Exclusive: Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller Launch MAD About Weddings to Help Couples Plan Virtually

They share with us some free expert planning advice.

Debbie Gellar, Mindy Weiss

 MAD About Weddings

Here’s a little news to make your virtual wedding planning a bit brighter: a virtual program to getting it right from celebrity wedding planners (with three decades in the business) Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller has just launched! If you’re not familiar with Weiss, you’re definitely familiar with her work since she’s the genius behind most publicized Kardashian events. As for Geller, she’s been running premiere party planning company Geller Events in Los Angeles, to much acclaim. 

The party planner extraordinaires have joined forces to create a 12-video program that walks engaged couples step-by-step through the wedding planning process. Everything from shopping for the dress to vetting venues can feel a bit lack-luster done over the computer but with the expert duo’s new project, MAD About Weddings, couples will get an inside look at how to pull it all off. 

Navigating weddings in the COVID-era has been a major challenge. But Weiss and Geller have found a silver lining in couples’ change of plans that they both agree they’d like to see continue trending long after the virus has left.

Our couples are thrilled to have found the person they could quarantine with forever, and being together is what’s important.

Weiss tells Brides exclusively, “Mini matrimonies couples have placed much more time and importance on the ceremony and vows! Because of these smaller events, couples have chosen to simplify the reception and become aware of the emotional connection to the ceremony.” Geller chimes in with, “Our couples are thrilled to have found the person they could quarantine with forever, and being together is what’s important. Also with smaller gatherings, they are truly appreciating their closest loved ones and realizing that they didn’t need a giant celebration.”

MAD About Weddings
Amy and Stuart

The full MAD About Weddings program will run you $349, a small fraction of what wedding planners usual charge, and if you’re looking for a more personalized experience, there's a package that includes four live sessions for $449. So what exactly are you getting in 12 videos? Geller explains that the 12 courses take you from the big picture to the small details, in that order.

MAD About Weddings
Amy and Stuart

There are three sections of four courses each. The first is about getting started and establishing your foundation, including an organizer for your guest list, budget templates, and information on how to assemble your team,” she says before adding, “The second is design, and making your day your own—everything from determining your floor plan to your color palette to the little details everyone loves. The last section is all about your big day, from the ceremony to your schedule and how to wind things down after.”

If you're intrigued, go ahead and take a look at the free advice Mindy Weiss and Debbie Geller left us with below.

Expert Tips for Planning a Wedding Virtually

The key to planning like a pro? "Virtual meetings are no excuse for not being able to get things done," says Weiss. "Set up meetings with your planner and/or vendors like you would if it was in person. Everyone involved will all want as much information as possible to make your day the best it can be!” Take that—and grab a pen to note five more tips below.

1. Find a connection.

“Even if you’re not able to meet prospective vendors in person, meet them on Zoom or Facetime, because determining if there is a connection is critical,” says Geller. 

2. Have many Zoom-type calls.

“It's important to see designs together with reactions to shared photos and inspiration. There are so many details you can check off virtually when you are visually showing each other your thoughts...It's important that during this unique time with so many companies going virtual that you don't feel like you are losing anything, even an experience while planning your wedding virtually,” says Weiss. 

Geller stresses the importance of FaceTime venue tours. “Colors of planted materials in gardens can change, or the number of leaves on trees from season to season. Don’t feel like you’re being a pest by asking for another “tour” as the date approaches,” she explains.

3. Narrow your options sooner than later.

Geller explains, “When you’re searching online, there are endless options for prospective vendors. Try narrowing it down to the 2-3 that seem most appealing before reaching out, and if one of those is a good fit, make your selection! You can make yourself crazy by having too many options.”

4. Listen to trusted reviews.

“Pay attention to your friends when they give their opinion on vendors they have worked with, both good and bad. There’s no substitute for first-hand knowledge,” Geller adds.

5. Plan a "production meeting" before the big day.

“As your wedding gets closer, there will hopefully be opportunities to all meet in person," Weiss says. "But if time is of importance, you can also create a Zoom call and have a comprehensive production meeting for all involved!”

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