Everything You Need to Know About Onyx Engagement Rings

Onyx Rings

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang 

An onyx engagement ring is an excellent option for the bride-to-be looking for something unique and edgy. After all, has there ever been a more versatile neutral than black?

What Is Onyx?

Onyx is a semi-precious gemstone characterized by bands within the stone that run parallel to one another. It is a sub-variety of the layered mineral chalcedony.

A distinguishing characteristic of onyx is its color. Onyx stones are most typically black with white bands. Though less common, onyx can also be found in green or reddish-brown called sardonyx. Fans of the ornate, antique looks of the Victorian era or the bold geometry of the Art Deco aesthetic may also want to consider an onyx engagement ring, as the stone was popular in both time periods.

“I recently had a bride come in who doesn’t wear jewelry very often,” says New York City jeweler Ashley Zhang. “To her, a diamond didn’t feel genuine. She didn’t want anything flashy. She wanted something unique and different. After looking at everything I had, she settled on an onyx ring because it was really simple, clean and modern.”

Meet the Expert

Ashley Zhang is a New York City-based fine jeweler. Her pieces have been featured in publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa.

Onyx Gemstones 101
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The History of Onyx Gemstones

Per Zhang, the word onyx is derived from the ancient Greek word for claw. “The story is that while Venus slept, her fingernails were trimmed, and the gods turned these clippings into the stone known as onyx,” she says.

Throughout history, onyx has been used in protective amulets, rosaries, and cameos. During the Victorian era, it became a favorite stone in mourning jewelry. “The jewelry of this period reflected the monarch’s style,” says Zhang. “Queen Victoria expressed her sadness at the loss of her husband, Prince Albert, through her fashion choices.”

Today, onyx is associated with the Zodiac sign Leo and is also a traditional gemstone gift for 7th wedding anniversaries.

What to Look for in an Onyx Ring

“I’m not the biggest fan of color—maybe because I’m a New Yorker—and when you have an engagement ring, you should be able to wear it with everything,” she says. “Onyx really lends itself to that, so you can do a lot in terms of styling.” Not to mention, it's generally more affordable than diamonds.

As with all engagement rings, you’ll want to work with a reputable jeweler you trust. Banded calcite, a less valuable mineral, and other stones can be dyed and passed off as onyx. Beyond that, Zhang says to look for scratches and chips on the surface of the stone, particularly if you’re considering a vintage ring.

How to Care for Your Onyx Ring

“Onyx is softer than diamond, but it is still an easy stone to care for,” says Zhang. “Steam or ultrasonic cleanings are safe, but you want to avoid extreme heat or chemicals. Soap and water is always safe and easy.”

Another protective measure Zhang recommends is to opt for a bezel setting for your onyx stone. “The bezel is a frame of metal around a stone,” she explains. “This is a smart way to set the stone, as when you hit the ring during everyday wear the metal will take most of the pressure.” This decreases the chance of the stone cracking or chipping.

Ready to start shopping for your onyx engagement ring? Scroll down for stunning options.

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Kasia Jewelry Onyx Ring

Kasia Jewelry Onyx Ring

Courtesy of Kasia Jewelry 

Statement prongs bring the drama with this 3.8ct emerald-cut black onyx ring, while a quarter band of diamonds (0.09ct worth) brings the bling.

SHOP NOW: Kasia Jewelry, $1,680

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Onyx Pavé Diamond Rolling Ring

Onyx Pavé Diamond Rolling Ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang 

Part of Ashley Zhang’s signature “rolling ring” collection, the interlocking rings in this piece are designed to intentionally move while you wear it. The hand-cut emerald-cut onyx can be set in a yellow or white gold band, and the cut-down style pavé band allows for a hint of metal to shine between each of the diamonds. 

SHOP NOW: Ashley Zhang, $2,200

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Rebel Onyx & Diamond Ring

Rebel Onyx & Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Victor Barboné Jewelry 

For the bride-to-be looking for a dose of Old World glamour, this French-made vintage stunner is just the ticket. The center 1.3ct onyx is bezel-set in platinum, surrounded by a halo of 14 diamonds, and accented by more onyx in each corner.

SHOP NOW: Victor Barboné Jewelry,  $6,690

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Brilliant Lotus Ring

Brilliant Lotus Ring

 Courtesy of Gemvara

This award-winning lotus-style ring features diamond petals blooming in all directions and a double-pavé design that extends halfway around the band.

SHOP NOW: Gemvara, $3,280

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Neil Lane Old European-Cut Diamond and Onyx Ring

Neil Lane Old European-Cut Diamond and Onyx Ring

Courtesy of Neil Lane 

Neil Lane, the designer behind engagement rings on The Bachelor, is also the designer behind this Jazz Age-inspired style. It features a 1ct Old European-cut diamond set in an octagonal onyx frame and platinum band.

SHOP NOW: Neil Lane, $17,000

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Knox Onyx Ring

Knox Onyx Ring

Courtesy of Olive Avenue Jewelry 

Part prim and proper—and part rock ‘n’ roll—this gorgeous ring features an emerald-cut onyx buttressed by two 3mm accent diamonds.

SHOP NOW: Olive Avenue Jewelry, $850

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Sweet Melissa Black Onyx Ring

Sweet Melissa Black Onyx Ring

Courtesy of Shop No. 3 

This understated statement piece feels especially feminine thanks to a pear-cut onyx and a delicate three-prong setting. Five diamond accents run down the band on each side for shimmer.

SHOP NOW: Shop No. 3, $1,950

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Ippolita Lollipop Small Ring

Ippolita Lollipop Small Ring

Courtesy of Ippolita Jewelry 

A 0.51mm onyx gets famed Italian jewelry designer Ippolita Rostangno’s signature Lollipop treatment in this timeless ring. The purposefully uneven facets allow for a unique sparkle not always seen with onyx stones, which is only amplified by the 0.18ct bezel-set diamond halo.

SHOP NOW: Ippolita Jewelry, $1,695

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Châtelaine Pavé Bezel Ring with Black Onyx

Châtelaine Pavé Bezel Ring with Black Onyx

Courtesy of David Yurman

Love David Yurman’s signature rope motif? The braided band on this faceted onyx ring is a cool update, while the diamond halo around the center stone makes the style feel engagement-worthy.

SHOP NOW: David Yurman, $850

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Bhansali Cushion-Cut Ring With Diamonds

Bhansali Cushion-Cut Ring With Diamonds

Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

Take everyone’s breath away with this celeb-worthy Bhansali style. With diamonds surrounding and centered on a 13mm cushion-cut onyx, this ring will make every outfit feel red carpet-worthy.

SHOP NOW: Bergdorf Goodman, $5,950

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Legend Amrapali Star Stack Ring

Legend Amrapali Star Stack Ring

 Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Calling all Leos! Honor your star sign with this celestial style from NYC-based fine jewelry line Legend Amrapali. The faceted black onyx star is set in a yellow-gold band and surrounded by a diamond pavé halo.

SHOP NOW: Neiman Marcus, $1,795

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Bewitched Black Onyx 3-Stone Ring

Bewitched Black Onyx 3-Stone Ring

Courtesy of Marrowfine 

Sweet and traditional, this ring features a faceted oval center stone buttressed by white diamonds. Its simple style makes it a prime match for curved stacking bands on either side.

SHOP NOW: Marrowfine, $2,500

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Oval Black Onyx Split Shank Halo Ring

Oval Black Onyx Split Shank Halo Ring

Courtesy of Angara

A split shank and diamond halo lend an air of opulence to this engagement ring. The faceted oval onyx stone is prong set for an extra layer of security.

SHOP NOW: Angara, $1,449

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Effy Eclipse Onyx and Diamond Teardrop Ring

Effy Eclipse Onyx and Diamond Teardrop Ring

Courtesy of Effy Jewelry

Show your significant other they’ve twisted around your heart with vine-like diamond wraps around a 6.3ct pear onyx.

SHOP NOW: Effy Jewelry, $1,295

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Black Onyx Cushion Ring

Black Onyx Cushion Ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile 

Sleek and modern, this onyx ring is perfect for the minimalist. Cushion-cut stones are classic and a favorite among brides, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $450

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