting. And then I was sitting in the corner just eating. I was the only person eating at the party. And this girl who ended up, she's a documentary filmmaker, so obviously she spotted the weirdo and went directly to that one. And [she] sat with me and talked to me for a long time. I guess she liked the whole thing."

She's a Mom of Two

Outside of being a filmmaker, Lind is a mother of two. In March 2017, PEOPLE reported that Lind and Isaac were expecting their first baby together. In April 2017, Lind gave birth to the couple's first son Eugene Isaac, right before winning multiple awards for her project Bobbi Jene—including best documentary feature at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. In a video she posted on Twitter of herself holding the baby, Lind said, "If I could, I would be dancing, I’d be jumping up and down, probably all week long."

In October 2019, Lind took to Instagram to announce that she had given birth to their second son, Mads Isaac. She shared a photo of her newborn son in a basket surrounded by flowers, with the caption: "Baby boy in basket and beautiful botanics. Table of absolute abundance. 👌🏼 thank you @nicolehernandezhammer & daddy Oscar! ❤️.”

She Has Directed Isaac Before

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Isaac and Lind have worked together a few times in the past. He appeared in some of her Staircase Sessions, a project that featured musicians performing a song they love on a staircase. In her session with Issac, she filmed him performing a Bob Dylan song in Brooklyn.

Isaac also stars in Lind's The Letter Room, and in an interview with Free The Work, Lind talked about their working relationship. "We were joking a lot about it before because there was already the stress of being so pregnant and we have a 2-year-old at home, and now I was putting us in another highly intense and demanding situation," she said. "Either it was going to be great or we would drive each other nuts."

She went on to say it ended up being a great experience: "But we had so much fun. It was wonderful to work together. I was so happy to be on set and make my film and he’s just so talented and fun to be around. Those little moments where you know each other so well—I’d give him notes and he just kept surprising me and was so respectful of my directions."

She's an Oscar Nominee

Lind's work on The Letter Room earned her several accolades, one being an Oscar nomination. In March 2021, it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. Though she didn't win that night, the film did garner a Best Short Film award at the Elba Film Festival.

When asked about her Oscar nomination during an interview with Cinema Femme, Lind shared that the recognition from the Academy "means a whole bunch because now a lot of people will watch the film, and what else could you want?" She also went on to say, "Some people will hopefully like it and some people won’t, but that’s okay. If the people that I would like to work with in the future like it, then that’s wonderful. I’ll get to meet people and we’ll start creating things together, which is exciting for me."

She Started a Production Company

Lind and Isaac took their professional relationship to the next level when they announced they were starting their own production company, Mad Genre Media. In a 2021 interview with Screen Queens, Lind said "it's always wonderful to collaborate" with Isaac, adding that they were "really excited" about Mad Genre Media. "This was just another really wonderful opportunity to work together," she shared. "We'll be making various types of productions."

She Filmed a Very Difficult Life Event

In July 2022, Lind wrote an essay for TalkHouse about a documentary she filmed but would never release. It was the year she found out she was pregnant, at the same time when Isaac's mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

In the essay, she wrote, "I film when Oscar sings to his mom after she loses consciousness, as the family watches the sunrise together the morning she passes away. The sky is bathed in colors. I keep filming when we have to return to our life in New York and I am a month away from birth. We make fun of my swollen body. I film when we plan a shotgun wedding with a handful of people on some friends’ roof on the only summer day in February."

She finishes by saying that although she treated it like any other film, she acknowledges "even though this may be the strongest, most honest and unfiltered footage I have ever captured, it will most likely never get seen by anyone."

She Was Pregnant When Filming The Letter Room

elvira lind

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Lind was in her third trimester when she filmed The Letter Room. "The funny thing was that the crew was like, 'we can’t complain that we are tired because she is extremely pregnant and still running around,'" she said about Free The Work. "I was so high off of that experience."

She continued, revealing "When we finished, I collapsed. I fell straight onto the couch and then I have a two and a half year old screaming my name. That was more work for me than directing the short." However, Lind went on to say that she edited the film right before giving birth, and did the sound edits while pumping breast milk in the dark.

She Is Starting a Podcast

You can expect to hear Lind on a podcast soon enough. She told Free The Work that she's creating a show about sex called "The List". It's based on a book and play written by Kirra Cheers, Lind's friend and podcast co-host.

Her Production Company Is Producing a Graphic Novel

For Mad Genre Media, a graphic novel is the latest venture. Titled Head Wounds: Sparrow, it's the first comic book venture for the company. Isaac told Screen Rant, "My wife, Elvira Lind, and I started this company really because we felt like we had such a great collective of friends, people that we know, and for a long time people we grew up with—these deeply creative people—and it just felt like, we wanted to make a platform or at least a space to start to really bring that collective life in and allow a place for that creativity to flourish, and possibly to bring it to bigger audiences."

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