How to Plan a Mermaidcore Wedding

It's the perfect theme for ceremonies and receptions taking place this summer.

Bride in crown and sheer white rhinestone set at wedding reception

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Mermaidcore is a fun, imaginative aesthetic that's making waves—pun intended—on social media, on fashion runways, and in our everyday lives; it also works surprisingly well as a theme for a wedding, especially those taking place on or near the water. With an emphasis on oceanic motifs, shimmering accents reminiscent of scales, and a soft color palette, Mermaidcore weddings are easy to achieve and you can go as bold or subtle with the theme as you'd like. On Pinterest and TikTok, fans are also loving the fun fashion and beauty opportunities that come along with this mermaid-inspired trend where glitter and shell motifs abound.

Thinking about hosting your own Mermaidcore-inspired event? Let yourself get truly inspired to create the oceanic wedding of your fantasies. "One of the most of the wonderful things about beach weddings is that, at the end of the day, you can stay true to your personal style and vibe and create your own fairytale," shares wedding planner Claudia Palma of Amy Abbott Events. "Don’t be afraid to curate non-traditional wedding experiences. This is about the couple and with the absolute surge in weddings, guests look forward to surprises and unique experiences."

The first thing you should consider for your wedding is the venue. Ideally, a Mermaidcore wedding would occur on the beach or in a beachside location. There, you can "embrace the unique sense of place and highlight the natural beauty of the landscapes and views," shares Palma. If you are unable to book a location by the sea, you can still curate a mermaid-inspired celebration with your décor and fashion. "Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about a coastal wedding is a nautical color palette featuring soft blues and deep-sea greens," says Palma. Carena Trampe of Amy Abbott Events shares you can also include "white, blue-gray, silver, and some iridescent accents to make it fun!”

Once you define the palette, you can expand upon the design with décor that evokes that mermaid aesthetic. "Oceanic theme weddings do not need to be so structured. A combination of non-traditional elements, textures, vibrant and eclectic colors, textiles or incorporating cultural traditions can be create the magic," explains Palma. "Framing the areas with natural grasses, flowers, or local art elements will elevate your design." Choose furniture created from driftwood and consider using materials like rope and even fishing nets to enhance the look of your lounges and reception tablescapes. "It’s about incorporating elements like iridescent shells and dried reef corals that can be perfectly pared with soft blue-gray fabrics and clear vintage glassware," says Trampe.

Be sure to get down to those extra details, too. "You can certainly incorporate the oceanic theme by doing a patterned dance floor, a cake simulating watercolor waves, and a cool custom bar," suggests Trampe. You can even bring in unique entertainment to drive the theme home throughout your wedding weekend. "Imagine fun little twists at a welcome party or rehearsal dinner," says Palma. "We have had ‘live’ mermaids swimming in the pool, and also a sunset conch celebrations where an artist plays the conch. This can be done between cocktail hour and dinner, and guests can enjoy the tradition as the sunsets into the sea."

When it comes to fashion and beauty, brides and grooms can embrace their inner mermaid. Consider silky fabrics with long flowing trains, shell-inspired motifs, and glittering accents. If you want a more traditional gown, Trampe suggests having fun with a mermaid-inspired after-party dress. Pearl and shell jewelry is also an excellent way to touch on the oceanic theme. For makeup, bring on the glitter and embrace long loose mermaid waves in your hair. For a finishing touch, get a manicure that shines with an opalescent look and even consider getting nail art with dreamy seaside elements.

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