24 Sophisticated Mother of the Bride and Groom Makeup Ideas

Help them get glam.

Glenn Close mother of the bride

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

While any wedding undoubtedly puts a huge spotlight on the couple getting married, the mothers are the ones standing next to them every step of the way. Your mom has probably been an incredibly important part of your wedding, from being there while you selected a gown to acting as a shoulder to cry on when things went wrong. And, more than likely, she's so proud to be there with you on your big day. So, of course, she'll want to look her best, which means finding the perfect beauty look.

For the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, it's all about looking elegant and glamorous without doing so much that it begins to overshadow the couple. There are so many options when it comes to makeup, whether they want to go full glam with colorful lipstick and dark eye makeup or keep things more neutral and subtle. Whatever they're looking for, help give them some inspiration with these photos of makeup on mothers of the bride and groom from real weddings.

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Add a Little Color

bride hugging her mother

Photo by Hannah Costello

Neutral makeup is popular for mothers of the bride/groom, but adding some color is always interesting and beautiful. We love how this bride and her mom chose eyeshadow that complemented each other.

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Keep Things Simple

bride and mom

Photo by Branco Prata

Colors are fun for sure, but for moms who want to keep things simple, a neutral eye makeup and skin-colored lipstick are perfect. This mother of the bride had her makeup almost in the same shades as her dress.

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Add Shimmery Gold Eyeshadow

bride and mother hugging

Photo by Dacia Pearson

The shimmery gold eyeshadow on this mother's eyelids is gorgeous without being too much. A touch of gold looks amazing with a black gown like this mother is wearing.

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Try a Subdued Smoky Eye

groom and mother

Photo by Branco Prata

This mother of the groom opted for a more subtle smoky eye. It looks so great with the colors of her gown, and we love how it stands out more since she pulled her hair back as well.

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Stick With Tradition

mother and father of the bride groom

Photo by Flora & Fauna

For this multicultural wedding, which combined traditional Hindu and Western ceremonies, the mother of the groom opted for traditional Hindu makeup. We love the more dramatic look.

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Wear a Soft Pink Lipstick

bride and mother smiling

Photo by Caroline Yoon

Not sure what to put on your lips? For a little bit of color that still feels subtle, choose a soft pink lipstick, like the one this mother of the bride wore. It goes with almost any gown and looks beautiful.

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Keep Makeup Simple With a Statement-Making Gown

bride with mother and mother in law

Photo by For Love & Light Photography

For this dreamy elopement in Joshua Tree National Park, both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom opted for statement gowns: one bright floral and one covered in sparkly gemstones. Both also kept their makeup more natural and simple, which made the looks work so well.

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Wear Rosy Hues

glenn close

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

At her daughter's wedding in Bedford, New York, actress Glenn Close looked radiant with soft pink makeup on her lips and cheeks. A rosy blush keeps you looking happy and glowy all night long.

Most people only carry lipstick with them to the wedding, but you should also keep blush on hand throughout the night for a quick touchup.

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Choose Dark Eyeliner

bride and mother

Photo by Hanri Human

The dark eyeliner all around this mother of the bride's eyes creates the perfect subtle smoky eye. We also love that it almost matches the bride's own wedding makeup.

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Go Full Glam

bride and mother

Photo by Kristen Curette

If a child's wedding doesn't call for a glamorous makeup look, what does? We love how this mother of the bride paired dark eye makeup with a mauve lip color and a fresh face.

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Go All Out With False Eyelashes

bride and mother

Photo by Jenn Emerling

Sometimes, mascara just isn't enough for wedding photos. Add some beautiful false eyelashes that will stand out just the right amount. We love how this mother of the bride's lashes look so full and long.

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Wear a Glossy Lip Color

bride with mom and sister in law

Photo by Joel Serrato

Matte lip color might stay on all night, but a glossy color comes out beautifully in photos. This mother of the bride (on the right) chose a glossy pinkish-red shade that added a nice pop of bright color to her look.

If you can't find a glossy lipstick color you love, pick your favorite matte lipstick and layer it with a clear gloss.

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Keep it Simple for an Outdoor Wedding

bride and mom

Photo by Picture Me & U

This couple had a beautiful outdoor venue in South Africa, and the mother of the bride knew exactly how to dress for the occasion. Her more neutral and subtle makeup look is just right with the venue and dress.

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Match the Bride

bride and mother

Photo by Joel Serrato

This bride and her mother look like they could be twins, and it's not only because of genetics. The similar eye makeup and lipstick shades are such a nice touch.

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Be Bold With Bright Lipstick

mother and daughter

Photo by Samm Blake

Don't feel like you can't wear bright red lipstick if you're wearing a bright-colored dress. At this wedding in Manhattan, the mother of the bride wore poppy-colored red lipstick with a fuchsia gown, and it looked perfect.

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A Dark Lip Is All You Need

Bride with mom

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Sometimes, a striking dark lip color is really all you need to complete your beauty look. We love how this mother of the bride did a darker lip color with a fresh face.

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Keep Makeup Simple with Glasses

mother of the bride

Photo by Mark Spooner

If the mother of the bride is wearing glasses, like this one, you can keep the rest of the makeup fairly simple. The glossy pink lip color here really stands out.

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Pair a Dark Lip and Dark Eyes

mother and bride

Photo by Stephanie Velez 

You certainly don't have to keep it subtle! This mother of the bride went all out with darker eye makeup and a dark lip color that beautifully complements her gown.

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Match With the Mother of the Groom

family photo

Photo by Rebecca Yale

Whether it was intentional or not, we love that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom did matching makeup looks for this tropical wedding. Nude lip colors and subtle eye makeup makes bright gowns a bit more casual, which is ideal for a beach wedding.

A bold and bright gown is going to steal the show, so keep your makeup more subtle.

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Wear a Glossy Mauve Lip Color

bride with parents

Photo by Sidney Bensimon

Another lip color you can't go wrong with is a glossy mauve. This shade looks beautiful on the mother of the bride here, especially with her dark red gown.

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Try a Slightly Darker Lip With Bold Accessories

mom clapping

Photo by Richard Skins Photography

The mother of the groom at this wedding opted for fun accessories, like a statement-making necklace and a slim headband. Her slightly darker lip color matches the dress and the overall vibe.

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Wear a Classic Red Lip

mother and father

Photo by Samm Blake

You really can't go wrong with red lipstick, whether it's on the lighter or darker side. It's a timeless makeup trick that works especially well with solid-colored dresses, and we love how it looks with the navy gown on this mother.

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Glam Makeup Goes Well With an Updo


Photo by To The Moon

Pulling your hair back off your face? Go for a glamorous makeup look like this one, with more of a smoky eye and some dark lipstick. It's especially beautiful with a brightly colored gown.

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Do Darker Eye Makeup With a Neutral Lip

mother of the bride

Photo by KT Merry

For the right mix of subtle and glam, pair darker eye makeup (like a smoky eye like this one) with a more neutral lip shade. It's still dressed up, but the two balance each other out.

  • Should the mothers of the bride and groom get their makeup professionally done?

    This is totally up to each mom! If she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, doing it herself is a good option. However, if she'd like to experiment with something new or indulge (it's her day, too), hiring a pro is more than acceptable. If everyone's comfortable with the idea, she can join the bridal party when they get their makeup done or work with a makeup artist individually.

  • How long will makeup for a mother of the bride or groom take?

    Typically, an hour to an hour and a half is enough time for most looks. If your MOB or MOG wants something super simple, 45 minutes may be enough. Just keep in mind that no-makeup makeup looks can take just as long as something more dramatic.

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