Model Kate Bock Reveals Her Wedding Day Beauty Prep

It's all about the skincare.

Kate Bock

Courtesy of Kate Bock

We all want to look our best on the day that we say "I do." So, it's no surprise that many brides and grooms-to-be take a few extra steps to ensure their skincare regimen is up to par and work with estheticians and makeup artists to achieve their wedding beauty vision.

Bride, entrepreneur, and model Kate Bock is no exception. In preparation for her summer wedding, the Love Kate founder has created a routine to make sure she has the bridal look of her dreams. Ahead, we asked the model to give us an inside look at her wedding day beauty prep.

Creating Her Vision

It's important for anyone getting married to have an image of what their wedding day should look like—and that includes your beauty look. For Bock, she decided on her vision months in advance. "For our wedding we’ve envisioned an old-school NYC, black and white, Gatsby-inspired black tie evening," she tells Brides. "I’m going for a fresh and glowy look that is natural and timeless. Something similar to my everyday, but just a little more elevated."

To achieve that day-of look, it's good to work with a team you are familiar with and have a makeup trial to see how the idea you have can come to life in advance. The model has enlisted a team that she knows can encapsulate that vision for her wedding day. "I am working with makeup artist Lisa Aharon and hair stylist Adam Maclay. I work with both of them frequently," Bock shares. "They know me very well and it was easy to sit down with them and come up with the best look for my big day."

Skincare Prep

Finding the best skincare routine for you can take some time. That's why it's good to get started on your wedding day prep in advance. "I worked with my facialist Cynthia Rivas to come up with the best routine over the last six months or so," explains Bock. "I’ve been getting monthly facials with her and a signature lifting treatment with radio frequency to tighten, lift, and sculpt my skin! Lymphatic drainage has also become a part of my routine—it’s good for depuffing and to keep your skin glowy. She also started doing red light therapy on me to reduce any redness and promote healing."

In addition to treatments, the model has perfected a multi-step daily routine to continually upkeep her glowy skin look. "First, I cleanse my face with Dr. Barbara Sturm Foaming Cleanser. It’s my favorite and fragrance free. Dr. Barbara Strum’s products are the best," shares Bock. "Then, to get a subtle glow, I use Vintner's Daughter essence and serum. I have been using it for a long time and I feel like it really cleanses and opens your pores!"

"I then use the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid Serum for more moisture followed by a great moisturizer like the Vanish Airbrush Prime by Hourglass. It feels so soft and smooths out any visible bumps," she notes. "For an eye cream, my dermatologist and facialist both have recommended Skinbetter Science eye cream. I think a good eye cream is really important especially since skin around the eyes is more sensitive and quicker to show aging. Lastly, I always make sure to apply sunscreen to protect me from the sun. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen is so clear and smooth and really lathers on nicely. It makes your makeup look great too!"

A few holy grail products Bock recommends? "I love Biologique Recherche. Cynthia uses this on me and it has such high quality ingredients," shares the model. "I also use my dermatologist's prescribed night cream Skin Medicinals. I go to Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali. He created an incredibly high-performing custom cream for me. It works like magic."

Pre-Wedding Advice

Brides receive tons of advice from friends and family before the big day. One gem that has stuck with Bock? "Not to try anything new or out of the ordinary a few months leading up to it, especially when it comes to your beauty routine," she shares. "This isn't the time to try a new hair color and try a new self-tanner. Stick to you, what you know and be confident in your current routine."

As for a tip straight from Kate Bock? "Stay hydrated, try to relax, and try not to stress out too much! Stress can have a negative effect on your body and skin and can preempt breakouts and redness," she says. "Stick to a routine that you’re comfortable with and makes you happy!"

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