Morganite Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Learn all about this pink semiprecious stone.

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morganite engagement ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile/Design by Chloe Jeong

When looking for a more unconventional engagement ring, many brides-to-be have their eyes on morganite. The sparkling pink gemstone is an on-trend alternative to the traditional diamond, and it boasts its fair share of advantages over your typical engagement ring. Rest assured, this beautiful and feminine stone will make just as much of a statement as any glittering diamond.

What Is Morganite?

Morganite is a pink semiprecious stone in the beryl family. The hue can range from orange to coral to salmon to subtle pink, although you’ll notice light peachy pink is the most common.

It might be trending at the moment, but morganite certainly isn’t new. It was first discovered on the coast of Madagascar in 1910. “The name ‘morganite’ was first suggested for a variety of pink beryl by George Frederick Kunz, in honor of the financier J.P. Morgan,” explains certified diamontologist Kim Kanary. “This was due to his love of gemstones and in appreciation of his important gem gifts to various museums around the world.”

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Pros and Cons of Morganite Engagement Rings

Morganite has become a popular choice for brides looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond. Of course, the primary allure of morganite is its pink hue. “If you’re attracted to color gemstones, it comes as a refreshing alternative to a colorless diamond or a beautiful and affordable alternative to a pink diamond,” says Kanary. There are other pros to this precious gemstone. If you are looking for your engagement ring to really sparkle, morganite is great because of how the light radiates off it to create a glimmering effect. Also, if you are looking for a low-cost engagement ring, morganite is a budget-friendly option.

There are also some considerations to take into account if you are thinking about this unique stone for your forever ring. Morganite is between 7.5-8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it much softer than other gemstones. This means the edges of morganite are prone to chipping easily, so it's crucial to have a strong prong setting for the stone.

What to Look for in a Morganite Engagement Ring

  • What setting works best for this type of stone? Because morganite is a soft stone, it’s essential that the setting keeps it secure, says Landau. Opting for a four- or six-prong setting is a safe bet for protecting your morganite stone. A bezel or halo setting will also provide the stone with more protection. Whichever setting you choose, remember to check your prongs every six to 12 months to ensure they don't become weak or damaged over time. 
  • Which of the 4Cs should you prioritize? Color is very important because the various hues can completely change the style and look of your ring. However, carat is equally as important. The color is often dependent on it. “Morganites typically have deeper color saturation in larger sizes, so you may want to increase your carat weight requirements to achieve the color you desire,” says Kanary.
  • How can I tell if the stone is high quality? Morganite should be clean to the eye without any imperfections or marks. The best morganite is pink and eye-clean. Peachy and less saturated (with a hint of gray) morganites are cheaper. Flaws can lessen the quality of morganite and make it less desirable.

How to Care for Your Morganite Engagement Ring

You should clean your morganite ring on a fairly regular basis, but you’ll want to be gentle with it.

“The simplest way to clean it at home is to fill a bowl with warm water and a squeeze of dish soap. Then soak your jewelry in there and scrub with a clean toothbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies,” says Landau. “Then rinse in a bowl of warm water (without soap), and set to dry on a clean paper towel.”

Kanary recommends cleaning it about once every six months or so. She adds that you should also check the prongs to make sure it’s securely set whenever you clean it.

Natalie Marie Rose Morganite Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Natalie Marie Jewellery

Morganite is the perfect stone to go in this fresh, trendy style. This ring features a pear-cut light pink morganite stone that sits underneath a half-crown of white diamonds.

Helzberg Diamonds Shades of Love Morganite and Diamond Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Helzberg Diamonds 

A morganite stone perfectly takes the place of a diamond in this otherwise traditional-looking ring. A baguette diamond flanks each side of the center stone, which sits on an intricate band. 

J.R. Dunn Rose Gold Morganite Scalloped Halo Ring

J.R. Dunn Rose Gold Morganite Scalloped Halo Ring

Courtesy of J.R. Dunn  

Full of sparkle, this 18K rose gold ring features a morganite center stone sitting in a diamond halo. Round diamonds and a series of pavé diamonds create a unique scalloped edge that really makes this piece stand out.

Brilliant Earth Morganite Reverie Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth  

A clean band is a perfect complement to a blush-colored morganite stone. This ring is simple yet elegant. 

Blue Nile Morganite Ring With Baguette Diamond Halo in 14k Rose Gold

morganite ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile 

Go completely nontraditional with this starburst ring. The center morganite stone is surrounded by round, and baguette diamonds and the feminine look is completed by the rose gold band. 

DeBebians Emerald-Cut Morganite and Baguette Three-Stone Engagement Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of DeBebians 

While many morganite rings feature a round or cushion cut, the emerald cut is a gorgeous choice. Flanked by two baguette diamonds, this option is classic and elegant. 

Natalie Marie Stevie Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Natalie Marie Jewellery

This ring has a decidedly feminine twist with stones set in a shape that resembles a flower. An oval-cut morganite stone sits between two pear-cut diamonds for a more unique style.

David Yurman Albion Morganite and Diamond Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Farfetch 

A lot of morganite engagement rings are delicate-looking, but something larger and bolder is available in this David Yurman option. A cushion-cut morganite stone is set in a pavé diamond halo with a rope-style band to complete the look. 

Effy Blush 14K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

morganite ring

 Courtesy of Effy

This glittering pear-shaped morganite center stone sits in a diamond halo setting. The pavé diamond band makes it sparkle even more. 

Natalie Marie Mandala Solitaire

morganite ring

Courtesy of Natalie Marie Jewellery

A light peach solitaire morganite stone almost has an orange tint to it with a yellow gold band. The simplicity of this ring is what makes it so beautiful. 

Blue Nile Morganite and Diamond Milgrain Halo Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile 

This round morganite center stone sits in a halo of alternating morganite and diamond stones. It has a slightly vintage edge to it with its pretty embellishments. 

DeBebians Rose Gold Split Shank Emerald Morganite Halo Engagement Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of DeBebians 

An emerald-cut morganite stone looks sleek and classic in a pave diamond halo. The split shank band gives it a little bit more of an edge. 

Effy Blush 14K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Effy 

If one simple band is not what you want, then this Effy ring is perfect. An oval morganite stone stands out against three pavé diamond-encrusted bands, the largest center band featuring a row of tiny baguette diamonds. 

Lauren Wolf Morganite Octagon Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Lauren Wolf Jewelry 

Go for a very unique shape with this round morganite stone that sits in an octagon-shaped halo. The rose gold band completes the look. 

Meadowlark Hex Engagement Ring

morganite ring

 Courtesy of Meadowlark Jewelry

This ring features another unique shape: a round morganite stone is set in a more modern halo. The set includes an eternity band that makes for the perfect match.

Point No Point Morganite Engagement Ring

morganite ring

Courtesy of Point No Point Studio 

Who needs a classic-style engagement ring when there’s something like this available? This ring features a natural kite-shaped morganite stone with a crown of diamonds topped with a marquise-shaped morganite stone. 

Bario Neal Burst Cluster Morganite With Diamond Ombré Ring

Bario Neal Burst Cluster Morganite with Diamond Ombré Ring


Not only does this morganite Bario Neal ring make for a show-stopping piece, but it is also an ethical and environmentally conscious choice. The center morganite stone is sourced from Brazil, and the accompanying champagne diamonds are sourced from Australia. Additionally, the metal is from 100-percent recycled material.

Bloomingdale's Morganite Oval and Diamond Statement Ring

Bloomingdale's Morganite Ring


The morganite gemstone on this ring is bold and eye-catching. It is set on a 14K rose gold pavé band.

Brilliant Earth Morganite Hudson Ring

Brilliant Earth Morganite Hudson Ring


This rounded morganite stone is set in an intricately handcrafted band with milgrain detailing. Its heirloom aesthetic makes for a timeless piece.

Mejuri Round-Cut Ring

Mejuri Round Cut Ring


If you are set on a morganite engagement ring but still want the sparkle of a traditional white diamond, consider this ring from Mejuri. Two smaller round-cut white diamonds accompany the round morganite center stone. The band is made from 14k yellow gold and can be engraved for an added special touch. 

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