15 Modern Wedding Bouquet Ideas We Love

It's all about contemporary designs and elegance.

A bride at her modern wedding holding a modern wedding bouquet of orchids.

Photo by Aria Isadora & Samantha Nandez/BFA for BFA Weddings; Floral Design by BRRCH

Sleek, sophisticated, and refined, a modern wedding is a beautiful affair to plan (or to attend). Contemporary designs and trends can be seen throughout the various elements of the event, like clean lines, fresh greenery, and pared-down décor.

When it comes to picking the perfect bridal bouquet for your modern wedding, you'll want to keep the characteristics of a modern wedding—sophisticated, refined—in mind when choosing the combination of flowers and colors for your bridal bouquet.

Here, find 15 of our favorite modern wedding bouquet ideas from clean and simple to bold and bright.

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Pastel Pinks

A pastel pink and white modern wedding bouquet with greenery.

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Pale pastel pinks with accents of delicate white flowers and a backdrop of fresh greens is the perfect combination for a classic modern wedding.

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Keep It Sweet and Simple

A yellow and white modern wedding bouquet.

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

We love this delicate bouquet of acacia and sweet pea that perfectly matched the couple's casual, romantic, midcentury-modern vibe. And how about that pop of color?

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Make a Statement

A modern bridal bouquet with tropical flowers in pink and white.

Photo by 515 Photo Co

This stunning, tropical-inspired bouquet is still somehow sleek while making a statement, thanks to the delicate layering of pale pinks and oranges and the variation in flower sizes

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Mix White and Pink

A modern wedding bouquet with white and pink flowers.

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography

A classic color combination, white and pink will always be a hit at any wedding. We love how this bride got creative with the different textures of her chosen bouquet flowers for a more modern take on the classic look.

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Blend Bold Colors

Wedding shoes and a colorful modern wedding bouquet.

Photo by Unique Lapin Photography

This stunning ikebana-inspired bouquet is a perfect example of blending bold colors with lighter ones to create a balanced arrangement that still feels elegant while making a statement.

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Go With All-White Roses

A modern venice wedding featuring a bride in white with a white rose bouquet.

Photo by Bottaga 53 

We all know that white roses are a simple, classic choice for a bridal bouquet that epitomizes elegance. We love this arrangement of long-stem white roses that feels so modern and chic.

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Create a Cascade

A bride holds a cascading modern bouquet against custom wedding dress, lace shoes

Photo by Stephanie Brazzle

This cascading bouquet with a variety of colorful flowers and delicate greenery feels both cheerful and sleek, especially in front of the backdrop of the bride's white gown.

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Go Minimal

 bride in a white strapless sits holding a minimal lily of the valley modern wedding bouquet.

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Some modern weddings are all about being minimalistic, and that is the perfect opportunity to debut a clean, minimal bouquet, like this simple nosegay of lily of the valley.

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White Flowers With Greenery

A bridal portrait with a bride holding a white and green modern bridal bouquet.

Photo by Jen and Chris Creed

You simply can't go wrong with the timeless combination of white flowers (one type, or mixed) with a lush background of greenery. We love the way it just pulls the entire look together—and it's easy to thread this element throughout the wedding.

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Incorporate a Bit of Drama

A bride holding a large, bold greenery and white floral modern wedding bouquet.

Photo by Amber Gress Photography

Make a statement with a dramatic bouquet, like this one which features eye-catching King Protea and roses.

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All White Everything

A bride wearing a white gown and veil holding a small round white bouquet.

Photo by Sarah Natasha

If you're having a modern all-white affair, a clean bouquet of all-white flowers can be the perfect compliment to your wedding gown—and feels totally modern.

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Focus on Texture

A bride holding a modern bouquet with blue flowers and lots of greenery.

Photo by Golden Hour Studios

For something unexpected, choose flowers, herbs, or greenery with interesting textures and combine several types for a stunning, unique effect. We love how this bride used blue tweedia, acacia, caspia, million star baby’s breath, and leather leaf for her textured bouquet.

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Pose With Peonies

A modern bridal bouquet of white peonies and a blue and white ribbon.

Photo by Jordan Quinn Photography

We love peonies, especially for spring and summer modern weddings. And what makes this bouquet particularly modern is the patterned ribbon that wraps the flowers together—small details like that can really elevate the look of a bouquet. Plus, peonies will never go out of style!

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Combine Unique Plants

A bold, modern bridal bouquet with eucalyptus and red and white flowers.

 Photo by Melissa Marshall

Bold, textured, and full of color, we love this bouquet that combines fragrant eucalyptus with red anthurium and smaller white and light-pink flowers for a statement bouquet.

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Opt for Fresh Herbs

A bridal bouquet of fresh herbs and flowers.

Photo by Victoria Phipps Photography

If you're looking for a modern take on a classic greenery-filled bouquet, opt for fresh and fragrant herbs, either as accent greenery or as the star of the show. Not only do they smell amazing, but they create a lush, textured look to your bridal bouquet.


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