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28 Old Hollywood–Inspired Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Tap into the glamour of decades past with these gorgeous hairstyles.

Bride lounging on bed with glamorous hair

Photo by Kesha Lambert Photography

There’s nothing more glamorous than an old Hollywood-inspired wedding, complete with all the glitz and glitter of a Gatsby-era party. The timeless style is hard to beat—from the iconic silhouettes to the art deco—style accessories, the decadence, and elegance of the roaring '20s make for the perfect wedding theme. 

From flapper girls to silver screen starlets, there’s no shortage of old Hollywood makeup and hair inspiration. Some of the key elements of a vintage hairstyle include polished, voluminous curls, sleek finger waves, or a classic rolled-up style. Paired with a retro-inspired jeweled headpiece, you’ll be all dolled up and ready for your moment in the spotlight. 

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best time-tested hairstyles for your old Hollywood–inspired wedding. 

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Soft and Sweet

Bride donning old Hollywood hairstyle with large bouquet

 Photo by Bokeh Company

A little bit of volume gives this bride’s old Hollywood waves some added oomph. This frizz-free style looks sophisticated and polished when paired with a teardrop diamond necklace and matching earrings.

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Bejeweled Barrette

Old Hollywood glamour bride with statement barrette

Photo by Jen Menard Photography

Adding a statement barrette or hairpiece to your glamorous waves will make you feel like Hollywood royalty. The deep side part adds a touch of drama to this silver screen-ready style.

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Dazzling Headband

Old Hollywood glamour hairstyle with bride wearing headband

Photo by Eileen Meny Photography

Modern meets old Hollywood with the addition of this jeweled headband atop loose, big waves. A sleek middle part with teasing at the crown elevates this classic style.

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Roaring '20's Curls

Old Hollywood glamorous wedding hairstyle

Photo by Jenn Smith & Co

Big, brushed-out barrel curls with lots of body give this bride a decidedly retro look. Red lips pair perfectly with this ultra-glamorous style.

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Short and Chic

Old Hollywood glamour hairstyle with bride with short bob

Photo by Megan Chapman

Short, cropped hairstyles with tight S-shaped curls were everywhere during the 1920s and '30s. This short curled bob has a lovely vintage look that goes well with a dark red lip.

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Vintage Volume

Old Hollywood glamorous bride with half-up half-down look

Photo by T and S Hughes Photography

Tap into the glamour of decades past with this vintage half-up, half-down look. The eye-catching volume at the back of the hair adds to the allure, while face-framing fringe bangs reminiscent of '60s silver screen starlets add balance and structure.

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Swoonworthy S-Waves

Old Hollywood waves with vintage vibe

Photo by Gianni Di Natale Piero Mansi

These classic S-waves are giving us some serious 1940s Veronica Lake vibes. For a vintage style that lasts all night, don’t skimp on the hairspray. Set the curls with a generous amount of high-hold hairspray during and after styling.

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Old Hollywood Glamour

Old Hollywood glamour with soft curls


If this look doesn't scream old Hollywood glamour, then we don't know what does! The smooth and shiny waves are the epitome of ​​vintage elegance. Modernize this classic style by going with a loose, textured wave over a tight curl.

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Vintage Updo

Old Hollywood glamour with low bun and birdcage veil

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

A birdcage veil adds a vintage flair to this perfectly polished low bun. Embrace the understated elegance of the era by keeping the rest of your accessories minimal and letting the vintage veil be the focal point of your look. 

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Bardot-Inspired Bangs

Old Hollywood glamour bride outside with half-up half-down look

Photo by Christopher Velasco 

Blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot made curtain bangs her signature style in the 1960s, and it’s been a red carpet go-to ever since. Update this cool girl 'do for modern times by wearing it slick straight and pinning half of your hair up and out of your face. The final look strikes the perfect balance between casual and undeniably chic.

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Glam and Glitz

Old Hollywood waves with no veil

Photo by Erich McVey; Event Planning by Paper Diamonds; Hair by Alexandul 

If you’re not sure about wearing your hair down for your glamorous wedding, let this bride convince you. These cascading curls perfectly complement her glitzy gown. There’s no need for a veil when your look is this glam.

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Hollywood Icon-Inspired

Old Hollywood waves with large pearl earrings

Photo by Erich McVey; Hair by Carlos Torres Salon

This bride is ready for her close-up. Soft curls perfectly frame her face and add an element of romance to this classic bridal look. Simple pearl earrings and a daring, deep V-neck lace dress complete the vintage-inspired aesthetic.

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Center Part Takes Center Stage

Old Hollywood glamour bride with center part

Photo by Gianny Campos; Rebekkah Rosado of Runway Events; Hair by Lacy Redway at The Wall Group

Nothing says old Hollywood glamour quite like soft, loose barrel curls and a chic center part. A pair of long earrings peeking out from behind her long locks and tucked gracefully behind her ear is totally fitting for this bride’s timeless wedding day style. 

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Elegant Details

Old Hollywood glamour waves with hair brooch


The right hair accessories can level up any hairstyle. For glam-loving brides considering wearing their hair all the way down for their wedding, a sparkling hair accessory embodies the decadence of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

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Whimsical Waves

Old Hollywood waves for classic, romantic look


Brushed-out curls blend new Hollywood fashion with old Hollywood glamour. Classic and romantic, this simple style is absolutely timeless.

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High Gloss, High Glam

Old Hollywood glamorous curls

Photo by Lisa Poggi

This bride oozes Old Hollywood glamour thanks to all the glossy shine on these sexy, swoopy curls. Paired with oversized gemstone earrings and a beautifully beaded gown, she’s ready to strut down the aisle—or the red carpet.

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Uptown Curls

Old Hollywood hair with curls piled into updo


Old Hollywood can be so much more than just glamorous waves. Take a cue from this bride, who piled her curls at the top of her head to create this signature style that feels both modern and classic. The face-framing pieces add a relaxed element to this otherwise very structured style.

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Beehive Bun

Old Hollywood beehive bun

Photo by Lydia Jane Photography 

The '60s called and said they approved this voluminous bridal bun accented with fantastic fringe. Part beehive, part ballerina, this smooth updo is entirely stylish and reminiscent of a vintage vixen.

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Captivating Curls

Old Hollywood short hairstyle

Photo by Nirav Patel Photography 

These retro-inspired soft waves are giving us major ​​Brigitte Bardot vibes. The trick to nailing this look is to curl the hair in the same direction and at the same place all the way around the head. When brushed out, the curls seamlessly blend into one stunning, symmetrical shape. 

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No-Fuss Waves

Old Hollywood glamour hair with loose waves at bottom

Photo by Phil Chester; Event Planning by Karen Morlet Eventos; Hair by Pamela Baumgartner

This toned-down version of vintage-inspired waves is simply stunning. By just curling the ends of the hair, you’ll get an effortless style that pays homage to a bygone era without looking too over-the-top.

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Swoon-Worthy Style

Old Hollywood glamorous waves with side part

Photo by IVASH Studio

Nothing says old-world glamour like a deep side part, luscious curls, and a mirror-like shine. This style is ideal for the bride who thrives in the limelight, and it complements her leading lady perfectly.

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Lush Curls

Old Hollywood waves with bold lip

Photo by Liz Fogarty Photography

Tight, almost circular curls swooped to one side feel fun and flirty, while a pop of color on the lips instantly elevates this look to award-winning proportions. Dazzling statement earrings would make this look all the more striking.

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Sophisticated Style

Old Hollywood glamorous waves with henna

Photo by To The Moon

Hello, volume! This bride looks like she’s ready for her breakout role in a classic Hollywood-era drama. This is how to pull off vintage-inspired waves that still look relaxed and natural, thanks to the styling and soft glam makeup.

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Feminine Fringe

Old Hollywood waves with low veil


A classic half-up, half-down with sweeping curtain bangs never goes out of style. This hairstyle is a perfect blend of retro and contemporary and goes great with a floor-length veil

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Bombshell Waves

Old Hollywood style with long, loose waves

Photo by Roey Yohai

Old Hollywood glamour meets the modern bride in this romantic wedding-day look. These relaxed waves look straight off the Oscars red carpet. A chic middle part with just the right amount of volume flaunts the neckline of the dress beautifully. 

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Laid Back Low Bun

Old Hollywood glamour waves with feather accessory

Photo by Sidney Ben Simon

Channel your inner 1920s flapper girl with this casually effortless updo. Let your hair down a little by pulling a few face-framing layers to the front. The feather hair accessory ties the whole look together.

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Big and Bold

Old Hollywood glamour with low ponytail and birdcage veil


Own your red carpet moment as you make your way down the aisle in this showstopping pony. We're obsessed with the barely-there birdcage veil and headband combination, which adds an overall sense of balance to this unique and versatile look.

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Long and Sleek

Old Hollywood glamour with long curls


For the bride who wants to feel like a celebrity on her wedding day, glamorous waves are the go-to move. Whether your dress is a simple satin sheath or an intricately beaded number, glossy curls will perfectly complement your wedding aesthetic.

  • What makes a hairstyle old Hollywood?

    It depends on the specific style you're going for, but a heavy side part with polished curls or sleek finger waves is a pretty foolproof way to achieve the look. Add a jeweled hairpin or other accessory for an extra dose of glamour.

  • When should I get my hair cut before the wedding?

    One to two weeks before your wedding is the ideal time for a trim, though we don't recommend making any major changes that close to your wedding. Be sure to tell your hairdresser the style you'll be wearing on your big day, if they're not the one doing it.

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