25 Stylish Mother-of-the-Bride and Groom Hairstyle Ideas

Make sure mom looks her best with some hair inspiration.

mother and bride laughing

Photo by Adriana Rivera

Your mom has stuck by your side through all of the wedding planning, giving out her (occasionally unsolicited) opinion. Now it’s time to return the favor and help her figure out her own wedding-day style! But choosing a flattering mother-of-the-bride or mother-of the groom dress is only half the task. She also needs a hairdo for the big day that’ll pull the whole look together—and this list of hairstyles is exactly the place to start.

Does she lean toward a more traditional style? She’ll flip for a classic chignon. Did she already promise to break it down on the dance floor? Suggest a style that’ll keep her hair from falling in her face, like a half-up half-down hairdo. But, no matter which of these hairstyles catches her eye, rest assured that none of them come close to matronly. In fact, can we just go ahead and ban that word from our vocabulary? In the meantime, forward these chic hairstyles to your mom ASAP.

Don't forget to take the mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom dress into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. An updo will let an embellished neckline shine, while wearing longer locks down looks gorgeous with off-the-shoulder gowns.

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Formal Updo

Formal Updo

Photo by Gayle Brooker

Like mother, like daughter! This bride and her mother chose pinned and polished updos for the big day. If you select a similar style, we recommend stashing a few extra bobby pins in your clutch in case any tendrils come loose on the dance floor.

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French Twist

Mother of the bride kissing bride on the cheek

Photo by Sidney Bensimon; Hair & Makeup by Beautini

This look is a classic for a reason. A French twist can easily complement any style of dress, wedding, or face shape. Add some hair embellishments to make the 'do really stand out.

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Deep Side Part

groom and mother of the groom in the desert

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography

A deep side part with hair tucked behind the ear on one side is a great way to show off a statement sleeve and keep tresses out of your face. This mother of the groom made this style seem so chic for her son's wedding day.

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Chignon With Movement

bride getting ready with mother

Photo by Kaley From Kansas

An updo doesn't have to feel stiff. This mother of the bride left out some lightly curled face-framing strands to bring a bit more movement to her chic style.

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Interlocking Updo

Mom kissing bride on forehead

Photo by Stephania Campos; Event Planning by Daryl Wilson of D Concierge Events; Hair by Nikki Garcia

This intricate updo is created by curling and then interlocking the loose ringlets, strategically pinning them to the top of the head. The look works well on a variety of hair lengths, too!

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High Bun With Side Part

Knotted Bun and Side Part

Photo by Kristen Curette & Daemaine Hines; Hair by Graciela Saldivar; Makeup by Paloma Garcia

This is another timeless hairstyle that’ll have the mother of the bride looking back fondly on the wedding photos. Who are we kidding? She’ll cherish those pics regardless!

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Glam Waves

mother son dance at wedding

Photo by Pbichara Photo

For her son's Panama City wedding, this mom had her long locks curled in glamorous waves with a side swoop. The look was a great compliment to her bold strapless gown.

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Natural Curls

Natural Curls

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry 

What’s not to love about this mother of the bride's free-flowing, textured locks? If you'd like to rock a similar coif, be sure to check out our favorite hairstyles for natural curls.

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Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

Photo by Alicia Lucia

This spin on the French twist is a bit softer. With looser strands, it manages to appear both effortless and chic, making it perfect for a wide range of wedding themes with almost any degree of formality.

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Coiffed Bob

groom Drew Tuma enters ceremony with his parents

Photo by Stephanie Lynn

A stylish blowout gave this mother of the groom's bob a sleek shape to walk her son down the aisle.

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Pinned-Back Locks

Pinned Back Locks

Photo by Michael Anthony Photography

This minimal-effort design works for both long and short locks. After running a curling iron through the hair, simply pin back a few tendrils with a sleek bobby pin or jeweled clip for an instantly elevated look.

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Beautiful Blowout

Beautiful Blow-Out

Photo by Alicia Lucia

Can't decide which hairstyle will work best? There is nothing basic about a blowout. After styling, spritz on a flexible, lightweight hairspray to keep locks looking soft and touchable.

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Voluminous Bouffant

Voluminous Bouffant

Photo by Mallory Dawn

Nothing says glamour quite like a voluminous updo. We recommend this showstopper for formal ballroom weddings. Be sure to keep a travel-size volumizing hairspray on-hand in case you lose a bit of fullness as the night wears on.

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Side Bun

Side Bun

Photo by A Heart String

Wearing a chignon off to the side offers a soft and subtle spin on the traditional bun. You can elevate it by adding a jeweled hair comb, like this mother of the bride.

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Sleek Volume

Mom in traditional dress zipping bride into wedding gown

Photo by Kurt Boomer; Event Planning by Jacqueline Hallgarth Events; Hair by Frank Giacone

For the illusion of fuller locks, tease the hair at the crown of the head and sprinkle on a volumizing powder before twisting into the style and securing it.

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Face-Framing Half-Up Half-Down

Mom zipping bride into red dress

Photo by Carmen Santorelli; Event Planning by All Who Wander Events; Hair by FaceTime Beauty 

We love how this mother of the bride kept her style soft by leaving a few locks loose to frame her face. It’s an ultra-flattering look for the big day.

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Loose Low Knot

Mother daughter portrait in Lake Como

Photo by David Salim; Event Planning by Design Anarchy Studio; Hair & Makeup by Lala Barbie & Marcela Bantea; Floral Design by Tuscany Flowers

The beauty is in the imperfections when it comes to this low knot. The loose strands here and there give it effortless Meghan Markle vibes.

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Soft Waves

Soft Waves

Photo by Sarah Kate

This mother of the bride's hair has plenty of movement, thanks to those ultra-soft waves. To mimic the look, use a large-barrel curling iron after blowdrying, focusing on the ends of the hair, and then loosen the curls by gently finger-combing through.

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Elegant Twist

Francesca sharing a sweet moment with her mom while putting on her satin A-line dress

Photo by Adriana Rivera

This beautiful style at a Dominican Republic wedding had some extra dimension, thanks to a twisted piece pulling back hair to the french twist.

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Chignon With Bangs

groom and his mother hug

Photo by Jose Ruiz Photography

No need to pin back your bangs for your child's big day. This mother of the groom let her side bangs frame her face while the rest of her hair was pulled back into a stylish chignon.

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A Modern Pompadour

Jill putting on her off-the-shoulder dress with a beaded belt and a tiara

Photo by The Bold Americana

Give your short locks some volume with a cool pompadour style for your child's big day. The chic look here was perfect for her daughter's disco-inspired soirée.

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Short and Curled

Short and Curled


Don’t feel like you’re limited with shorter hair. Tons of hairstyles work for any hair length. Case in point: This mother of the bride's effortlessly tousled crop.

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Teased Soft Waves

Teased Soft Waves

Photo by Jessica Blex

This great style combines lovely waves with a touch of teasing. While the texture is kept soft and romantic, the volume at the crown dresses the style up and will look beautiful in wedding photos.

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Short, Textured Crop

Short, Textured Crop

Photo by Dacia Pierson of Eager Hearts Photography

For super-short hair, check out this edgy, textured style. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to accomplish. Just rake a pomade or texturizing paste through the hair and you’ve got a style that’ll stay put throughout the event.

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Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves

Photo by Carlie Statsky 

This mother of the bride’s loose, beachy waves perfectly complement her daughter’s boho wedding style. For a similar look, use a smoothing serum or shine spray to keep the style polished and the waves from frizzing.

  • Is any hairstyle inappropriate for the mother of the bride or groom?

    No! Updo, half-up, half-down, completely down—nothing is off-limits. She can make the decision based on her hair type, dress style, and personal preference.

  • Is it okay for the mother of the bride or groom to get her hair done with the bridal party?

    If everyone is comfortable with this, absolutely! But since it's a busy day, it's also perfectly acceptable for her to fly solo and get ready at her own pace.

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