Sahroo Bridal Fall 2020

This collection was inspired by happiness and nature.


 Courtesy of Sahroo

Sahroo's fall 2020 ‘The Happiness Collection’ is inspired by the beauty of nature. "The delicate silk flowers blanketing the sheer dresses were inspired by the vibrant blooms that dot the meticulously-tended gardens of the subcontinent — a testament to nature’s resilience and how, hand-in-hand with careful human stewardship, it can flourish," designer, Sarah Abbasi, said of her new collection.

Scroll down to see the latest Bridal Fashion Week wedding looks from Sahroo.

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Moonglade Caftan and Trousers

moonglade sahroo

Courtesy of Sahroo


Raw silk caftan and flared trousers

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Cosmos Sparkly Caftan

Cosmos Sahroo

 Courtesy of Sahroo

Tiny diamante crystals are hand-embellished onto tired, gauzy silk chiffon

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Cosmos Cape

Cosmos Sahroo

 Courtesy of Sahroo

Sheer silk-chiffon hand-embellished with square diamante crystals at the neckline in the shape of a starry necklace

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Narcissus Gown and Narcissus Slim Leg Trousers

Narcissus sahroo

 Courtesy of Sahroo

Ultra-sheer silk chiffon with hand-embellished glittering diamante crystals and raw silk trousers

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Narcissus Caftan and Crop Top


 Courtesy of Sahroo

Beaded silk caftan with ostrich feathers and silk Narcissus crop top and silk Narcissus trousers

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Lotus Gown and Lotus Slim Trousers

lotus Sahroo

 Courtesy of Sahroo

Hand-dyed ribbon flowers and ostrich feathers

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Cosmos Bra and Shorts

Cosmos Sahroo

 Courtesy of Sahroo

Hand-embellished with recyclable square diamante crystals

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Lotus Caftan

Lotus Sahroo

 Courtesy of Sahroo

Ostrich feather and glass bead caftan paired and Lotus crop top and Lotus shimmery slim trousers

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