35 Naked Wedding Cakes We Love

Semi-naked cake with pink flowers


The old saying, "It's what's on the inside that counts," certainly applies to the naked wedding cake trend. No, you don't have to blush at the sound of this dessert—this is one aspect of your wedding day where it's totally acceptable to be in the buff. Instead of frosting the outside of the cake with layer upon layer of fondant or buttercream, many bakers are increasing the filling between layers and leaving cakes completely or semi-exposed for a fresh (and delicious) look.

What Is a Naked Cake?

The naked cake is a cake style that omits the majority of frosting you would typically see on the exterior of a cake. Cake layers are baked and stacked with plenty of filling to add flavor and moisture to the cake and served without an outer layer of frosting.

Naked cakes rose to popularity in 2013 as more bakers began to offer these creative confections. But this style has been refined and completely elevated over time to present a look that is definitely deserving of a place on your wedding dessert table.

"Most of our clients choose a naked or semi-naked design simply because they love the look and it fits the rustic or sometimes industrial theme of their venue and wedding reception," says Ashley Lattier of Ashley Cakes. A semi-naked cake follows the same style, with a bit more frosting on the cake. For this style, the baker typically adds a very thin layer of frosting to the cake, scraping the edges to let the cake layers show through.

Meet the Expert

Ashley Lattier is the owner of Ashley Cakes, a boutique wedding cake studio based in North Carolina.

With just as many ways to customize naked wedding cakes as their fully frosted counterparts, you'll be able to work with your baker to achieve a look that reflects your wedding style, whether you're planning a rustic barn wedding, a garden-inspired dinner, or a modern soirée.

But matching your wedding style isn't the only benefit to this cake design. According to Lattier, it may also be the perfect option for those who aren't huge fans of sweets or the couple looking to cut down on overall cake costs. "We have had clients go with this style because they may not have a big sweet tooth, and obviously with this style of cake, there is less icing," says Lattier. "Pricing is another benefit to this style in a lot of cases. Without having to ice the cake to a smooth finish, your baker will have less time involved in the decoration, which may save some cost."

One con to keep in mind when it comes to naked wedding cakes is the potential for the cake layers to dry out before serving. While it doesn't happen often, it's best to double-check with your baker if they can bake and assemble your cake the day of your wedding to prevent any potential for drying.

Ready for some major naked cake inspiration? Here are 35 of our favorites.

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Chocolate Drip Semi-Naked Cake

Naked cake with chocolate drip and pink florals

With Love by Georgie

This unfrosted cake is dripping with a chocolate glaze and dotted with lush pink flowers and figs. It would be such a lovely addition to a late summer wedding—the perfect cake for the couple wanting something completely out of the ordinary.

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Simple and Sweet Summer Naked Cake

Naked cake with white frosting and pink flowers

Photo by Suzuran Photography; Cake by McPherson Events and Design

This naked cake with fluffy white filling is topped with a bundle of pink-hued blooms and rosy-red strawberries. This is such a gorgeous option for a low-key outdoor wedding. Snag this concept and swap out the florals and fruits to fit any season.

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Bright Fall Inspired Semi-Naked Cake

Naked cake with blue drip and fall florals

 Ashley Cakes

According to Lattier, one of the best ways to design a naked cake for a wedding is to view the cake as a blank canvas. "There are so many ways to tailor the finished cake to each individual clients’ wedding style," she says. "One way we like to do this is by playing with the color palette or arrangement of the florals. I love adding fresh flowers to a cake, and it’s a great way to incorporate the cake into your reception design." With semi-naked layers, flecks of gold, a colored drip, and beautiful florals, this is such a gorgeous cake for an early fall wedding.

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Rustic Semi-Naked Cake With Florals

Naked cake with florals and succulents

Photo by Corinna & Dylan; Cake by Sweet Bones

This classic-yet-rustic cake comes lightly frosted with white buttercream and garnished with fresh flowers and succulents. Place it on a wooden server, as it's shown here, for a picture-perfect boho vibe.

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Indulgent Berry Naked Cake

Naked cake with blackberries and whipped cream

Photo by Gabriel Cabrera Photography & Styling; Cake by Artful Desperado

This cake style is perfect for the couple wanting to stray from tradition. The rustic hazelnut cake is filled with mascarpone cream and blackberries throughout the layers, with additional berries and greenery to top it off. We love the idea of serving this confection at a backyard wedding, or pairing it with other sweets to create a dessert table display.

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Fruity Semi-Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake with summer berries

 Photo by Heather Payne; Cake by Lāel Cakes

What a way to make a statement with fresh fruit! "A fun idea that we have done is to substitute fresh fruit instead of flowers for a summer wedding," says Lattier. "Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries add so much color, and make the cake look extra fresh and delicious!"

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All-Chocolate Naked Cake

Naked chocolate cake with blackberries and gold deer

Photo by Artemis Photography; Cake by Love Bash Design

A naked chocolate cake fit with berries and figs is perfect for a whimsical, woodland wedding. We love the simplicity of this chocolate confection, complete with the sweetest cake topper.

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Sweet Pink Ombré Semi-Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake with pink ombre frosting

Photo by La Vie Photography; Cake by Jackson Hole Cake Company

This pink ombré confection is a subtle way to use the trend, and it has a more classic feel thanks to the pink tulips that are bunched on top. This would be the perfect addition to a late-spring wedding, or a garden-inspired soirée. You could even mix up the ombré color to match any palette.

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Chocolate Semi-Naked Cake With Caramel Drizzle

Naked cake with fruit and caramel

Photo by FLORA & FAUNA; Cake by Simply Sweet Berkshires

Adding a drizzle of caramel or chocolate is such a great way to make a semi-naked cake that much more irresistible. According to Lattier, this is a great style to put on display in an industrial venue with exposed brick, concrete, or wood beams. "I find the unfinished and exposed texture of the semi-naked style to fit them perfectly," she says.

While naked cakes omit frosting, don't be afraid to bring other components into the mix to add flavor and moisture. Check with your baker on the potential for adding a drizzle of chocolate, a raspberry sauce, or a flavored caramel such as bourbon or vanilla.

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Towering Tall Naked Cake

Naked layered wedding cake with white flowers

Photo by Julia Elizabeth Photography; Cake by Front Street Bakery

This three-tier vanilla cake with fresh flowers and delicious buttercream is a showstopper that's ready to be put on full display at a preppy, nautical wedding. We can't get over the way the separation of the tiers truly makes a statement.

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Island-Ready Semi-Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake with pink flowers and greenery

Photo by Brandon Lata Photography; Cake by Buttercream Bakehouse

This semi-naked three-tier wedding cake is adorned with wildflower-like blooms that make it look ready for an island destination wedding. We love the simplicity of this look.

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Rustic Semi-Naked Cake With Piped Borders

Naked cake with border piping

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Cake by Sweet Hearts Patisserie

The thin rows of piped frosting dress this naked cake up a bit. It's gorgeous on the outside, but inside, this vanilla cake has alternating layers of rose-raspberry buttercream and salted caramel filling to make it all the more special.

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Elegant Semi-Naked Cake With Purple Florals

Naked cake with purple florals

Photo by HEATHER WARAKSA; Cake by Mad About Cakes

While naked cakes are typically found in more rustic settings, it's absolutely possible to bring the look into a more elegant wedding. This cake features just a hint of the naked look to give texture and contrast to the cake, paired with stunning purple blooms.

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Tall Tiered Semi-Naked Cake

Naked cake with tall bottom tier and florals


Who says all of the tiers of your naked cake need to be the same? "Changing the height or shapes of the individual tiers is another great way to change up the look," says Lattier. This stunner utilizes a super tall bottom tier with a two-layer top tier to create contrast, paired with beautiful florals and greenery to pull together the look.

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Flower-Covered Semi-Naked Cake

Naked cake with flowers

Photo by Kate Olson Photo; Cake by Ava Bakes Cakes

You can barely tell this naked cake is in the buff because of a gorgeous, big bouquet of roses and greenery on the side. Ditching the frosting that would normally be along the edges helps the flowers really shine here, giving off a super romantic feel.

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Short Layered Semi-Naked Cake

Short naked wedding cake with greenery

Photo by Veronica Lola Photography; Cake by Seed to Sprout

This semi-naked wedding cake is dotted with white blooms and sprigs of greenery. With a natural feel all over, this naked cake could fit into any wedding theme.

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Summertime Strawberry Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake with flowers and strawberries

Photo by Chris Isham Photography

This three-tier, 12-layer vanilla cake with buttercream filling is topped with roses, greenery, and fresh strawberries. This sweet and simple design with plenty of height just screams summer.

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Gold Painted Semi-Naked Cake With Florals

Tall wedding cake with naked layers and bright pink flower

 Ashley Cakes 

Don't be afraid to play with the naked wedding cake concept and mix multiple styles together. "Adding metallic finishes like 24K edible gold foil is a popular way to make the cake a little different!" says Lattier.

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Desert Inspired Semi-Naked Cake

Naked cake with cactus

Ashley Rae Photography

If you're getting married in the desert, ditch the flowers and go naked. Go almost completely bare on the sides and then top your cake with a cactus for a chic ode to your location.

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The Ultimate Party Cake

Momofuku rainbow naked wedding cake

Photo by Caroline Petters of Katie Osgood Photography; Cake by Momofuku Milk Bar

If you want to bring the fun to your wedding bash, make sure your cake is ready to party too. Rainbow confetti is on full display with this naked cake, and the adorning jewel-toned dahlias make it even more fun.

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Sweet Peach Semi-Naked Cake

Peach hued naked cake

Photo by Rachael Osborn Photography; Cake by Frosted Pumpkin 

This peach-colored cake is a romantic dessert made of barely-there frosting and lush blooms. This would be the sweetest cake to display for a spring or summer garden party wedding.

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Bold Florals Semi-Naked Cake

Single tier naked cake with florals


This semi-naked cake is topped with sprawling white flowers and lush greenery, making it a true stunner for a romantic wedding. We love the way a chocolate cake shines through the subtle frosting, adding beautiful contrast and color.

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Bright Pink Peony Naked Cake

Naked cake with big pink peony on top

Whitney Furst Photography

Sometimes a simple pink peony is all you need to dress up a naked cake for your backyard wedding. With simple layers of vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream, this cake is truly pretty in pink.

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Refreshing Berry Naked Cake

Layered berry naked cake

Photo by Feather and Twine Photography; Cake by Sugar Bee Sweets

This super tall cake makes such a statement, all while still looking light and refreshing thanks to bright berries and whipped cream. We love the way the two tiers showcase a different filling to truly embrace the fresh produce used in this confection.

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Muted Fall Semi-Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake with fall flowers

Photo by Crystal Stokes Photography; Cake by Sky's the Limit! Custom Cakes & More

Just because you chose a fall wedding, it doesn't mean you have to go super dark with your décor. This lightly frosted three-tier cake has fall berries and flowers, without leaning on typical fall themed colors.

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Vanilla and Chocolate Naked Cake

Chocolate and vanilla naked cake

Photo by Flora + Fauna; Cake by Sweet N' Flour

Who says you can't have it all? If you don't want to choose between chocolate and vanilla, this is the perfect answer. This single-tier naked cake shows off so much contrast, perfect for a whimsical wedding.

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Dotted-Edge Naked Cake

Naked cake with border and florals


This is simplicity at its best! We love the way tall layers of vanilla cake are paired with frosting in between to make a statement. And with dotted piping on the layers, it adds a sweet touch of innocence for a spring or summer wedding.

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Strawberries and Cream Naked Cake

Layered naked cake with strawberries and cream


Doesn't this stunning sweet just scream summer? This stacked cake, with frosting and berries shining through between each layer, is truly special. Take this concept and run with it for any season, showcasing flavor components through the layers.

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Bright White Floral Semi-Naked Cake

Tall white layered naked cake with white flowers


We love the bright white color palette of this cake and the simplicity of the design paired with greenery. Can you picture this confection at a garden-inspired wedding? "Adding beautiful floral and greenery cascades just give the cake a natural, organic style that fits the outside garden setting so well," says Lattier.

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Fig and Chocolate Drizzle Naked Cake

Chocolate naked cake with figs and chocolate drizzle

Photo by LINDSEY ROMAN PHOTOGRAPHY; Cake by Lāel Cakes

Naked cakes can offer the ability to cut back on the sweetness of a cake, but they also have the potential to do just the opposite, depending on your décor. This decadent confection layers chocolate cake and frosting with chocolate ganache, figs, and berries for a divine look, perfect for a winter wedding.

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Tall Statement Semi-Naked Cake With Florals

Tall semi-naked cake


While naked cakes tend to be more rustic, there are ways to make them fit into a more modern theme. "Tall, skinny tiers have a more modern look and fit really well into that style of venue," says Lattier. We love the way this semi-naked cake makes a beautiful statement.

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Metallic Semi-Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake with gold details on a table with berry desserts

Photo by BECCA LEA PHOTOGRAPHY; Cake by Miel Bakery

Don't be afraid to incorporate a bit of shine to your cake. And who knew it could pair so well with beautiful berries? We love the way this display features so many stunning flavors of summer.

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Figs and Greenery Semi-Naked Cake

Naked cake with figs and greenery


There are so many ways to add elements of elegance to a naked cake display, and completely frosting one of the tiers is absolutely one way to pull it off. This stunning cake screams European elegance with a tall bottom tier and a small semi-naked tier on top, paired with greenery and figs to complete the design.

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Single Layer Semi-Naked Cake

Single layer naked cake with subtle florals


Planning a more intimate wedding? No need to include multiple tiers! Naked cakes can be the perfect option for a mini cake display as well.

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Semi-Naked Cake With White Chocolate Drizzle

Bright white naked wedding cake with white chocolate drip

Photo by SNOWDROP PHOTOGRAPHY; Cake by Blue Lace Cakes

Don't be afraid to switch up the design for each tier of your naked cake. Opt to include one semi-naked tier, along with one fully frosted, for a contrasted look. And with a drizzle on top, complete with berries and greenery, this completed look is absolutely gorgeous.

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