21 Cute Matching Couple Tattoos

Say "I love you" in ink.

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Everyone has an opinion on couple tattoos. You either love it or you hate it, but either way, you can’t deny their popularity. Celebrities including Stephen and Ayesha Curry as well as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have shared couple ink, and have no doubt encouraged others to follow in their tattooed footsteps. Whether or not it’s something you would consider with your S.O., matching tattoos are a creative way to express a lifelong commitment and a love that’s more than just skin-deep. 

Ready to go under the needle with your partner in the name of love? Below, we've compiled 23 cute matching couple tattoo designs (from real couples!) that will inspire you and your S.O. to say "I do" to your next tattoo.

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Movie Quotes

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have multiple matching tats, including tributes to their respective grandfathers and references to Sophie’s character on Game of Thrones, but this quote from the movie Toy Story is the one that most clearly signifies their relationship. The four-word quote is equally split among the couple, with "To infinity" written on Joe’s wrist and "[and] beyond," on Sophie’s.

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Sound Waves

A sound wave is completely unique to the individual, which makes it much more meaningful as a tattoo. This couple got sound waves of the first time the other one said "I do" at their wedding tattooed on their arms alongside the roman numeral of the day they got married. Musical couples, save this one for future reference.

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Coordinate tattoos can represent exactly where someone met or fell in love with their partner. It’s the perfect way to mark the start or peak of your relationship, which makes it incredibly meaningful when translated into a tattoo.

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Memorable Dates

The day a couple gets married is one of the best days of their lives. Commemorate the occasion and remember it forever by getting the date inked on your arm, like this couple.

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King and Queen

A king needs his queen, and she, her king. This matching tattoo of a king and queen is a perfect expression of the love and commitment that all relationships require.

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Skip the cheesy metaphors and ambiguous symbolism and turn your arm into a personalized art gallery with this minimalist fine line self-portrait. The identical couple’s tattoo is a straightforward yet beautifully designed celebration of your relationship.

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Bee Tattoos

Could this matching couple’s tattoo bee any cuter? The standalone bee looks as amazing on her bare arm as it does at the bottom of his tattoo sleeve.

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Lock and Key

Keep it simple with this lock and key tattoo. A lock and key when separated are useless, but together, they can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Matching Animals

This creative take on a lion and lioness couple’s tattoo is breathtakingly beautiful. Lions are powerful predators who will take down anything standing in their way and put everything on the line for the safety of their pride. This tattoo symbolizes strength, unity, and fierce loyalty.

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A Tribute to Your Kids

Take a cue from one of the internet’s most beloved couples, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and get a matching couple tattoo of your kids' names. Having kids together is the ultimate expression of love and commitment, so a tattoo honoring your relationship and kids is a sweet nod to these two meaningful parts of your life.

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Screw and Nut

This matching couple's tattoo of a screw and nut is a sweet reminder that you need each other to hold things together. This is a great option for a small tattoo, and would look great just about anywhere.

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Out of This World

Not all matching couple tattoos have to be identical. We love these two different yet complementary takes on a space tattoo that shows just how far your love for one another extends.

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You can’t go wrong with a simple script tattoo. An elegant single word or phrase can speak volumes.

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Boomerangs symbolize what we send out into the world returning to us, and in the context of a relationship, this can refer to the love you give your partner coming back around to you. This matching boomerang tattoo is too cute, and would look great in a variety of sizes and placements.

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Favorite Film Recreation

Every couple has that song/movie/TV show that is their thing. Commemorate your bond with a tattoo that symbolizes your shared love of that thing like this couple, who chose these dancing depictions of Mia and Vincent from the movie Pulp Fiction.

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Handwritten Love Note

Script tattoos are always beautiful, but when you're getting a tattoo that's written in a particular person's handwriting, it carries such a deeper meaning than a font you pick off a computer. A simple "I love you" script tattoo from the one you love says a lot in just three little words.

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Same Tattoo, Different Ink Color

A fun way to add some variety to matching couple tattoos is to change up the color of the ink. This couple got the same design in different ink colors, which gives both tattoos a certain uniqueness while keeping that synchronicity.

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Michelangelo Masterpiece

We love this stunning recreation of two hands touching from The Creation of Adam painting by Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. The painting illustrates the moment in which God gives life to Adam, the first man, but in the context of a relationship, it could symbolize intimacy and connection.

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The String That Holds Us Together

This couple's tattoo isn't just matching; it's also complimentary. The tattoo isn't complete unless the couple puts their hands together, which is a super sweet tribute to their bond.

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'Til Death

Every married couple says "'Til death do we part" during their wedding vows, but this couple took it one step further and got the line tattooed on their ring finger. It's a constant reminder of their commitment to one another, and as a bonus, you never have to worry about leaving your wedding ring at home!

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Dancing Skeletons

These two dancing skeletons are cute, creepy, and dare we say joyful? They're a great reminder to not take life too seriously. We're all just dancing skeletons underneath it all.

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