20 Modern Invites for Every Style Couple

Pick out the invitation suite that best suits you.

Modern Wedding Stationery suite from Minted Collection

Invitation by Minted + Brides; Photo and Styling by Robin Verrier of Verry Robin & Co.

Your invitation suite is your guests' first glimpse of your upcoming big day, showing off your style and giving them a taste of what’s to come. And while it may serve as a source of information, that hardly means it has to be boring. In fact, now’s the time to let your creativity shine and send out an invitation suite that will wow your family and friends.

No matter what your wedding style may be, there are endless ways to design an invite that’s modern and memorable. From the fonts and the color palette to the embellishments and the envelopes, every choice counts in creating a suite that represents you and your partner. Whether you work with a local letterpress or shop online with an easy-to-customize selection, like our collaboration with Minted, it's so easy to find something that can fit your specific aesthetic.

Keep reading for some invitation inspiration, and get ready to kick off the wedding celebrations in style.

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Elegant Simplicity

Elegant and simple black and white stationery suite

Photo by Lynn Dunston Photography

A darker invitation already makes a statement, so it doesn't have to be overly elaborate. This creation boasts black card stock accompanied by simple white text and gold-scripted accents.

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Tropical Neutrals

Tropical neutral wedding invitation suite in blues, pinks and whites

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

If you’re having a destination wedding, your invitation suite should reflect its location. That being said, you shouldn’t let that theme completely overshadow the reason guests will be traveling there—you two are the stars of the show, after all. The example above does a great job of acknowledging the destination (in this case, Costa Rica) with a colorful map and floral details while also keeping the majority of the suite modest and neutral.

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Modern Whimsy

Whimsical wedding invitation with floral details

Photo by Erich McVey

If you’re feeling a whimsical wedding theme filled with cheerful colors, pretty florals, and a general air of playfulness, then you’ll love this modern invitation. The flowers add a pop of color to the white cardstock, acting as a frame for the text.

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Small Details

Modern wedding invitation suite with pink and rust colors

Photo by Joel Serrato

This design is clean and simple, but its small and intentional details make it unique. The materials are hand-dyed, laser-cut, and have deckled edges, and the soft pink shade serves as a warm and welcoming color choice.

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Bohemian Dreams

A modern wedding invitation suite with neutral colors from the Minted collection

Invitation by Minted + Brides; Photo by Charla Storey; Styling by Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather Events

We’re loving the warm, bohemian vibes of this invitation suite from our collaboration with Minted. If this wedding stationery doesn’t get guests excited to travel for your big day, then we don’t know what will.

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Be Bold

invitation suite with Japanese calligraphy inspired brushstrokes

Photo by Ari Simphukham

This couple went bold with their invitations, but all within a simple black, white, and grey color palette. The motif is a great representation of a modern industrial wedding—combining clean, minimalist lines with touches of eye-catching art that serve as a nod to their Japanese theme.

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Fun and Friendly

Whimsical savannah wedding, DIY wedding invitations

Photo by Rach Loves Troy 

If you’re looking for an invitation that’s upbeat and indicative of an incredibly fun wedding to come, then look no further than the suite here. With its modern-meets-boho look, we’re big fans of the use of a gold script to glam up light blue watercolor designs. The script is also quirky rather than formal. Plus, we love a well-illustrated map.

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Personal Touches

Modern invitations with illustrations and confetti in purple and white colors

Photo by Within This Day

How cool are these? This couple personalized their invitations, with the groom drawing all of the illustrations. They also made confetti from his artwork and included it in the save the dates.

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Garden Romance

Modern but romantic white garden invitation suite

Photo by Erich Mcvey

These invitations give off romantic, garden vibes reminiscent of a Shakespeare play, but in a manner that’s clean and modern. It’s amazing how such a simple design can accomplish so much.

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Daring Desert Blooms

Modern desert invitation suite with floral design

Photo by Taylor McCutchan

With invitations this pretty, you know the wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Between the edgy black envelope, the colorful desert flowers, and the neat block lettering, it truly captured the desert vibe of the event.

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Glammed Up Greenery

Modern white wedding invitation with greenery details

Photo by Tony Wodarck

There’s something about a tropical, palm-tree theme that always works for a wedding. This invite is glammed up with greenery accompanied by gold accents that give the stationery a bit of a vintage, art deco feel.

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Simple and Symbolic

Simple and modern invitation with white and gold details and ring on top

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios

These invitations are to the point (which is something we can always appreciate), yet they are still unique to the couple due to the small illustrative details. Look closely and you'll see drinks, a barn, flags, and a dog emblem, all making this suite anything but plain.

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Beachy Boho

Modern wedding invitation suite in a neutral palette with matching stamp

Photo by Anna Jones Photography 

Stamps that match the invitation? We’re impressed. The neutral design has pops of muted, dreamy colors for a beachy boho vibe.

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Coastal Blues

Modern invitation suite with blue rose illustrations

Photo by Valorie Darling

If you’re having a coastal wedding, a blue color palette is always a solid choice. These invites featured a palette of white, gold, grey, and varying shades of blue. Not only do we love the contrast of the different hues, but we’re also pretty obsessed with the custom rose-branch illustration.

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Mix and Match

Unique and modern invitation suite with greenery, geometric shapes and neutral colors

Photo by Molly Peach

This invitation suite captures a few different wedding styles, but it’s done in such a seamless way. The geometric shapes are modern, the florals are boho, and the black and gold add a bit of glam. It's a great example of how there is no one box you need to stay in when designing your invitations.

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Floral Flair

Modern white invitations with rose design on envelope lines


We’ve really been loving it when couples choose to use envelope liners—it’s a small thing that can completely transform an invitation suite, especially if the majority of the materials are minimalist. Here you see an all-white invitation suite with the addition of a romantic, pink floral envelope liner.

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Map It

A modern invitation with floral details and a map

Photo by Norman + Blake

Maps are a fun way for your guests to interact with your invitation, especially when they’re hand-drawn and as cute as the one shown here. It’s a wonderful addition to this suite, along with the deep burgundy envelope.

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Geometric Balance

Modern geometric wedding invitation in shades of gray and gold

Photo by Henry + Mac

From the designs to the cut of the paper, one couple went full-on geometric for their invitations. That being said, they balanced the sharp, straight lines with a scripted font that adds just the right amount of curvature and flow.

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Keep It Conversational

A modern brown and white wedding invitation with bold fonts

Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

This invitation is laid-back and conversational—no stuffy, old-school wedding jargon in sight. Most wouldn’t think of using exclamation points on their invites, but here it works and doesn’t come across as over the top.

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Crystal Clear

Modern pink and white acrylic wedding invitation

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Photography

An acrylic invitation stands out—and, quite frankly, is incredibly cool. Though it is undoubtedly modern, it still allows for the creative freedom to tie in whatever other wedding styles you’re into. This suite is adorned with vibrant watercolor florals and gold lettering on the card stock.

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