How Much 20 Movie and TV Weddings Would Cost in Real Life

Some are surprisingly affordable.

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Shoes

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Do you ever dream of a wedding fit for the movies? Hollywood has a knack for creating unrealistic expectations and grand weddings far outside of the average wedding budget. At least it looks that way—after all, it’s Hollywood: sometimes it’s all illusion. But some of your favorite fictional weddings (we’re talking Big and Carrie, David and Patrick, Bella and Edward) might actually be in your budget. 

European savings platform Raisin UK did a study to estimate the cost of 20 fictional (both TV and film) weddings. The approximate cost of each wedding was calculated using canon information, the cost of real-life venues (or estimates of fictional venues), and the average cost of dresses, flowers, transportation, and entertainment.

TV/Film Wedding Costs

Courtesy of Raisin UK

Some of our favorites made the list, like the lavish Singapore wedding in Crazy Rich Asians, complete with lush greenery and over-the-top floral arrangements. In the movie, the wedding is supposed to cost a whopping $40 million. Turns out it's only worth almost $9 million based on real-life calculations. On the other hand, Bella and Edward's magical wedding in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (although ethereal and envious) isn't as pricey as we thought, ringing in at $36,000.

Wondering what your other favorite wedding scenes cost in real life? Scroll on to see where your favorite TV and movie weddings rank.

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Colin and Araminta in Crazy Rich Asians - $8,865,460.50

<p>wedding ceremony</p>

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The Crazy Rich Asians wedding always takes our breath away. Between the glittering gown and the flower-lined water aisle, this multi-million dollar wedding never fails to impress—and left us with so much décor inspiration!

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Matthew & Mary in Downton Abbey - $218,572.77

mary from downtown abbey

Courtesy of PBS

This simple yet exquisite wedding between Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) was truly fit for royalty. Mary's tiara alone is valued at $200,000.

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Carrie & Big in Sex and the City - $157,357.11 

sex and the city wedding

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Of course Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) showed up to her and Big's (Christopher North) lavish wedding in an impeccably stylish gown, and we couldn't help but wonder, why did Big leave her at the altar?!

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Lillian & Doug in Bridesmaids - $134,491

bridesmaids movie

Universal Pictures/Courtesy of Neal Peters Collection

This over-the-top wedding was a result of Lillian's snobby friend Helen, but after some roadblocks, they were able to enjoy this fun, slightly tacky, wedding.

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Annie & Bryan in Father of the Bride - $93,220.66

father of the bride movie

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George Banks (Steve Martin) wasn't quite ready to walk his little girl Annie (Kimberly Williams) down the aisle, but Annie and Bryan sure pulled out all the stops for their big day. The wedding was tasteful with beautiful floral arrangements, strung lights, and a gorgeous gown.

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Bridget & Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Baby - $79,720.42

Bridget Jones's Baby


Bridget (Renée Zellweger) and Mark's (Colin Firth) long-awaited nuptials were accented with beautiful floral arrangements, including an arch over the altar, which couldn't have been cheap.

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Cinderella & Prince Charming Cinderella - $78,892.98

Cinderella and Prince Charming


A fairytale wedding that dreams are made of.

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Monica & Chandler in Friends - $59,955.25

friends wedding

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It was an exquisite day—minus Chandler almost running out and Joey almost missing the ceremony. But it all turned out to be perfect because he's her lobster, after all!

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Bella & Edward in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - $36,445.98

edward and bella from twilight

Summit Entertainment/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

This was the most extravagant backyard wedding we've ever seen. Is Alice available to book as a wedding planner? Asking for a friend.

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David & Patrick in Schitts Creek - $36,445.98

David and Patrick Wedding


Patrick and David's wedding was simply the best, from the symbolism of their town hall venue to Moira's iconic officiant outfit to Patrick singing Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" as his vows. This wedding brings us to tears every single time.

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Lily & Marshall in How I Met Your Mother - $19,091.67

how i met your mother wedding

Courtesy of CBS

This wedding didn't go exactly as planned (Marshall almost shaved off all his hair, their harpist's water broke, Lily's ex showed up, etc). But "Lilypad" and "Marshmallow" made up for it with their colorful flowers and Lily's beautiful dress.

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Mitch & Cam in Modern Family - $15,119.39

modern family

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Their beautiful and elegant woodsy wedding planned by their best friend Pepper Saltzman had to be re-arranged last second because of spreading wildfires. But they were able to make due with a gorgeous ceremony at sunset.

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Shrek & Fiona in Shrek - $13,634.94

Shrek and Fiona Wedding


Of course, they saved some money by choosing the swamp as their venue, but nevertheless a grandiose occasion!

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Sophie & Sky in Mamma Mia - $12,883.09

mamma mia wedding

Universal Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Here we go again! We can't stop obsessing over this wedding atop a mountain with a view of all of Greece. Although, Sky and Sophie weren't even the ones who tied the knot at this wedding. Sophie's mom Donna (Meryl Streep) and Sam (Pierce Brosnan) got hitched at the last second when Sky and Sophie decide not to.

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Sheldon & Amy in Big Bang Theory - $12,370.41

Big Bang Theory


After being late to the ceremony because of tie symmetry problems, Sheldon and Amy met at the altar. Their adorable ceremony was filled with punny and nerdy science jokes.

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Scott & Charlene in Neighbours - $10,274.46



In this popular Australian soap opera from the '80s, viewers long-awaited the nuptials of this fan-favorite couple. The wedding was filmed in the beautiful Holy Trinity Church in Doncaster, Melbourne.

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The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones - $2,898.84

The Red Wedding


The red wedding in Game of Thrones was pretty inexpensive. However, it is definitely not the most ideal wedding of all time.

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Susan & Mike in Desperate Housewives - $1,814.35

Mike and Susan Desperate Housewives

Ron Tom/Getty Images

These two neighbors got married in the woods under the stars and Chinese lanterns after Susan surprised Mike with the low-key ceremony.

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Pam & Jim inThe Office - $489.33

pam and jim's wedding

Getty Images

Jim and Pam's wedding was very inexpensive but was still "double the pleasure, double the fun." Of course, their coworkers and bridal party walked down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever," a trend that was extremely popular at the time. Pam and Jim then saved up for a trip to Niagara Falls to elope on the water.

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Homer & Marge in The Simpsons - $270.78

Marge and Homer Wedding


This wedding rings in at the bottom of our list, given the two eloped in a chapel and then spent the night on Marge's family couch.

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