One Man Dropped an Engagement Ring Off a 130-Foot Bridge While Bungee Jumping

He later revealed that he used a fake ring to pop the question.

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Marc Watson and Gayle Robertson decided to take their relationship to new heights by bungee jumping at the Highland Fling Bungee in Scotland, a thrill-seeking date they wouldn’t normally sign up for. After putting on all of their gear and getting ready to jump off the 130-foot bridge, Watson got down on one knee, the New York Post reports. Robertson, who was already experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions just thinking about the plunge, immediately started crying. While Watson was trying to slip the ring on his new fiancée’s finger, he suddenly dropped it off the bridge. “She was so surprised, which quickly turned to shock when I dropped the ring 130 feet below us,” Watson tells Carters News. A video, which was first posted on Instagram on December 29, 2022, documents the entire proposal and is now going viral.

Although Robertson was devastated in that moment, little did she know that the sparkler Watson used to pop the question wasn’t actually the real engagement ring. “I was down on one knee, pretending to be shocked with her, but really, I knew it was a fake ring I’d used, and this was purely to prank her because she knows I’m a bit cheeky like that,” Watson laughs. Since his future spouse was already nervous about the jump, dropping the ring added another layer of emotion, so Watson decided to resolve the issue. “This was not how I planned it,” Watson admits. “I wanted her to be really excited and surprised, not shocked and upset, so I quickly grabbed the real ring from the staff to rectify things.”

According to Watson, his future wife got over the prank pretty quickly after the second take. “Eventually, she calmed down,” he recalls. “I did the proposal properly, and then, we did our bungee jump. On the way back down, we already had a date in our minds for the wedding.” The duo decided that they would tie the knot in September of 2023.

Watson wasn’t the only one who knew about the fake ring. The entire staff was also aware of the prank. “Once I’d actually proposed properly, everyone was cheering, even the staff below who were with the fake ring,” the groom-to-be says. “Neither of us are a big fan of high-thrill activities like this, but we really wanted to do something like this together, so that’s why we booked the bungee jump.”

The couple had been dating for less than a year, but Watson reveals that he didn’t want to wait any longer to marry his girlfriend. “I think that also added to the shock factor of it as well, but it just felt right,” he shares. Robertson agrees, admitting that she wasn’t expecting any of it. “I was unaware of what was happening, and I was looking around up on the platform, thinking how I was going to get out of doing the jump,” she explains. “I saw one of the staff members pointing a camera at me and thought, ‘What is he doing?’ Then, I noticed Marc getting down on one knee. I was shocked, especially that he chose to do it there. He’s always very different!”

Although Robertson actually believed her new piece of jewelry was gone forever, nothing was fully adding up. She says she noticed the staff was still smiling even after Robertson dropped the ring. “I was a bit confused as to what was happening,” she remembers. “The music went quite loud, and I’m half deaf in one ear, so it was difficult to understand what was happening. Then, he pulled out the proper ring. I should have known what he was up to as he was acting weird on the way down the road. And after all this, we jumped!”

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