Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry Will Check a Major Experience Off Their Bucket List This Weekend

The married duo will star in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light, something Teller says was a "bucket-list experience."

Miles Teller in Black Tuxedo with Wife Keleigh Sperry in Gold Gown on Red Carpet

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Creating a relationship bucket list is a good way to align on future goals with your partner and work toward experiences that are important to each of you. Even A-list stars see these bucket lists as ideal ways to move their relationships forward. Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry, who just checked a major "bucket-list experience" off their own list, are the perfect example. The pair, who have been married for a little over three years, will star in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light this Sunday, February 12, and it's something that Teller admits they had always dreamed of doing.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Teller and Sperry didn't think twice before agreeing to be in the commercial, which is aptly titled "Hold." “They said it was really important for them to show a real relationship, and Keleigh and I are very happily married,” Teller tells Hollywood Reporter. “Keleigh and I are pretty private people, but this is kind of a bucket-list thing. It was a no-brainer.” Teller goes on to explain that he was "very flattered" to have the opportunity to work with his family on the commercial.

The ad begins with Sperry reclined on a couch with a cellphone on her head. Hold music can be heard and the phone shows that she's been waiting nearly an hour for customer service to pick up the phone. Teller then enters the shot and heads straight to the refrigerator, where he grabs two cans of Bud Light. The ad then transitions into the pair dancing around the living room, finding a little joy in what seems like a never-ending wait. As an added bonus, the couple's French bulldog, Bugsy, appears in the ad, too. "She was really good. We were nervous, but she's kind of a star," Sperry tells People of Bugsy's acting debut. Teller adds, "She's the star of the commercial. We're just the co-stars."

Though the commercial wasn't filmed in Teller and Sperry's own home, the Top Gun: Maverick actor says the entire spot is representative of what they're like in private. "You're getting a sneak peek into Keleigh and I hanging out at home, which is pretty much what we do. We don't really go out that much, if at all," Teller tells People. And Teller's at-home dance moves, Sperry explains, are actually as good as they appear in the commercial. "He’s also a really good dancer,” she tells Hollywood Reporter. “It was pretty collaborative and we came up with the dances together so that was really fun. I get to dance around him and cheerlead him on.”

In a video interview with the Associated Press, Teller and Sperry explain that the overall message they hoped to convey through the ad was to "choose happiness." "If you look around, especially if you're with someone that you love, then life's not so bad. You choose your mood... I think you can choose happiness."

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