A Guide to Modern Weddings

Everything to Know About a Modern Wedding

Learn all about the contemporary style.

If you hope to have an of-the-moment nuptial celebration, then a modern wedding style might be right for you. People about to tie the knot that love a sleek modern style have a wide variety of options to create a wedding celebration that fits the aesthetic while also feeling bespoke to you and your spouse-to-be. You can curate a contemporary wedding by choosing a venue with the perfect backdrop for your sleek aesthetic, cool fashion pieces to take you from your rehearsal dinner to your after party, and contemporary décor touches to complete the look of your stylish ceremony and reception.

While the meaning of what is modern might change over time, there are a few basic tenants that define what a contemporary wedding would look like today. Ahead, we break down the foundations of a modern wedding style.

Bride and groom in colorful mid-century modern home

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Modern Venues

When selecting a venue for a modern wedding, there are a few avenues you can choose from. The first would be to book a modern building to house your celebration. This could be a contemporary art museum, a mid-modern home, or a bright glass conservatory to surround your ceremony and reception with a cool and sleek aesthetic. Selecting a venue that already has a minimalist and modern edge can do some of the heavy lifting of the design for your big day.

The second option is to create a modern installation within a natural or not-so-contemporary locale. Modern additions to natural settings like a remote desert landscape or even ancient ruins of a monastery can create a unique and stunning contrast for your celebration. This kind of venue will likely require more design work and rentals to build up a modern oasis.

Bride with modern dress and cape and groom in tan suit

Photo by Chris & Ruth Photography

Modern Attire

If you want to have a modern wedding day look, look for sleek and minimal dress shapes with bold and exciting accessories for a contemporary touch. Dramatic capes, sheer gloves, or even colorful additions can step up a clean bridal look. Brides also can consider wearing a chic suit or changing into a fun and flashy short style for the wedding reception. Grooms can mirror the classic sleek lines of their modern wedding's decor in a tuxedo, or choose a more contemporary suit style that fits into the palette of their nuptial celebration. Wedding parties choosing their own styles also is a modern take on attire.

Sapna and Ari's baby's breath-lined aisle and mandap with ghost chairs

Photo by KT Merry

Modern Décor

The best way you can craft your wedding into a cool, modern celebration is with your décor. Bold sculptural shapes, clear lucite materials, mirrored elements, and a minimalist approach to design can steer you in the right direction to curate your big day. Ghost chairs can be an excellent addition to your ceremony, while black plates and flatware can add a bold modern feel to your reception tablescape. As for florals, consider using more greenery to shape your design. Baby's breath is also a unique flower that can create structure within your wedding day design. Whatever you choose, make sure the style feels authentic to you and your spouse-to be.


A Guide to Modern Weddings

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