Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Your Honeymoon Hotel

We spoke to an expert about dos and don'ts.

A couple at a hotel during their honeymoon.

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One of the best parts of booking your honeymoon trip is picking out the hotels where you'll stay as newlyweds. Maybe you're planning to kick back in a luxury all-inclusive hotel for the duration of your trip, or you're going to book a bunch of boutique hotels across different areas if you're hitting multiple destinations during your honeymoon. Either way, you want to be strategic about not only which hotels you pick, but how you book.

Ahead, we speak with travel expert Henley Vazquez, co-founder of Fora Travel, about mistakes to avoid when booking your dream honeymoon hotel, as well as her top tips for what to do to ensure you're using the best booking practices. Bon voyage!

Meet the Expert

Henley Vazquez is the co-founder of Fora Travel, a modern travel agency.

Do Stay Open-Minded About Destinations

Yes, you may have your eyes set on that one dream destination for your honeymoon—but once you establish your budget, try to stay open-minded about destinations, because sometimes the budget can go a lot further in one destination over another, more popular one.

"Couples should think about what their budget is and then pick a destination where they can maximize it and get the best value," explains Vazquez. "A couple could be dead set on going to the Amalfi Coast, but in high season, the hotel prices can quickly exceed some couples’ budgets, and they might settle on a hotel that doesn’t check all their boxes. They might have a better experience if they keep an open mind when looking at destinations—consider Puglia instead of Positano, or splurge on business class flights to a more far-flung destination like Asia, where you can find spectacular properties such as the new Regent Phu Quoc (perfect for a honeymoon) at a much more reasonable price."

Don't Make Assumptions About Upgrades

One major thing Vazquez warns us about: Upgrades. Just because it's your honeymoon doesn't mean the hotel will automatically put you in a luxury suite (especially if it's a busy travel season in your chosen destination). "If a hotel is full, they can’t offer it," she explains. "Book the room that is right for you, not a placeholder."

Do Work With an Agent or Advisor

You might be excited to book your honeymoon trip yourself—but don't overlook the benefits of using a travel advisor or agent. "The best advantage to working with an advisor is that they can be the diva on your behalf," says Vazquez. "Don’t drive yourself crazy (and a hotel reservations team mad at the same time) by being the demanding guest. Use an advisor to make sure the hotel team is fully aware of the importance of this stay. You can just breeze in and have a good time." Easy peasy!

Don't Take a Chance on a Vibe You're Unsure About

"Know the vibe you’re looking for," says Vazquez." What exactly does this mean? "If you love boutique hotels, this is not the time to try out a large resort. And conversely, if you prefer a large luxury destination, don’t jump headfirst into an eco-lodge backpacking trip," she explains.

This special trip as newlyweds isn't the time to experiment with a vibe you're not 100 percent sure about; sticking to what you know (in terms of the type of hotel) will ensure that you're well-rested for the duration of your trip.

Do Book the Adults-Only Section

If you're booking an all-inclusive getaway, and you're hoping for as intimate of an experience as possible, be sure to inquire about adult-only sections within the property. "Be aware if the resort is a popular family destination and/or if they have an adults-only section," advises Vazquez. "Couples may want to request the adults-only part of a resort if that’s available."

Don't Count on Early Check-In

Do you know when you book a red eye and arrive at your destination super early in the morning? (This is often the case with east coast to Europe routes). Well, don't assume that your hotel is going to let you check in early just because you're exhausted. Vazquez highly recommends booking your first hotel room for the night prior to your arrival so that you can just check in immediately when you land. "Pay for an extra room night so you have the ability to check in upon arrival. It’s not that much in the long run and will be worth it," she says.

Do Book Your Hotel Far in Advance

In the months following peak-pandemic, it was easy to book a trip last minute, because hotels had so much availability. But with the resurgence of travel, that is not the case anymore. "Hotels usually have room rates available a full year in advance, so the sooner [you book] the better," advises Vazquez. "You’ll have more room options to choose from, and it gives you something to look forward to."

Also keep in mind that if you're hoping to book a big, bucket-list excursion (like a safari in Africa or a trip to the Galapagos) you should be looking even further ahead (one year or more), notes Vazquez.  

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