Meghan Markle Just Pulled Off the Best Birthday Surprise for Her Wedding Makeup Artist

The Duchess of Sussex was in the U.S. for a few days.

Meghan Markle at Tupou College on October 26, 2018 in Nuku'alofa, Tonga.

Meghan Markle recently flew back home for a few days, and she used the quick trip to spend time with lots of her close friends. First, she headed to the U.S. Open to support her longtime bud and baby shower-planner Serena Williams. Then, she seems to have planned a very sweet birthday surprise for her friend and wedding makeup artist, Daniel Martin.

Martin went on Instagram on Sunday and posted an image of a bunch of frosting-covered cupcakes. In the caption of the photo, he wrote, "Thanks to everyone for reaching out to me today and Meg, love you friend for surprising me on my special day."

It's unclear if the cupcakes came directly from Markle, but we know from her days writing on the blog The Tig that she is a champion cook and baker. She and Martin have been friends for 10 years, after meeting on the set of Suits. Since then, Markle has brought him in for very special occasions and even texted him a bride and a groom emoji to ask if he'd be in charge of her wedding day look.

They're so close that Martin says it was easy to sort out exactly what she wanted for her big day as a bride. Even though they were a few countries apart, they manage to narrow things down with texts and a very relatable tool: Pinterest.

"I didn't have a makeup trial with her because we just couldn't make the time," he said in an interview with the beauty podcast @Gloss_Angeles . "I know what she liked and what she didn't like, and then we exchanged Pinterest pictures over text."

All of these experiences have made them pretty close. Given that Markle is known for thoughtful personal touches (like handwritten notes and customized jewelry), it's no surprise that she wanted to do something special for Martin.

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