Zac Posen for White One Bridal Fall 2020

See the latest wedding dresses from Zac Posen for White One.

Zac Posen and bridal models

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It's not every day where high-fashion meets affordability, but thanks to Zac Posen and White One the time has finally come. The American designer debuted his first collection with the Barcelona-based bridal brand over the weekend and it's sophistication and romanticism at it's finest.

Labeled Zac Posen for White One, the collection features 15 unique, high-fashion gowns at an affordable price point, making Posen's coveted creative vision suitable for even the tightest wedding budget. We caught up with Posen during his New York Bridal Fashion Week presentation to get a first look at the collection and learn about the inspiration behind each design.

"The inspiration for the collection is the modern bride and all of her different fantasies," shared the designer. For Posen, the collection can be boiled down to three words: glamourous, romantic and fabulous.

Describing the collection as a "beautiful garden of dresses," there really is a look for every kind of bride. Looking to mimic Princess Eugenie's Grace Kelly-inspired reception dress? Posen pulled inspiration from the gown he created for the royal to create a similar gown for today's brides. Thinking more along the lines of Claire Danes's 2016 Cinderella Met Gala moment? Posen created a gown inspired by that iconic look, too.

“Every piece that I make becomes part of my creative matrix," he explained. "I learn something with every single thing that I touch, every person I meet. I absorb an element of that and definitely signature elements of my past pieces come into different pieces.”

The collection, which combines Posen's mastery of craftsmanship with White One's expertise in bridal fit, was over a decade in the making. "It’s kind of a long time coming," revealed Posen, who first met Mr. Pronovias over ten years ago and kept a collaboration in mind ever since. "One day when the [Pronovias] president came to visit us it seemed right. It was the right timing, the right moment and the opportunity really to bring our level of design and glamour and flair and character and romanticism to brides globally."

When a bride wears one his creations, Posen wants her "to feel elevated, to feel powerful, to feel soft and romantic." And when we asked him why it's important for high-end designers like himself to partner with affordable bridal brands such as White One his answer was simple: "Because every woman should feel fabulous."

If you want to feel fabulous on your wedding day, keep scrolling for your first look at Zac Posen for White One, including dress descriptions from the designer himself. And, if you like what you see just wait until he releases more pieces from the collection in January 2020. "We’ll keep pushing the envelope of where we can take bridal into the future,” he said adding, we can expect "more wow moments!"

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One 


This dress is simplicity at its best, the corset gives you the perfect posture that infuses confidence while the high low skirt creates a surprising moment and a floating sensation while she walks down the aisle. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One 


The layered off the shoulder and form fitting shape creates a flirty feel to the dress. This brings together both a modern and romantic quality to a bride’s special day. It reminds me of a flower petal cascading down. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This dress is a princess moment inspired by one of my MET dresses. It is the ultimate ball gown. The heart shaped neckline and lines help elongate the bust and the structural elements highlight the female figure. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This was inspired by another MET dress. A classic red-carpet moment. It is form fitting with a sweetheart neckline and the drama is collected at the bottom with the mermaid cut and the architectural train. This also has the classic Zac Posen seaming that enhances a woman’s curves. It is an iconic dress moment. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This Asymmetrical tulle moment reminds me of being in a cloud floating through the garden which is enhanced by the touch of blush tones throughout the gown. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


Inspired by a dress worn by a British princess. The plisse and neckline create a modern look while still keeping a classic cinched waist which highlights the brides form and the long sleeve a timeless elegance. The light fabric floats at every movement that the bride will take. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This is a classic mermaid gown with godet at the bottom, it has my signature anatomical seams to highlight the bride’s body. The fabric has incredible photogrogentuc quality, it is not only important to look good in person but now-a-days it has to photograph as well. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This dress is pure and simple and has my classic signature seams that create lines that showcase the bride’s form. The back is highlighted with a beautiful drape which gives a regal feel to a bride on her special day. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One 


This full skirt dress, is a corseted ball gown princess moment. The structure of the corset gives you perfect posture and the rich taffeta fabric crisps with each step, commanding all eyes on the bride as she walks down the aisle. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This is an illusion gown that reminds me of a blooming flower. The sheer embroidered sleeve embellished with flowers transports you in a blooming garden. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This dress is a classic trumpet gown that still showcase my signature elements. The oversize statement bow in the back creates a surprise of femininity while the embroidered sequins highlight the glowing bride while appearing like a morning dew. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This textured jacquard marries simplicity and classic Old Hollywood. The subtle straight neckline is coupled with the drama of a cape that commands the room while the bride walks down aisle. The cape is also removable which creates an entire new look for the party. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This modified A line with 3D embroidered flowers, is a subtle ethereal dress that combines simplicity in her V neck line, with a new fresh look for a modern bride. The flowers are reminiscent of blooming in a garden. The velvet straps embellished with a bow add a romantic edge. — Zac Posen

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wedding dress

Courtesy of White One


This 3D flowers dress on a Champagne thin tulle has a classical European feel with the Athenian waist. The transparent tulle also gives a feeling of lightness to the classical gown. — Zac Posen

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