A Bridesmaid Wanted to Wear Her Baby During Her Friend's Wedding

Would you let her do it?

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Remember the bride who threatened to kick her sister out of the wedding for cutting her hair? Or the maid of honor that was forced to clean up 99 dead goldfish because of a wedding favor gone wrong? Thanks to Reddit, we have another unforgettable, drama-filled wedding story to share with you.

This one deals with a bridesmaid, her one-year-old baby and an unconventional idea. According to Grazia, the bridesmaid asked in the "Am I The A**hole" thread, "My best friend is getting married next October and my little one will be 14 months then. I’m thinking of asking her how she feels about me wearing baby in a pretty ring sling during the wedding…I just saw some pics of a baby-wearing bridesmaid that gave me the idea.’

She then shared the bride knows her daughter will be attending the wedding and the bridesmaid even offered to have her mother watch the baby during the ceremony. Still, the bridesmaid typically carries her daughter in a sling, and prefers to do so during the wedding as well.

She closed the post with "How can I ask her and leave it open for her to feel comfortable saying no," causing the internet to go wild.

The post was quickly shared to Facebook's "That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming" group with the caption, "Please do not." Nearly 2,000 comments later, it's clear people are divided on the issue.

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Bringing a baby to the altar is definitely a risky move (hello random crying mid-vows!), but if the couple is comfortable with it then who are we to judge? But our advice to the bridesmaid is to keep her daughter with her mother during the nuptials. Besides, ceremonies usually last between 20 and 30 minutes so she can be back to her baby in no time! What would you do?

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