We're in This Together: A Note from Brides About COVID-19

We're thinking of you.

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Cristina Cianci


To our readers: At Brides, our number one goal is to help you during every step of your wedding journey. The current uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. We know so many of you are being faced with tough choices and seeing months of planning turned upside down. 

This unexpected crisis has hit our industry hard and we’ve been inspired by stories of couples and vendors working together in the face of rapidly changing circumstances—and we want to help you navigate the many decisions you’re faced with now. Whether you're choosing to postpone or to celebrate in a different way, there are so many things to consider. We’ll be covering this ever-changing situation with as much information as we can from our network of experts and industry leaders. We also know how important it is to escape at a time like this, so we won’t stop showcasing moments of love and inspiration, like we always have. 

When this is all over, weddings will continue to be a moment about connection—and we will all be craving that connection more than ever. That will never stop being our message. For now, we’re here for you—we’ll be answering your FAQs on our Instagram, and we encourage you to reach out to us at contact@brides.com with any questions or concerns, or simply to tell your story. 

From all of us at Brides, we hope you stay safe, calm, and healthy. 

—Leah, Roberta, Elspeth, Anna, Kate, Sophie, Mariah, Sam, and Maggie. 

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