33 Perfectly Imperfect Messy Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Intentional tendrils and flyaways give off chill-bride vibes.


Photo by LUMA WEDDINGS / Design by Zackary Angeline

When Meghan Markle walked down the aisle of St. George's Chapel with her hair loosely done up in her signature messy bun, the world—and brides—took notice. According to Pinterest's Wedding Report, searches for messy updos was up a whopping 1,274 percent that year, proving that the best updos are carefree, sexy, and just a little bit messy. Not to mention here to stay.

Sure, sleek and classic chignons will never truly go out of style, but we're smitten with these relaxed updos, and clearly, we're not the only ones. “I like to describe it as 'disheveled elegance,'" says New York hairstylist Nunzio Saviano. “A more polished look would be reminiscent of your mom’s wedding hair.”

So how do you achieve this easy-going, effortlessly elegant look? We consulted with hair pro Kelly De Serio for some expert tips on how to pull off the perfectly imperfect. While you may have a pro doing your wedding-day hair, we think you'll want to be able to re-create a version of the messy bun style yourself.

Meet the Expert

  • Kelly De Serio is a style specialist and bridal beauty entrepreneur. She is the founder and lead designer of the ReelStyle Bridal brand.

Below, we have all the messy bun updo inspiration you need along with a few tricks to nailing the 'do yourself. Scroll down to see 33 perfectly imperfect wedding hairstyles.

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Curly Messy Bun With Floral Hairpins

Bride with curly messy bun updo and pearl embellished cape holding bouquet

Photo by Mashaida Co.; Event Planning by Lea Stafford Events; Hair by Goodbody

This lush 'do is spilling with decadent dimension courtesy of the bride's natural curls. Instead of taming the playful tendrils into a strict style, they were delicately pinned in place and let to do their thing. The relaxed coif looks positively regal paired with a pearl-embellished cape and matching barrettes.

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Unraveling Side Bun With Crystal Hairpiece

Newlywed portrait with bride in lace dress, back tattoo, and unraveling messy side bun with pearl and crystal hairpiece

Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography; Event Planning by Kelly Patrice; Hair by Karla Daniels

With a sleek side part and ornate details, this bridal style looks quite polished. Closer inspection, however, illuminates a bevy of intentionally unfinished business. The asymmetric side bun has an almost unraveled look with long, curly ends seductively draping down to highlight an intricate spine tattoo and flyway spirals balancing out the alternate side.

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Textured, Low Messy Bun With Sprigs of Fresh Flowers

Brunette bride with curly hair in low, messy chignon and red and orange flowers tucked in

Photo by Sally Pinera Photography

This bride's relaxed, low chignon lets the gorgeous texture of her locks take center stage. The dimension and shape of the flowers even mimic the feel of the tight curls creating an enchanted look. We especially love how the vibrant buds inject a verve of color into the overall look.

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Low Messy Bun With Flower Crown

Bride with curly hair in low messy bun topped with delicate daisy flower crown wearing lace wedding dress with low back and fluttery cape sleeves

Photo by Volvoreta 

An easy-going style looks just right in a breezy, bohemian setting. This low gathered 'do allows the sultry back of the wedding dress to fully shine without competition—except for maybe from that flower crown. Sweet daisy and pastel florals are braided together to create the nostalgia-inducing topper.

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Relaxed Low Chignon With Old-World Hairpiece

Brunette bride with low-back, cape-sleeve dress and back tattoo wearing hair in relaxed, low chignon with old-world headpiece

Photo by Laurken Kendall; Event Planning by MAE&CO CREATIVE; Hair by Sarah Wittaker from SARAH W HAIR DESIGN; Headpiece by Andy Guerra from Tocados Isabela 

The addition of a crystal hair accessory elevates a relaxed loose bun to the highest of bridal ranks. We love the majestic, old-world elegance of this show-stopping headpiece, and the way it elevates the humble tuck for Dulce's magical desert wedding. The vintage touch brings in a sense of robust whimsy that's often lost in more delicate hairpieces.

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An Ultra-Low Messy Bun Wrapped in Ribbon

Bride in lace cape dress with low messy bun tied with ribbon

Photo by Sarah Falugo

There's something poetic about a bride with a ribbon in her hair. Loosely tie up locks with a silk ribbon for a feminine touch. You can choose to have the strip of fabric match the rest of your bridal look, or add a contrasting pop of color instead.

Play with various textures—from quintessential bridal tulle to rustic burlap or posh velvet—to personalize the vibe to your wedding theme.

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A Perfectly Imperfect Updo With Accent Braids and Fresh Buds

Boho bride in lace long sleeve dress holding bouquet and wearing hair in messy bun accented with loose braids and fresh buds

Photo by Feather + North 

A tucked-away braid and runaway tendrils make for the ultimate romantic aesthetic. Even the little buds are nestled into the hair without much plan or precision, further heightening the effortless vibe. The pumped-up volume at the crown offers enough structure to keep the look from falling flat.

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Relaxed Low Bun With Face-Framing Waves and a Dainty Tiara

Smiling brunette bride with low messy chignon, tiara, and loose face-framing tendrils holding bouquet and laughing with bridesmaids in blue dresses

Photo by Molly Peach 

Blogger Chloe Wen showed off a soft, whimsical updo with a few rogue pieces framing her face. We adore the dainty glimmer of a tiara peaking out from her dark locks. Didn't she look every bit the bohemian bride for her rustic Tennessee wedding?

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Undone Woven Updo at the Nape

Blonde bride in lace long-sleeve wedding dress with low back waring hair in relaxed woven updo at the nape of the neck

Photo by Emmy Lowe 

Mary Lawless of Happily Grey twisted her tendrils into a lush, relaxed style for her verdant Nashville nuptials. The seemingly unstructured design is created with many interwoven braids loosely held in place. A fitting choice for the sky-high neckline of the incredible lace dress.

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Messy Bun of Curls With Crystal Halo Hairpiece

Brunette bride in lace dress and curly, messy bun with crystal halo hairpiece holding dusky-hued bouquet and walking down the aisle with dad

Photo by Natura Collective; Hair by Sheek Studio

This bride embellished her perfectly undone coif with a sparkly halo for the rustic-chic wedding. You can take your casual bun to the next level with a sparkly hairpin, suggests De Serio. “You have that balance of a soft romantic look, and the accessory elevates it,” she says.

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Low Bun With Tousled Texture

Red-haired bride in tiered wedding dress with relaxed, tousled updo kissing groom with glasses in tux

Photo by Katherine Ann Rose 

Blogger Tracy Nour Scheer of She Just Knows sported a slightly tousled take on an elegant updo for her Palm Springs wedding. The seemingly simple, swept-up 'do has the loveliest softness to it. The floaty style and bride's rich hair color photograph exquisitely together.

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Undone Crown Braids

Smiling brunette bride in white slip dress with relaxed crown braid


We've said it once and we'll say it again: Adding a braid to any hairstyle gives instant boho vibes. While there are so many braided styles to choose from, crown braids are the ultimate in laid-back fashions. Plus, they look absolutely divine with a veil.

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Faux Lob With Face-Framing Curls

Candiace Dillard bridal portrait with face-framing curls and relaxed updo


Keep things soft and romantic with an easygoing bun. Real Housewives star, and former Miss United States, Candiace Dillard allowed her shorter lengths to whimsically fall around her face and frame her stunning features. The density of the pieces creates the sweetest lob look without overpowering those oh-so-glamorous bow straps.

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Curly Low Bun With Sunny Highlights

Blonde bride with highlighted curls in messy low bun putting on rings

Photo by Sarah Falugo

Don't fight your curls—embrace them! This bride's natural spirals add so much dimension and personality to this otherwise traditional updo. Combined with well-placed sunny highlights the coif is positively dynamic.

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Undone Bun With a Halo of Greenery

Bride in lace dress with slightly disheveled, undone bun and halo of greenery standing with groom at flower-filled altar

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini 

A simple twisted 'do meets sprigs of greenery. This bun was exalted to goddess level with its halo of green leaves, mirroring the lush decor. The results are the epitome of springtime freshness.

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Relaxed Braided Chignons for Two

Blonde bride with curly messy bun and dainty flower crown kissing brunette bride with side braid and asymmetric messy bun in lace dress

Photo by Kristin Sweeting

Both of these brides wore plaited styles that gathered into relaxed knots at the base. Any wisps that escaped were left free, completely embodying their laid-back Colorado wedding. We love that these lovebirds chose complementary styles that still stayed true to their individual personas.

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Twisted Messy Bun

Brunette bride showing off ring and twisted messy updo


A major plus of messy updos? They're a great way to show off the gorgeous back of your wedding dress (or lack thereof). This twisting coif speaks volumes: Skin is in.

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Voluminous Messy Bun

Brunette bride with voluminous messy updo and floral lehenga smiling up at bearded groom

Photo by Loie Photography; Event Planning by Feathered Arrow Events

Go big or go home, right? This bride's significant messy bun has tons of playful volume and personality. It’s totally okay if you have to cheat a little when it comes to volume: For extra-lush messy updos, De Serio likes building volume over meshy nylon strips.

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Relaxed Low Chignons for All

Bride and bridesmaids with matching relaxed chignons holding bouquets and looking out at mountainside

Photo by Jordan Voth 

We love a cohesive moment. This entire bridal party opted for slightly undone styles. The low-slung gathers are picture-perfect for the wild, untamed terrain stretching out before them.

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Low Messy Bun With an Edgy Ear Cuff

Blonde bride in leather jacket with low messy bun and dramatic ear cuff kissing groom in black suit in front of graffiti wall

Photo by Amber Gress Photography 

This effortlessly edgy 'do complements any cool-girl style. We love how the wild ear cuff mimics the throw-caution-to-the-wind tresses. With a bridal leather jacket like that, you need to back it up with hair to match.

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Relaxed Low Chignon With Art Deco Hairpin

Brunette bride in beaded dress with relaxed low chignon and art-deco hair pin wearing red lipstick

Photo by Treebird Photography 

Who said a messy updo couldn't be glam? Just pop in a sparkly hairpiece for a bit of flash. Be sure to match the size of the accessory to the hairstyle. The bigger the hair, the bigger the bling.

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Low Bun With Unrestrained Tendrils

Brunette bride in lace dress with low bun and wavy, face-framing tendrils kissing groom in black suit in front of ocean

Photo by Sara Lobla

Supermodel Shanina Shaik kept her locks elegantly coifed for her island wedding. The bulk of her length was wrapped back in a bun that graced the nape of her neck. The long pieces flowing freely around the face, however, softened the look for more of a beachy vibe.

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High Messy Bun With Face-Framing Curls

Brunette bride with curly messy bun high atop her head touching noses with bald groom with beard


Low and loose isn't the only way to go for an effortless aesthetic. This bride piled her curls high atop her head for a very retro-glam style. Just a few coils frame her face to blend the whole look together.

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Relaxed French Twist With Veil

Brunette bride with high-neck, long-sleeve lace dress wearing hair in relaxed french twist with full, graduated bangs and veil

Photo by Carmen Santorelli; Event Planning by All Who Wander Events; Hair by FaceTime Beauty

The traditional french twist is by no means a deliciously disheveled style. This bride, however, lets her bangs flow freely to keep the otherwise polished updo more relaxed. De Serio explains that wearing some of your bangs down can add an effortless vibe.

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Relaxed Low Tuck With Gold Tiara

Smiling brunette bride with hair in relaxed low tuck topped with gold tiara sitting on chair and putting on strappy nude heels

Photo by Sally Pinera

Face-framing tendrils and a dainty tiara have this lovely lady looking every bit the princess bride. We love how the Art Deco-inspired topper beautifully emphasizes the sweep of the hair. And that gorgeous neckline? Swoon.

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Dimensional Messy Bun With Accent Braid and Gold Hairpin

Bride in lace dress with hair in dimensional Messy Bun With Accent Braid and Gold Hairpins standing on balcony

Photo by Nancy Ebert 

As if this bride's wedding at a French château wasn't dreamy enough, she also stunned with an effortless bun. A thick braid creates the structure here while tactful pulls and tugs give it that undone appearance. There's even a little glimmer of gold peeking out from behind the twist.

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Ultra-Low Relaxed Side Bun

Brunette mom holding hands of bride with Ultra-Low Relaxed Side Bun

Photo by Ashley Jensen 

This bride opted for an ultra-low and carefree twisted chignon for her beachy wedding in Mexico. The style was gathered just behind her ear, almost covering it entirely, giving it visibility from more angles. The asymmetric coif seems so precariously held in place that we're in awe of the hair artistry behind it.

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Curly Chignon With Floral Hairpiece

Brunette bride in silk long-sleeve wedding dress wearing hair in curly chignon with floral hairpins touching foreheads with groom with curly bun in black tux

Photo by Lauren Baker

No Kira-Kira app needed here. This bride's style is all aglow with a jaw-dropping floral hairpiece nestled amongst her sumptuous natural curls. We love that the groom complemented his beaming bride with a matching relaxed bun.

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Low and Relaxed Wavy Bun With Veil

Bride with wavy hair swept back in relaxed low bun with veil smiling at groom in tux holding bouquet

Photo by Rebecca Yale 

These wavy tendrils were allowed to keep their shape as they flow unencumbered into a simple tuck at the base of the hair. The style radiates an honest simplicity, as if it just came about organically. The relaxed yet refined vibe translated beautifully at the French château wedding.

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Playfully High Messy Updo

Smiling brunette bride with white fur wrap wearing hair in high messy updo holding hands with groom in black tux


This bride's classic updo comes with an unexpected touch of playfulness. A few rebellious ends stuck out of the constructed coif, refusing to play by antiquated bridal hair rules. The coy style adds a vibrant touch to the polished 'do and elegant ensemble.

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Big Messy Bun

Brunette bride in sweetheart neckline wearing hair in big messy updo holding bouquet and hugging groom in navy suit


Confession: We love a big bun (and we cannot lie). And this bride served some ample-sized inspo. If you find yourself needing some extra help in the volume department, there's no shame. Using extensions to pump up a bridal updo is a long-held industry secret.

Sprinkle in a bit of texturizing spray or volumizing powder for a double dose of gritty hold and added thickness.

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Asymmetric Woven Updo With Crystal Hairpin

Bridal with two-tone hair woven into asymmetric messy bun with crystal hairpin

Photo by Anya Kernes 

This asymmetric updo injects some serious rocker attitude to the otherwise romantic vibe. We love the elegant hint of sparkle tucked directly into the mass of coolness. Can you spot all the braiding detail in the mix?

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Low Messy Bun With Face-Framing Highlights

Brunette bride in crochet dress with hair in Low Messy Bun With Face-Framing Highlights looking in mirror and putting on earring

Photo by Katie Ruther 

This bride nailed the elegant beachy look with a carefree bun. A fitting choice for her oceanside nuptials in Tulum, Mexico. Caramel highlights illuminate the woven layers that create the coif.

  • Can I wear a messy bun to my wedding?

    Absolutely! The relaxed take on traditional bridal coifs offers a more effortless approach that's as polished and elevated as ever.

  • Do I need a professional hairstylist for a messy bridal updo?

    Choosing between professional hair artistry or doing your own wedding hair is entirely up to your personal preference, budgetary constraints, and skill level. While more relaxed bridal updos have an effortless appearance, it does take a bit of expertise to create the look and secure it for a day of activity. If you choose to do your own, we suggest taking the time to practice and perfect the technique well before the big day.

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